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When it comes down to magnet fishing there are few components that require the highest attention. And the rope is one of them. You should have a rope that can take the load of a huge amount of metal and at the same, the rope needs to be light enough so that you can carry it easily. In this article, we will discuss the best rope for magnet fishing. Stay tuned!

Is it a tough job to find out such rope from the bunches? Not at all, if you know the right technique! Forget about technique, we have done the work for you. 

Our researchers have done the research and have come up with the 10 best ropes for magnet fishing. Here are they, take a quick peek! 



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Top pick
  • Length: 64 ft.
  • Thickness: 6 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: 550 lbs.
  • Length: 65 ft.
  • Thickness: 6 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: 1102 lbs.
  • Length: 52 ft.
  • Thickness: 8 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: 2000 lbs.
  • Length: 35 to 200 ft.
  • Thickness: 10 to 16 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: NA
  • Length: 65 ft.
  • Thickness: 6 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: 550 lbs
  • Length: 32/64/96 ft.
  • Thickness: 8 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: up to 3100 lbs.
  • Length: 65 ft.
  • Thickness: 6/8 mm.
  • Max Tensile Power: 1102 lbs.

7 Best Magnet Fishing Ropes -Reviewed

1. Wukong Rock Magnet Fishing And Carabiner


  • Polyester made rope.
  • Suitable for various applications.
  • The maximum tensile force is 250 kg.
  • Very easy to store and carry. 

If you are looking for a highly durable rope for magnet fishing, we urge you to have a look at this Wukong Rock Magnet Fishing rope. This is a fine rope that can be used in other activities as well.

Whether it is magnet fishing, hiking, camping, boating, escape, caving, pulling or stringing lines, or anything else, you can get the job done with this very rope. Having that said, it is not for rock climbing because continuous contact with a rock can cause this rope to break off. 

This rope is constructed with high-quality polyester material that makes this rope highly durable and strong. With this rope, you will get a carabiner as well which you can use in different tasks. It is a 64 ft long ¼ diameter rope and the highest tensile force is around 250 kg. You will be able to lift 250 kg weight with this very rope, it should be enough for magnet fishing.

Tying knots with this rope is extremely easy, storing is easy as well since you can roll it up into a small part. And lastly, the price is also pretty reasonable. Highly recommended. 

2. HomTop Magnet Fishing Rope with Carabiner


  • It has a maximum tensile power of 1102 pounds (500 kg).
  • This rope is suitable for several activities.
  • Carabiner comes with the rope.
  • It comes at a fair price.

The previous one was a powerful rope but now this one, the HomTop magnet fishing rope is way more powerful than that! This rope has a max tensile power of 1102 pounds (500 kg), it’s huge. If you are looking for extreme durability, here you go! It is 65 ft long and the diameter is 6mm.

There are a few things that people liked so much about this very rope. The chemical resistant feature is one of them. Rough chemicals cannot harm this rope. Not only chemicals, UV rays, and water also cannot do anything bad to this rope. 

This nylon rope can be used in different tasks except magnet fishing, construction works, home works, boating, fishing, hiking, climbing, camping, and some other activities as well. But you cannot use this rope for rock climbing, it is prohibited.

With this rope, you will get a carabiner as well. Saying again, it is an extremely powerful rope for magnet fishing, 1100 pounds’ tensile power isn’t a joke. 

3. Deluxe Magnet Fishing Rope


  • It has max tensile power of 2000 pounds.
  • This rope is 8mm thick.
  • It comes in bring orange color that looks nice.
  • You get a carabiner as well.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

With max tensile power of more than 2000 pounds, the Deluxe Magnet fishing rope is leading the market right now. This is one of the top-rated magnet fishing ropes and people are extremely satisfied with it.

It is a 52 ft long rope and 8mm thick. And this rope allows you to do most of the outdoor adventures such as climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, etc. You get a carabiner with the rope as well, which makes things easier.

It is a polyester rope and is extremely durable. This rope comes in a bright orange color that looks pretty cool. This rope has one loop stitch, one sealed end, and one cut end. The carabiner that comes with the rope is top-notch as well. You shouldn’t worry at all before buying this rope because the manufacturer offers a 100% lifetime guarantee, if anything goes wrong, you will get a complete refund or replacement.

4. GINEE Static Magnet Fishing Rope


  • Highly durable rope.
  • It comes in different lengths and diameters.
  • You get a carabiner, buttonholes, and protection ring.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-month warranty.

