About Us

The goal of Fishersline.com is to help anglers with all the resources they need to grow and enhance their fishing experience by providing them with different techniques and gears.

Here I will be sharing professional fisher’s experiences and their suggestions and recommended gears.

Who is behind it?

This is so pleasing that you wanted to know about me 🙂

Well, I am Richard Francis founder of the Fishersline.com. I am a fishing enthusiast and I remember the very first fish I caught at a park in Oregon, it was bluegill, that feeling was fantastic.

However, there are few things that pushed me to come up with fishersline.com and one of the reasons and the major one is having no knowledge about fishing. I didn’t have anyone who would help me with all the fishing techniques and gears.

And as a result, I ended up wasting good amount money (those I saved from my pocket money) buying wrong gears and not being able to use gears in the right way. I was young, 16 years old and since I didn’t have any income source, so wasting money fall very hard on me.

So here is the thing, I know a lot of people loves fishing and my try would be to provide them with all the tricks and information they need. And along with that, I am going to provide them with different fishing gears reviews so that they don’t end up choosing the wrong gears like me.

The team

It’s not only me who does all the work, but I also have a team consisting of a bunch of fishing enthusiast like me.

My team constantly keeps analyzing different fishing gears and reach out to the users to know how good or bad the product is. And once they get all the information, they pick the best ones and presents it in front of you.

We hear you

Your feedback is very important to us. We can improve us, clear our mistakes and learn from it only when you will provide us with your honest opinion.

Never hesitate to give suggestion to us, we will always appreciate that.

Put anything that crosses your mind in the comment section, anything, whether it is your experience or your opinion, we are here to listen to you always. For any kind of queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

Richard Francis
Founder, Fishersline.com

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