Magnet Fishing Tips for Beginners | Beginners Guide to Magnet Fishing

You own a magnet fishing kit, and you are ready to go for magnet fishing? Magnet fishing kit is not everything, though that has all the needed items but how would they perform that is a big concern.

Because you wouldn’t want to ruin your magnet fishing trip just because the rope wasn’t durable enough, or carabiner wasn’t up to the notch or anything else.

So it is best to check everything before you take off for the fishing destination. If you have been doing magnet fishing for a while, you might know about the tips I am going to share right now. But people who have never done that before needs this guide.

I have designed this article on magnet fishing tips for beginners, before you get started for your magnet fishing trip, go through the guide once. Trust me, you will thank me later!

Things You Need to Pay Attention To


Rope strength is the most important for magnet fishing. If you use a rope that is not strong enough it might have a chance to break in the middle of the magnet fishing. Before going for magnet fishing you need to secure that your rope is strong enough.

If your rope is not strong its hove no benefits to use the strong magnet. Using a weak rope is full of stupidity for magnet fishing. You can buy a weak rope for saving some money. But at the end of the day, it will cost you a lot of money. So we will suggest you buy a good strong rope. 

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The perfect knot is very much important when it comes to attaching your magnet with your rope. If you are not perfect you will easily lose your valuable magnet at the first throw. The ordinary knot will easily lose your magnet.

In the market, you can find some rope that already has anchor knot and those are expensive. So it is a wiser choice to learn how to knot properly. Varieties of options are available to knot your rope. Among them, figure 8 follow-through knot is the best. 


Choosing the right fishing area will lead you the success in the magnet fishing. If you are going to an isolated area then it might sure that you will find nothing. Remember one thing for magnet fishing populated area is the best option. In populated are people mostly drop their items in the lake pond. So it has a high chance to find a metal thing in the populated area’s lake.


Like other equipment, gloves are important, which will give you extra safety. While magnet fishing, you have to throw and pull your rope several times. As you are using rope it can harm your hand easily.

Sometimes it can burn your hand if you do magnet fishing for a long time. So it is a wiser decision to wear gloves while magnet fishing. Try to wear closed-cell EVA foam and Kevlar coat gloves. These are the best option for magnet fishing. 


If you don’t know the perfect fishing step then the magnet fishing is just a waste of your time. The main method of magnet fishing is dropping and pulling. You need to pull directly if you sweep the metal area. Almost all people use this method because this is a very easiest method to do.


If you use a cheap low budget magnet then it is impossible to catch metal using it. In the market, you will find different weight levels magnet. The magnet weight level is around 200 to 1200 pounds.

You have to choose the magnet weight level depending on your expectation. If you want to pull up heavy things then we will suggest you buy a heavier weight magnet. But it is a good decision to use more than 350 pounds of weight magnet. 

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For magnet fishing, you have to do it slowly with the patient. If you want to do it fast then magnet fishing might be not for you.

But if you go for magnet fishing in the largest area, you might be doing it quickly but not too fast. 

Always Carry Multiple Magnets

It is a common thing to lose magnet in magnet fishing. Even a pro can lose his magnet. It is hard to predict that you will not lose your magnet while magnet fishing. If you go long way for magnet fishing and lost your magnet at the fishing, then you will become frustrated. So we will suggest you carry an extra magnet with you. At least carry one more extra magnet with you. 


To secure your magnet not to lose use an extra secondary rope. If the main rope lost the magnet in the water then the secondary rope will help you to find it. The secondary rope also has other benefits. If you have an extra friend with you then the secondary rope will help you to pull larger metal.


A carabiner is important to hook your rope and magnet together. If you buy a weak carabiner then it will be a great mistake. To keep your rope and magnet connected you will need a strong carabiner. So we will suggest you buy a strong carabiner. 


These are the basic magnet fishing tips for beginners, hope this helps! Happy magnet fishing!

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