Fish Finder Tips & Tricks that Every angler Should Know About

Fish Finder is something that today almost every angler is using since over time they have proven to be extremely useful to find fishes in the ocean or anywhere else. We have designed this guide for the beginners who just stepped into fishing.

if you are a newcomer then there is a high chance that you wouldn’t know much about fish finder and that’s exactly why we have come up with some highly beneficial fish finder tips and tricks.

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However, let’s get to the main point. Take a look below!

What is a fish finder?

The fish finder is an electric device that helps you to catch fish easily without wasting your time.

 Seems confusing? don’t worry I will tell you about this device briefly.

When a newbie goes fishing most of them cast the wrong place. Even it is hard for a professional to guess where he gets the fish in the water. In the night it way too harder for anglers. As a result, an angler gets rewarded empty-handed along with time wastage.

At the same, fish finders can solve this problem. Using this electric device you can easily understand where you need to cast your net for getting much fish. The fish finder will provide you the best result and all the useful information. Which will lead you to get success as an angler?

Fish Finder Tips and Tricks You Would Love to Learn

Know Feeding Formations

If you want to end up pocking a handful of fishes, then the first thing you need to observe is the movement of different kinds of fishes. Plus, knowing the right timing is extremely important. In fishing, line casting is another most important thing. You must cast when the fish is the feeding formation.

This the best way to located and noticed the fish. Using this method, you will see a big difference in size between a school of fish. Find a place where large fish are moving along with a group of small fishes and you need to cast there immediately. 

Fish brains don’t work even slightest like human brains. They don’t think and whenever they are hungry they keeping keep biting anything they see. So if you are lucky and cast in perfect place then you get the diverse size fish.  


We all know upgraded devices always have the advantage of better features than the older ones. 

Manufacture is always tried to invented new things and apply them to upgrade their device. Upgrade the device have only one intention which is works better fish finder in less time.

Buying an old, black and cheap one is full of waste of your money and time. Most newbies made this big mistake of buying a basic finder.

A good, upgraded fish finder will give you all the exact information about vegetation, logs, and fish. At the time of fishing, you also need to know about water temperature which impossible to read for a basic fish finder.

Also, a basic fishfinder cannot read the information difference between vegetation and fish. Those basic fish finders show all the information as a fish. So don’t be a fool to buy a basic fish finder.

Know when to Zoom 

Almost all the latest fish finders come with zoom functioning. Some newbie never uses this option and which is a big mistake. Because while reading undersea, you can easily see the fish by finder but cannot determine the size or detail information. When you see fish in finder without zoom it might be a group of small fish.

Zoom function comes handy in this scenario and will help you to get knowledge about the present situation. So always try to use the zoom function for better details reading.


Tracking the underwater fish is the main feature of a fish finder. It is most important to measure the entire body of water. You need to know the exact location of where the fish gather. Fish trends to move one place to another. If you can track them as much possible then you able to catch the best fish.

Water Temperature 

As a newbie, some people monitoring water temperature is not that much important. Trust me this one of the most important things to do for anglers. Water temperature varies in different time weather and season.

The fish tend to stay in specific water temperature. For example, a few types of fish stay in 60-degree temperature. If you looking those types of fish in 70-degree temperature then you will never catch those fish. Its pro tips that if you won’t be the best anglers then always double-check the water temperature.



After following all, it cannot be sure that you always get the big fish. But it is ok to get the smaller fish. You need to know the exact feeding time for big fish. For a newbie, it is hard to predict the exact time of feeding.

But day by day fishing regularly you will be able to know the fish feeding time. There is another simple solution to this problem whenever you some fish are hiding under the rock then you have to understand that time the time of feeding. This is the best time to get the big fish.


Before go on fishing you just need to adjust your fish finder sensitivity. Otherwise, you will get the wrong information. If your device’s sensitivity is too high, then show the very smallest fish the big one. When you pull back your lure with algae then it will be very frustrating for you. For actual results turn down the sensitivity.

For someday it will be very hard for you to tune the perfect sensitivity. But trust me after some days it will be very easier for you.


Hope after reading this article you will able to know more about fish finder. These tips and tricks will help you to catch more big fish without wasting your time. If it does then stay with us. We will be back with more fishing tips and tricks related articles.

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