What Are the Different Types of Fishing Rods? All Types Explained

Professionals who have been fishing for a long time, know all the common types of fishing rods. And that helps them to choose the rod for their fishing trips wisely. On the other hand, beginners who just have stepped into fishing don’t hold many ideas about a different kind of fishing. And this very article is for them.

If you are a beginner, then you must go through the following guide. There are a bunch of fishing rods that you need to know. And to make sure that you know at least the basics of each fishing rod, we have discussed them thoroughly.

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8 Different Types of Fishing Rods

There is 8 kind of fishing rods which are being used widely. Each of them is different from others and comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Have a look!

1.Fly Fishing Rod

Fly fishing rods come in different sizes and shapes and as the name suggests, they are designed for fly fishing. These rods are extremely flexible and they are pretty lightweight as well.

With fly fishing rods you can catch small fish species such as neon tetra, trout, or other fishes that are found in mountain streams, ponds, lakes, etc. These rods can be used to catch big marlin and tuna fishes as well but for that, you have to go for the large sizes of fly fishing rods.

Like most kinds of fishing rods, this doesn’t come with a butt piece right after the reel. Because of that casting becomes easily. You will be able to cast freely and easily, can have a good casting speed as well.

And another best part of it is, there is a very low chance of line tangling and you can cast heavy lines pretty easily as well. Fly fishing rods are mostly made of carbon fibers, this material makes then extremely durable and strong.

2. Casting rods

Casting rods are specially designed for higher accuracy. With this very rod, an angler can put the bait exactly where they want it to be and they can lure down the fish according to them.

However, there are two types in this as well. One is a baitcasting rod and another one is spin casting rod. Though people don’t think much about it and they are sold widely by the name of the casting rod.

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3. Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods are quite similar to the spinning rods but they are shorter as well. These rods length ranges from 25 to 37-inches. And they come with very fewer line guides, only two line guides are seen in ice fishing rods.

One interesting thing about ice fishing rods is, they don’t come with any reel. Instead of the reel, it uses two hooks. Ice fishing rods are one of the oldest fishing rods.

4. Spinning rod

You must have heard about this very fishing rod, it is widely used. As we mentioned, spinning rods are similar to the casting rods and compared to casting rods, spinning rods are shorter. And they are lightweight as well.

Spinning rods come with a bunch of line guides around 5 to 9 and the guides are pretty big which reduces the line friction when casting, resulting in accurate castings.

The average size of sipping rods is 4 to 9ft. Though casting rod and sipping rod appears to be the same but there is a big difference in the way both functions. In spinning rods, the reel is placed underneath the rod and in casting rod, the reel is on the top. This is a suitable rod for beginners as well.

5. Sea Rod

As the name implies, these rods are for sea fishing. Spinning rods, casting, etc. is not going to work on the ocean. The waves and the sizes of fish species are way too different. Sea fishing rods are designed in a way that they can be used from boats and ships. You can turn them short when in the boat and extend when on the ship.

An angler goes for a sea fishing rod when he or she has the intention of catching a big fishes line, shark, game, etc. And since they are extremely powerful marine animals, the tool needs to be more powerful than them.

Sea fishing rods use heavy-duty, extra-thick lines and the rods come with a bunch of top-notch line guides and the guides are huge. These rods have large tips as well.

6. Trolling Rod

These rods are not widely used but still, it is worth learning. Trolling rods are for capturing bigger fishes and they are placed mostly behind the boat. They are highly strong, durable and heavy.

And these are fast action rods. The main target of these rods is to catch big ocean fishes. But since spinning rods also does the work pretty nicely, anglers tend to fall less for trolling rods.

7. Telescopic Fishing Rod

These are highly durable and strong rods. They offer great flexibility, you can shorten them down to 1 or 2ft and can be extended to 12ft. Well, they are pretty long. Some of the telescopic rods don’t come with line guides and the reason is, lines run through inside the rod.

The tip of these rods is pretty flexible which makes casting easier. Telescopic rods are mostly used by surf fishers since these are easy to store.

8. Surf Fishing Rod

Surf fishing rods are also sea rods and they are extremely strong. And on top of everything, they are comfortable to use. They come with large kegs which enable the user to cast with two hands. These rods can be used with heavy sinkers for long casting. In some cases, they are better than spinning rods.

Wrap Up

Well, these are the most common types of fishing rods that are being used. Each of these fishing rods is designed for a different purpose. So when you are planning a fishing trip, make sure you are picking the right rod for the job. If you ever think of going walleye fishing, do not forget to take a look at the top recommendations for walleye jigging rods.

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