How to cut braided fishing line?


Cutting braided fishing lines is very simple, but most beginners struggle and end up wasting the line because of the misleading guidance. If you are new to fishing and want to learn how to cut a braided fishing line, this very guide is for you. We have explained everything you will need, and the guide … Read more

What Are the Types of Fishing Lines? | Advantage & Disadvantages of Each Type

Different types of fishing line

Some newbie anglers who don’t hold much knowledge about fishing use the same line for different applications, when different lines are suitable for different kinds of fishing jobs. And when the same line used for all kind of fishing, the anglers comes empty-handed cursing their skill. For a great fishing experience along with the skill, … Read more

List of Fishing Equipment | A Basic Fishing Gear Checklist

list of fishing equipment

All professional anglers know what exactly they should take into fishing. And that is why this very article is not for professionals but only beginners who just have thought about start fishing and looking for something that will tell them everything about the fishing gears. So without any further ado, let’s get down to it. … Read more