Jigging rod vs spinning rod | Know the Differences Between These

Don’t know the differences between the Jigging rod and spinning rod? You have landed on the right page! Most beginner anglers often struggle with this and that is why we have prepared this guide. We have designed an in-depth comparison of the Jigging rod Vs Spinning rod to give you a good idea about both.

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Jigging Rod

Jigging rod is usually large type fishing rod. This type of jig rod drops straight down and works under the boat vertically. For holding the fish it has reef structure. Some jig comes in short design. Shorts design rod is great for heavyweight fish. Jigging rod has a heavy lure. For this reason, some people avoid using this rod.

But nowadays manufacturers try to make batter jigging rod then the previous. Before buying a jigging rod you must need to know some facts about a good quality jigging rod


A heavy jigging rod will give you the worst experience of fishing. You will fill pain to throw the real. A lightweight jigging rod will assist you in all-day fishing. The lightweight jigging rod will cost you a little bit high than the heavier one. But trust me It will worth your fishing.


This is the must-have featured in a good quality jigging rod. A compact jigging rod will help you to travel with you.

Build material

Lightweight metal build quality will help you to catch the big fish. If your jigging rod is not good enough then it can hamper you to catch big fish

Flexible and bend

A flexible jigging rod will give you to full opportunity catch the maximum fish. While fishing if it is not bent enough then it might have the chance to break the rod.

Spinning Rod

The spinning rod has a shorter rod and wider lure compare to the jigging rod. Spinning rods are more compact, easy to throw in the water, easy to handle. In the market for different size fishes, different size and weight rods are available. Spinning rog also has some features. (By the way, take a look at best spinning rods under 100 if you are looking for)


We already told you that it in market different size of spinning rods are available. For fighting with different size fish the manufacturers make different weight spinning rod. Heavyweight rod is good for big size fish because they don’t bend much.

For small size fish, it is ok to be bending. The lightweight spinning rod is good for small fish. Medium weight rod is for medium size fish. For heavy size fish, you have to buy a heavyweight spinning rod.


Light and the medium-size spinning rod are compact, they are easy to handle and throw. If you want to buy a heavy spinning rod then you have to be a professional fisher. Because you will need proper knowledge before use a spinning rod.

Build material

Most of the spinning rod is made of graphite. Which will make the rod durable and long-lasting. Some Havier spinning rod is made of metal because of fighting with the big fish.

Flexible and bend

The spinning rod has a better flexible and bends option than the jigging rod. For its bend feature, people love to use this rod to catch the small fish.

I hope this Jigging rod Vs Spinning rod comparison did help you learn deeply about both of them. If there is anything else you want to know, hit us in the comment section.

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