How To Do Magnet Fishing? | Beginners Magnet Fishing Guide

Are you a beginner who just have stepped into but don’t know how to do magnet fishing? You are in the right spot! This is a complete beginner guide, if you are even an intermediate magnet fisherman then this guide isn’t for you. I have mentioned the gear you should use in magnet fishing and have shown the fishing process step by step so that you can understand easily.

What is magnet fishing?

Sometime people lost their metal object in the water. Also, some metal object is hidden in the underwater. Some people grab them from the underwater and make a profitable business. For grabbing metal object they used a special, powerful magnet. This is called the magnet fishing.

If you determine to grab something from the water, then you have to know the proper way. Without knowing the proper way if you try this then you will waste your time and money.

Magnet fishing is the best cheap and interesting hobby. It is very easy to do, anyone can do that. It just needs some simple trick to do. People also can make easy money.

What type of Magnet should use for Magnet fishing?

 In the market, you can find a verity of the magnet. But you cannot use all types of a magnet for fishing.

You need to use a durable waterproof magnet. The regular magnet cannot work in the underwater. For magnet fishing, try to use a plastic-coated magnet.

Before starting magnet we will give you some recommendation:

  • Every local area has its law. Before magnet fishing read all the local law where you wants to it.
  • For making you rope easy to use and carry store it on a suitable winder.
  • When you are magnet fishing other people can catching fish in the same place. Do not disturb them
  • Losing your magnet is a common thing while magnet fishing. So try to carry an extra magnet.
  • Try to buy a good rope cable. Your success in pulling the object mostly depends on the rope. Practice properly how to knot a rope properly.

Gear you need for Magnet fishing

1.  At first, you will need two or more plastic-coated magnet. (check out the best magnet fishing magnets)

2.  Strong cable rope. ( Take a look at top-rated magnet fishing rope)

3.  A strong backpack to carry all the stuff.

4.  An emergency tool kit.

5.  A small torchlight.

6.  A portable tool.

7. Carabiner

8. Secondary rope.

Magnet Fishing Process

Step 1

At first you need to choose an area where you want to do magnet fishing. You cannot find metal in an isolated area. So you have to choose a fully populated area. You will find more metal in the populated area lake. 

Step 2

At first you need to knot your magnet properly with the rope. Figure-eight follow-through knot is the best option to attach the magnet with the rope. After that, you need to practice throwing sometimes in the open field. It helps you to understand how perfectly magnet is attached with rope. Also, it will boost your confidence. After sometime when you are ready, Go the locatio0n where you want to magnet fishing.

Step 3

In this method, you need to throw your magnet directly into the water. Do not from the bottom. If you drag it across the bottom then it might have a chance to lose your magnet.

Step 4

 In this step, you have to use the throw and pull method. This common method is used widely. After that you have to pull  it back. Pull the magnet towards the hope like sang object.

Step 4

After using the previous method if you don’t find anything then you have to apply the throw, pull, and walk method.  This method is applied when you magnet fishing in a bridge or an overpass.

Do not worry this is a very simple method to do. As you need to throw your magnet in the water. After that, you need to walk and drag the rope with you when you walk. After some time pull the magnet from the water. Hope you will find something.

Step 4

After finish, your magnet fishing always tries to dry your rope. Never store your rope and other magnet fishing equipment in the wet condition. you can use a dryer to dry them, But the best option is the leave them under the sun.


If not whole, this guide should give you basic idea of how to do magnet fishing! There are a lot of resources as well which are more advanced.

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