How to Set Up a Fishing Rod for Lake Fishing? Tips for Beginners

Fishing is a fun activity to do, but there is a separate fan base for lake fishing. It is used for competition, for catching fishes like trout, brass, etc. Some people just come with equipment and with their loved ones and spend a good time at the edge of the lake, how many fishes they caught doesn’t matter to them as long they have fun.

However, if you are looking forward to getting your hands on a decent amount of fish from the lake, you have to be well prepared. You cannot go with any random setup and fish. You need to set up the fishing rod properly so that you can hook some fishes.

If you have never been to lake fishing and don’t know how to set up a fishing rod for lake fishing, I designed this guide. It is a guide on lake fishing tips for beginners; it’s a 4-minute read, so go through.

How to Set Up a Fishing Rod- Required Tools You Will Need

You will need some items, you may know about all these, but I have listed each thing you will be needing.

Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod


You know it already, but there are different types of rod and reel, and you have to pick a suitable combo for lake fishing. A spinning reel and rod should do well for lake fishing. 

And if you don’t have any rod and reel, you can search in local fishing accessories shops. Some shops provide reel and rods for rent.

Fishing Hook

There are different sizes of fishing hooks suitable for different kinds of fish species. And make sure you choose the hook that suits your targeted fish. 

For example, if you are looking forward to catching trout 4 to 12, the hook should be fine. 

Fishing line

The fishing line should come with the rod and reel. But in any case, if they don’t come with any fishing line for lake fishing, the decent quality fishing line would work fine because lake fishes are not as heavy as saltwater fish, so that it will be okay.



There are several kinds of fishing bait, and you have to choose bait to attract your target fish. You can use artificial baits, or insects, or worms as bait; they also work great.



The floater is what keeps the hook from sinking. However, there is one thing you need to think about when using a floater. If the target fish group stays on the topwater or middle water, then a floater is a must. Otherwise, the hook will sink to the bottom of the water. 

On the other hand, if the target fish group stays on the bottom water, you wouldn’t need a floater because the hook needs to be on the bottom of the water. You might need a sinker for taking the hook down.

How Do You Set Up Fishing Rod for Lake Fishing?

So you prepared all the needed items? Now let’s get into the main process. You can set up your rod in different rod setups for lake fishing, but you have to choose the right setup. How would you know which setup is for you? 

Well, that depends on the fish you are planning to catch. However, process, you will understand everything.

Suspended Float Setup

Suspended float setup is a highly popular rod setup when it comes down to lake fishing. And it is for those who have plans to catch fishes that feed at the topwater and little under that. For topwater fishes, this setup works incredibly if the angler has the right knowledge and skill.

For topwater fishing, you will be needing a bobber or floater, which will prevent the hook from going to the bottom water. It will keep the hook on the middle where both topwater and middle water feed fishes can nibble.

Make sure to use suitable bait. Another best part of using a bobber or floater is when fish takes a bite. The bobber will submerge suddenly in the water, which tells you that fish started to eat. Add split shot sinker on the line, so your casting will be accurate. And as bait, you can use worm or shrimps, and these highly attract fishes. 

The fish species should choose bait, and if the fish you want to catch hates shrimp and worms, they are of no use. Add a bait that will attract the fishes.

Bottom Fishing Setup

As you have already guessed, this setup is for catching bottom water fishes. Bottom fishing is extremely rewarding in winter because cold topwater fishes also go to the bottom since the water there is warmer. 

However, if you have never done bottom fishing, here are some tips that might help you to get started.

Add a three-way swivel to the line; the hook will go down to the bottom to catch your desired fishes because of the weight the hook will go down to the bottom. Not only that, but the weight will also help you to cast long distances accurately. 

You will need to add a12 to 18 inches long leader line for connecting the swivel to the hook. In choosing the hook, be careful. Pick the hook according to the local law.

And when it comes to bait, this is a little tricky. You have to know the condition of the bottom of the lake; if that is muddy, you will have to pick a floating bait to get covered by mud.

Till confused !! Go ahead and watch this video.


However, I hope these lake fishing tips help you to get started! Go with your loved ones who also have an interest in fishing. You will have great fun for sure. If you are a beginner, do not invest in expensive items initially. 

First, learn and understand, and then invest. That will be beneficial for you. However, I hope you enjoy your next lake fishing trip. And if there is anything else I can help you with, make sure to comment below.

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