How to Throw a Cast Net Step by Step? | Easy Casting Guide for Beginners

Catching fish in vacation days is one of the most enjoyable things to do. It becomes more easy and fun to catch fish with a cast net. A cast net is a piece of equipment that is used to catch fish easily from river, ocean, and lake.

Before catching fish with the cast net you need to know how to throw it. Throwing a cast net is not easy for anyone. Because it needs lots of practice and patient.

However, if you are new to cast net fishing and have no idea how to use it then this very article is for you. I am going to show you how to throw cast net step by step understandably. Hope you will enjoy.

Beginners Guide to Throwing Cast Net

Step 1

AT first, take the rope of the net in your hand. Make a little slipknot at the bottom of the rope and put it on your left hand. If you want to throw your cast net using left hand, then put it on your right hand.

This split knot will help you to make an attachment when you throw you cast. It also helps you after throwing your cast net. Make sure that you do not put it too hard in hour hand. Now almost all cast net has adjustable wrist loops to put it in your hand. If your cast net is too old and does not have it. Then you have to make it.

Step 2

You have to make a nice loop in your left hand using a bottom rope of cast. Small loops will be very easy to throw. At the end of the rope is call the tough lines. For this, though lines making a pocket when you throw a cast net.

Step 3

You will see some metal ring is connect in the upper portion of the net. This upper portion of the net is call the horn. Some people also call it “Yoke”. Now put the horn in your left hand. Do not mix the rope and horn in your left hand. Make sure they are separate from each other in your one hand. Otherwise, they will fail you when you throw your cast net.

Step 4

You need to make a coiled in the upper portion of the net. Make sure they are align properly. Put the half of the net in your left hand. In this step, most of the people take almost full of the net in their right hand. This is the wrong way. Measure the half of your net and you have to take half of the net in your left arm.

Step 5

Now you have to take the half in your right hand. You have to tricky and careful in this step. The skirt of the net will be in your right arm. The total weight will be there at your right. It will be twisted when you throw your cast net.

You need to recheck that the horn and half net will belong in your left hand. Other half and skirt will be in your right hand. After that transfer, all net into your left hand. Now you are holding all the in your left hand. Hold all the net carefully in your left hand. Otherwise, it can easily fall down. Then you have to all these processes again.

Step 6

This is the most important part of throwing a net. You have to careful in this step. Your cast net throwing success depends on it. At the end of your net is the weighted section of your cast net. You have to take the unweighted lead line in your mouth.

Most people awaked to doing this. Trust me this is the most effective way to throw a cast net. It is the standard way and all the world people follow it. Take the other lead line in your left shoulder. The lead line will be there in your mouth and the shoulder.

Step 7

Now take the remaining net in your right which was in your left hand. If you feel the same weight in your right and left hand then it is ok. It is the time for throwing your cast net. Before throwing it check, everything is fine. Now rotate your shoulder and both hand.

 Twist your hand and shoulder from 80-110 degree and then the net in the water with full pressure. When throwing you have to release the line from your mouth.  You also have to release all the rope from yours. After throwing you have wait some time for sinking your cast.

After some time you have to pull your cast net from the water. Pull slowly from the water this will helps you to catch maximum fish. If you throwing cast net from the boat. You have to careful while throwing. Most of the people fall down from boat while twisting.

This is the most followed way all over the world. Before throwing in the river, you have to practice a lot. It is better to practice in the open field rather than practice in the field.

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We have reached at the end of our article. Hope after reading this article you will know how to throw a cast net (Check out different types of fishing nets). If this article helps you then give a thumbs up in the comment section. We will be back for you with more fishing informative content like this. If you have any kind of question or suggestion, don’t forget to knock us.   

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