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Bass vs trout

Bass Vs Trout: 8 Ways to Tell the Differences

Bass and trout, both put up a challenge when it comes to fishing. Most new anglers confuse these two identical cunning monsters. The question is, where do you stand in the battle between Bass vs Trout? Bass are more aggressive...

Do Trout Eat Crayfish

Do Trout Eat Crayfish? Tips & Tricks for Trout Baiting

Since trout are such robust eaters, trout fishing is a pleasant pastime during summer. It’s all about the satisfaction of luring trout with bait and then into your net. However, getting trout to bite the hook at the end of...

Rainbow Bass

Rainbow Bass – Detailed Guide to Catching Rainbow Bass

Rainbow Bass, Wolf Cichlids, Lagunero, Dow Cichlid, or whatever you call them, there’s no denying that the markings and range of colors of the fish are truly beautiful. So much so that the locals affectionately call them “guapote”, or the...

Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout Profile – How to Identify a Tiger Trout

Tiger trout has become many anglers’ most desired trophy fish, and honestly, I don’t blame them for that. I mean, it looks beautiful for one – if not magnificent. Tiger trout is considered to be one of the most ornamental...

Palomino Trout

Palomino Trout – Everything You Need to Know

Palomino trout A.K.A Golden Rainbow trout A.K.A Banana trout A.K.A Palomino Rainbow trout…okay, you get the point that it’s known by a couple of different names. Regardless of which one you prefer, there’s no denying that the beauty of the...

Homemade Trout Baits

Homemade Trout Baits: What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that bait plays the most vital role when it comes to catching trout. Trout generally tend to be very wary, so your bait needs to be so attractive that even they would be allured by it. Live...

Can You Eat Ladyfish

Can You Eat Ladyfish? Ladyfish 101 with Cooking Guideline

Let’s say you’ve been out on the water in the sun all day and you’ve encountered several ladyfish. It’s not an uncommon scenario if you are out fishing in Florida or anywhere on the Atlantic coast of the country. But...