This Ginee Static rope comes in different variations, the length ranges from 35 ft to 200 ft, pick the length you need. And the diameter ranges from 10 to 16mm. This is a very durable rope that you can do rock climbing as well. Not all rope will allow you to do rock climbing, we are saying it so that you understand how durable it is. Since it is durable, you will be able to haul up heavy metals from underwater. 

It is constructed with polyester material that has a higher strength. With this rope, you get 2 metal carabiners, a pair of buttonholes, and a pair of protection rings. This rope comes in an orange color that looks pretty cool. The manufacturer offers 1- month replacement warranty, if anything happens to the rope within 1 month, they will replace that.

5. MHDMAG Magnet Fishing Rope


  • It is a nylon constructed rope.
  • It has tensile power of 550 pounds.
  • Suitable for most outdoor activities.
  • Available in two different thicknesses.

Presenting another top-rated magnet fishing rope off the market, the MHDMAH magnet fishing rope. It is a very high strength rope since it is made of Nylon material. This rope is 6mm thick and 65 ft long. Aside from the magnet fishing, you can do many outdoor activities with as well with this very rope.

It comes with a stainless steel core and it would serve you for years. The max tensile power of this very rope is 550 pounds, which means this rope can withstand 550 pounds or 250 kg load.

Not only that, but this rope also has another variation which is 8mm thick and that has max tensile power of 1000 pounds, that’s crazy. A lot of users have been using this very rope and so far everyone is pretty satisfied. 

6. Gonex Static Rope


  • Available in three different lengths.
  • It has max tensile power of 3100 lbs.
  • It can be used in most outdoor activities.
  • This rope tears, fire, and temperature-resistant.
  • Highly lightweight and easy to carry.

The Gonex static magnet fishing rope is an extremely durable and top-quality rope for all outdoor activities. This is not a single rope, it with made of 14 whole core ropes reinforced by polyester fibers.

This rope is heavily woven sewn and that is why it has higher strength and durability. This rope is available in three different lengths, 32 ft, 65 ft, and 96 ft. that being said, the thickness of all lengths is the same, 8mm diameter. 

If we talk about how much weight this very rope can take, then it is 3100 lbs. It’s huge, this is proof of how durable the rope is. Not only that, but this rope is also anti-slip tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, fire, and high temperature resistant.

What else do you need? Though this is a heavy-duty fishing rope it is lightweight which makes it easier for you to carry the rope anywhere you want. 

7. UTOMAG Magnet Fishing Rope with Carabine


  • Features a stainless steel D-ring carabiner.
  • It can be rolled into a small parts.
  • Extremely durable rope.
  • It has max tensile power of 1102 pounds.
  • Suitable for other outdoor activities as well. 

And here comes the last model of the list, the Utomag Magnet fishing nylon rope. It is 65 feet long and it can be rolled into a very small part so that you can carry it comfortably anywhere you want.

This rope comes with stainless steel D-ring locking carabiner which is braided as well, the carabiner works pretty nice, it’s durable enough. In order to prevent breaking, this rope goes back to its original shape after being stretched. The breaking strength of this rope is 1102 pounds and that is a nice amount.

With this 8mm thick magnet fishing rope, you can do other outdoor activities as well such as climbing, boating, hiking, camping, etc. But remember, not to use this rope for rock climbing, it is strictly prohibited. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much rope would you need to magnet fishing depends on the depth in which the metals are. On average all the magnet fishing ropes are 30 ft to 65 ft long. We would suggest not to go with the shorter ones because when you move to another depth you will require more rope. Stick to long ropes, you will be able to use it in different depths. 

Obviously, it is. What do you need for magnet fishing? A good rope and magnet. All together your investment wouldn’t cross 100 dollars but the return is way more than that! So we would say, yes it is highly beneficial to go into magnet fishing. 

We have reviewed the 7 models above and all of them are highly recommended magnet fishing ropes. They are durable and they are comfortable to use. Check the reviews and pick one that suits your needs. 

Yes, you can use paracord for magnet fishing but make sure you tie the knot properly. If the knot is not proper you can easily miss the magnet underwater with all the catches. And with the weight of the magnet, you should increase the cord rating.

Till now, there isn’t anything that bans Magnet Fishing. But in US there are rules and regulations regarding magnet fishing. And if the rules are broken, there is a punishment policy as well.


These are the 7 best rope for magnet fishing. There are a lot of ropes that are labeled as the best magnet fishing rope, but they are not! Don’t make a waste of your money picking a model randomly, keep your eyes in these 7 models, you wouldn’t regret. 

Magnet fishing indeed a beneficial hobby but with good comes bad. Take a look at the dangers of magnet fishing and the best magnet fishing magnets as well.

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