How to cut braided fishing line?

Cutting braided fishing lines is very simple though because of the wrong guidance most beginners struggles and end up wasting the line. If you are new to fishing and what to learn how to cut a braided fishing line, this very guide is for you.

We have explained every single thing you will be needing and the guide is designed in a way so that everyone would understand easily.

Best Way to Cut Braided Fishing Line

Step 1

At first, you will need to select the area where you want to cut the braided line. You have to use your thumb and index finger. Pass the braided line between those fingers. Also, use those fingers to grab the line strongly.

Step 2

In this step, you have to pull the spooled line from the reel and have to create some tension.

Step 3

Grab and hold the cutter strongly in your hand. Because you have to cut the multiple mixed materials wire in one chance. Now cut the braided line. Try to make a continue slice which will lead you to avoid fraying and ruining the longer edge.

Some newbie made a mistake they hold the cutting tool with an angle.  As a result, they cannot cut the perfect edge.

Step 4

Now you have to seal the split ends. Put some heat like a flame in the split end. Lighter or match will be very much helpful in this scenario. But remember one thing; you have to be careful while putting heat.

Overheat can easily melt the split end. If you burn the edge then your whole work will be pointless. Not to heat them more than two seconds. This is enough heat to seal them. After that, you will notice a short and clean edge on the knot. If not, then you have to understand that you make a mistake while cutting.

Tools you need

For cutting a braided line you must need some tool. Without any tool, it is impossible to cut the fishing line smoothly. You must need some sharp blades for cutting down the braided line.

Why sharp blades? Because cut braided fishing lines means you need to cut multiple strands woven. you cannot cut this type of fishing line using rusty pliers or dull scissors.

Sharp blades also help you make a perfect tie knot. Some newbie made a mistake, following some professional they think cutting the braided line with teeth will be ok. But trust me it is the hardest and fooling thing to do. It can easily damage your teeth. 

Different types of sharp blades

1. Line Cutters

The line cutter is the most efficient cutter for cutting braided line. The line cutter is the famous cutter for accurate cutting. Also, the line cutter’s design and features are amazing.

Other sharp blades are not efficient manner and safe like line cutters. You need to keep sharpening other blades such as blade or scissor. But in the line cutter case, you don’t need to keep sharpening.

Lots of brands and types of line cutters are available in the market. Try to buy a compact and small one which you can easily carry with you in a shirt and jeans pocket.

2. Pliers

Most professionals use this type of cutter. While cutting with pliers it will give you a strong grip. It will give you extra comfort while cutting. Like line cutters, it can also easy to carry in your backpack.

3. Scissors

Buying some tools will cost you some money. If you are in a tight budget then scissors will be a good option as a cutter. Try to use sharp scissors. If you decide to cut braid line using scissor then you have practice a lot for cutting the edge perfectly.

4. Nail Clippers

Like scissor nail clippers is another cheap option for cutting the braided line. You will need a strong sharp nail trimmer. But the problem is nail trimmers are not long-lasting like other cutters. Try to use toenail cutters. They don’t have longevity like fingernail cutter.

5. Knife

If you don’t have any other cutter for trimming braided line then you can use Knife. But you have to be careful as much as you can while using a knife for braided line cutting. Because using it can dangerous sometimes when you are on a moving boat or kayak.

6. Edges cutting

When it comes to cutting braided line then you must need to cut the edges so strong for long-lasting. You need to learn how to cut the edges clean and strong. Otherwise, your finishing line edges will become blunt edges. This is very bad for any anglers.  A perfect knot depends on edge cutting

7. Accuracy

Sometimes newbie used big tools for cutting. Using big tools does not mean you will have the perfect knot. On the other side, a small sharp cutter is more useful than big tools. For cutting the edges and making perfect knot you must need accuracy.

Making yourself a good line cutter you have to practice a lot. It is not a one-day thing, day by day practicing you will see the improvement.

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We are at the end of how to cut braided line article. We will try to provide the best way to cut the braided line. For the first time, it will be difficult for some newbie. But trust me with the right tools and practice you it will become very easy for you.

If you are planning to do regular fishing we suggest you buy line cutter or pilers making the perfect cut.

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