Best Fly Fishing Places in the US | Top Locations for Fly Fishing

In recent times fly fishing is not what it used to be before, now it has expanded more. People of all ages began to enjoy it. People who like fly fishing, going to new places, and fishing will benefit them both mentally and physically. And if you love traveling also, then it is like shooting two targets in a single shot.

Do you live in the US? And want to find out the best fly fishing places in us? Here you go! I have given 8 locations are best for fly fishing.

1. Colorado River

Colorado River is famous for trout streams in the U.S. Also it has amazing tailwater under the Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona. If you are looking to catch fly fishing then this river will best for you. The best season of catching flying fish in June. In the June season a local outfitter float through the water.

2. San Juan River

In the second place, we have the San Juan River. San Juan River has an amazing abundance of rainbow water trout. This trout is flowing between 16 to 18 inches. This large brown trout makes the river one of the best trout streams in the country. The fish number of this river huge. It has almost 15000 trout per mile. So if you go there for catching fly fish then you will never come back with an empty hand.

3. Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River is the longest river in the western U.S. This river is the fully undammed river. Yellowstone National Park contains the water from this river’s headwater. The water of this river is so healthy. It has a large rainbow and brown trout. This makes them ideal for fly fish. So you can catch a lot of fly fish without any tension.

4. Bighorn River

Bighorn River is best for catching fly fish, The river is found on the tailwater stretch. The river is famous because it has heavy hatches that bring the trout up to the surface. Spin anglers also love this place for catching fish.

5.South Platte River

South Platte River is the best Stream stretch west of Colorado. The river comes in high mountains. It makes a large rainbow and brown trout. This river is a dream river for every type of fishers. You can find fish for more than 10 pounds every year. You can catch fish both spring and fall season.

6.North Platte River

North Platte River is the best tailwater in the southeast of Casper. The water comes from the high mountain of northern Colorado. This river is famous for large trout. In this water, you can catch the largest fish in the western United States.

7. Madison River

Madison River has an amazing hatch, which is great for catching fly fish. The headwater of these rivers comes from Yellowstone National Park.

8. Green River

Green River is the best trout stream. The tail water blew Flaming Gorge Reservoir in the northeast. It has almost 20000 fish per mile. The size of the most fishes is large.


Here are the 8 best fly fishing places in the US! Hope you go, enjoy fly fishing, and find yourself peace.

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