Magnet Fishing Laws in the UK & USA 2020

Magnet fishing is extremely famous in the USA and UK, due to a large number of lakes and rivers. Plus, magnet fishing is highly beneficial in these areas as well. Though it seems a harmless activity but still there is something you need to know about. Like hunting, magnet fishing also has some strict law that you don’t want to break. Knowing them is the must so that you won’t end up with any trouble. 

Below I have demonstrated the USA and UK laws for magnet fishing before the next magnet fishing trip makes sure you read the laws carefully and obey each of them. 

Magnet Fishing Law in the United States

Till now (2020) there isn’t any board local and federal law that bans magnet fishing. The US allows magnet fishing but there few states where magnet fishing is banned. Magnet fishing in the US will barely because you trouble since there isn’t any strict law placed yet. That being said, you cannot do whatever you want.

Though there isn’t any stick magnet fishing law in the US there are laws for metal detections, salvage, weapon ownership. So through magnet fishing, if you get your hands on some items like grenades, guns, or other weapons, or anything else that the govt needs to know, you have to report to the concerned department. 

Like the US, magnet fishing is very popular in the United Kingdom as well. But there is a strict law in the UK, there is a bunch of things you need to maintain when you are thinking forward to magnet fishing. Check later section!

Magnet Fishing Law in the United Kingdom

So as said earlier, for magnet fishing in the UK you need to think about a bunch of stuff. The complication of magnet fishing in the UK is due to the General Canal Byelaws of 1965. This was put by the former British waterways.

There is a group called Canal and River trust, they are for keeping the canal and rivers and their assets well maintained. According to them, magnet fishing could be very dangerous. And that is why they don’t allow magnet fishing in public waterways. 

Not exactly magnet fishing, in the law they directly didn’t mention magnet fishing but they said about dredging on rivers, canals, and waterways. And since magnet fishing is a dredging method, the law is the same for it as well. 

In public property it is completely illegal, you can only do magnet fishing in the UK if only you are doing it on your private property. But still, even for that, you have to take authorization from the Canal and River trust.

On top of that, getting the authorization is a little tough as well. But that being said, people, who can show all the needed documents they get authorization. 

What to do if you don’t have private property? In that case, you can magnet fish on someone’s property that has Canal & River Trust authorization. And then you have to sign a deal with the property owner as well. The deal could be anything depends on the property owner. But the best deal is to share a percentage of what you fish from the property. 


I hope this guide helps you with your magnet fishing trip. One more thing, when going for magnet fishing make sure you choose the right gears as well such as high-quality magnet fishing rope with the best fishing magnet. Otherwise, you can end up with a bad magnet fishing experience. 

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