Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod Comparison| What Are the Differences?

Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod Comparison| What Are the Differences?

If you are a professional angler, you already know this. But most of the beginners do not know the actual difference, which results in ineffective fishing.

Apart from the price and performance of the rods, there is a lot more to consider when you are buying a fishing rod. You have considered every factor so that you end with the right rod. 

Spinning rod and casting rod, these two-rod kind is widely used and that is exactly why we have come up with Spinning rod vs Casting rod comparison. Go through the guide, you will know the difference.

And once you know the difference you will know which one to pick depending on your need. 

So let’s get started!

Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod

Below we have shown why exactly you should go for a spinning rod and casting rod. We have mentioned the advantages and compared each and every feature of these kinds.

Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are highly popular fishing rods among both professionals and beginners. They come in different sizes and shapes. Not only that, there are three activities in spinning rods, light, medium, high action.

Each action is suitable for different kinds of fish species. These rods bend to a pretty good extent when the line is pulled by the fish in the water. In spinning rods, the reel is placed underneath the rod and the rod is handled by the non-dominant hand of the angler. 

The best part of spinning rods is they are easily manageable which is why most professional anglers suggest this for beginners. With a spinning rod, you can reel quite faster and there is very little chance of line tangling.

Spinning rods are designed in simple mechanisms, there isn’t any complexity that is highly appreciated by the beginners. 

Casting Rod

The casting rod is exactly the opposite of the spinning rod. These are a little complex to understand but compared to spinning rods they are more effective. Most professional goes for casting rod.

For beginners, casting is not something to get started with. To handle the casting rod, a good experience is required. When people start learning a casting rod, inside the reel a lot of backlashes happens which requires the angler to get frustrated and change the line. And that is both time and money consuming. 

Head to Head Comparison Casting Rod Vs Spinning Rod

Line Guides

Spinning rods come with outstanding line guides, they come in a decent size and the spacing is decent between each guide. On the contrary, casting rods to come with very small line guides and they are pretty closed to each as other as well. The smoothness you will get in the spinning rod isn’t found in the casting rod. 


Both of these rods, casting and spinning rods perform pretty nicely. But if we compare, casting rod wins the fight. Casting rod is used by professionals and these rods are suitable for serious fishing. Spinning rods are not for serious fishing since they are starter rod for beginners. 

Ease of use

Casting rods are hard to control, the rod bends taking an upward shift in which most of the anglers do choke. It takes a good time to learn the casting rod. Spinning rod, on the other hand, is pretty easy to use and they are best for beginners. 


Spinning rods doesn’t require much of cost. They require very low maintenance and since they don’t cause much backlashing, so that saves money. On the other side, the price of the learning casting rod is higher than the maintenance of a spinning rod.

Casting rods are expensive since they are used by professionals. And anglers waste a lot of line because of the backlashing of casting reel.

Best For

Spinning rods are best for people who want to learn fishing and these rod works best in trolling and still fishing. Moreover, the maintenance cost is also low. Casting rods are for serious fishing, they are best for professionals. 

Reel ability 

In the spinning rod, you have to use a spinning reel and that is not suitable for heavyweight fishing. So you have to focus on only small and some medium-sized fish species. If we talk about casting reel, their line twisting is very strong and they can be used for hunting heavyweight fishes. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you are a beginner who just has started the fishing journey, without a second thought go for a spinning rod. You will enjoy the process since that is very easy to learn and handle. Plus, spinning rods are budget-friendly as well. 
  • For serious fishing, you will need to go for the casting rod. But learning casting rods are a little hard and they require high maintenance as well. 
  • Casting reel can cause a lot of backlashing if not operated accurately.


It’s a wrap for spinning rod vs casting rod comparison. Hope you got enough idea about each of this rod. Now choose according to your needs and have fantastic fishing experience. If you need have a look at the best casting rods under 100 dollars.

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