What Are the Types of Fishing Lines? | Advantage & Disadvantages of Each Type

Some newbie anglers who don’t hold much knowledge about fishing use the same line for different applications, when different lines are suitable for different kinds of fishing jobs. And when the same line used for all kind of fishing, the anglers comes empty-handed cursing their skill.

For a great fishing experience along with the skill, you need the right equipment as well. There are different kinds of rods, reels, hooks, lines, etc. and you need to know which one is for what. That’s what differentiates a good angler from a bad one.

However, in this very guide, we are going to discuss fishing lines. Since there are different types of lines and most of the time anglers get confused, especially beginners about what types of fishing line to choose. Below you are going to find an in-depth guide of different fishing lines where we have broadly discussed each of the lines. From there advantages to disadvantages, we didn’t leave anything behind.

With any further ado, let’s roll on to it!

Monofilament fishing line

Monofilament also knew as mono which means single. Monofilament stands for single-strand nylon. This is the most found fishing line available in the world. And because of the availability, it is highly popular.


Most people consider selecting this fisher line because of its amazing characteristics. Floats are the main advantage of this fisher line.


We already told you that the main feature of this fisher line is float. For this feature, you can easily throw this dine in the topwater presentation. It also helps the baits to keep at the topper column such as popping line.


Mono has a stretch feature. It has both a good and bad feature. If you want to use baits like crankbaits or treble hooks that will be a great feature for you.Because when fish is fighting and putting stress on the line it will help you to keep the fish hooked.

But Mono stretch features have some disadvantages also. For aggressive fish is not a good feature because of its softer stickers.


Mono fisher line has visibility features. This fisher line can easily reflect any light. So in the daylight when the sun rays fall into the line it can easily be seen in the clear water. if you’re using stationary presentations it will you spooking the fish especially.


One of the major disadvantages of monofilament fishing lines is memory. Monofilament lines retain the shape of the spool and that what makes casting inaccurate, makes problems during medium distance casting and this is also the main reason behind line tangling. This memory has plagued anglers for years.


Monofilament is an inexpensive fisher line from all other lines. Also, this line is easily found everywhere. For this most people loved to use this line for fishing.

 Applications for monofilament fishing line

For the top-water lures ( look at some of the best walleye lures for ice fishing) and treble hook bait, Monofilament works best. So you can easily use this bait for crankbaits and other horizontal presentations.

 Fluorocarbon fishing line

The fluorocarbon fishing line is made of monofilament nylon alloy.

It also has some advantages and disadvantages. It is good for expert anglers because it has graduated from only once being used as a leader line.  Fluorocarbon both have a love-hate relationship with anglers. the first time most people will hate it.

You might think that then why to use this line because this fisher line has several advantages over monofilament. Trust me you will love this fisher line when you know all the features and proper use of it.

Characteristics of fluorocarbon fishing line


You can easily catch sensitive fish in the clear water using this line. Because this line is invisible in the underwater. This is the biggest advantage of the fluorocarbon fisher line. Light reflection is the same in the water.

 Light-reflecting of fluorocarbon is fully opposed to monofilament. In the daylight when the sun hits the line it remains the same.No light is pass through this line. So, as a result, you easily cash in clear water.


Another feature of these lines ios it sinks. As a result, you can easily catch lower water fish. Lower water column such as crankbaits and jigs job can be easily done by this line.

Less stretch

Fluoro does not stretch like monofilament. So using this line you can easily catch the aggressive fish.you can easily set more hook with this line\


Fluorocarbon lines are stiff than others. This is the disadvantage of these lines. For this reason, beginner anglers don’t want to use this fisher’s line. For this stiff character your spinning reel can easily jump or fall, If you don’t have any previous knowledge about it then it might be scary for you.


For this sink character, it is ideal for deep-sea fish. Also, this has an invisible feature so you can catch fish in the daylight.

Braided fishing line

Braided is the oldest fishing line. The fishing community uses this line before monofilament and fluorocarbon. Braided is made of multiple strands of fibers of materials. 

Because of its outstanding features, this very line is always the favorite of anglers.


 It has no memory like another line so it does not coil off the spool. Which leads to the line’s highest popularity.


For better hookups in heavy cover and deeper water, it has no stretch feature.​


For catching top-water fish especially frog style baits in thicker vegetation it is an ideal line because it floats feature.


The diameter of this fisher line is thinner.

Lasts longer

Though it is an expensive line it is a long-lasting line than others.


A braided line is highly visible in the water. So it is difficult to catch sensitive using this line.

Application for braided fishing line

Braid and monofilament both have one common feature. That is they both float in the water. But the braid has some extra features like great abrasion resistance. This fishing line is an excellent choice for topwater fishing with poppers.


Well, it’s a wrap! I hope you have got an idea about the different types of fishing lines. In case you need, we have some other information as well regarding spinning rods, fishing reels, fishing bags, top-rated casting rods, etc. If you are a beginner and looking for a guide, make sure you make a visit!

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