How to Clean a Fishing Rod? | Easy Way of Cleaning Fishing Rod

How to Clean a Fishing Rod? | Easy Way of Cleaning Fishing Rod

Cleanliness is mandatory, it doesn’t matter what equipment it is. It can be cleaned, you should do it. Dirt not only makes things look bad, but they also do interfere in the performance and reduces the lifespan.

Cleaning fishing rod isn’t a tough job at all. It is very easy. But you need the appropriate way of cleaning. If you are here for a guide on fishing rod cleaning, you are on the sweet spot. This is going to be a very small guide but enough. 

Cleaning Items You Will Need

There are a bunch of items that you will be needing when it comes down to cleaning a rod. But the satisfying part is, all these items are found at home. You don’t need to spend extra. Here are the items.

  • A Towel
  • Small screwdrivers.
  • Toothpick.
  • Tweezers (One Pair).
  • Used tooth Brush
  • Small wrench.
  • Rod cleaning solution

There are different kinds of rod cleaning solutions but if you need suggestions then I would say go for the Ardent Reel Kleen or Penn Rod Cleaner. It would be better if you go for a whole cleaning kit, that would be a win because you will get every necessary cleaning items inside the kit.

Ardent Rod Cleaning kit is a top-rated cleaning kit, you can go for that. In case you can’t or don’t want to buy a cleaning solution, then you get away with any fluid that is used to pull off heavy grime. 

Cleaning process

Did you get all the items? Then it’s time to start the cleaning. Rod cleaning is very straight forward. Fishing rods don’t have much to dissemble. If there is reel attached, you definitely need to put away the reel.

Start cleaning from the tip of the rod and clean down to the handle. Check all the guides, see if there is weed buildup if you see so, clean thoroughly. Check the line guides for rust, if you see rust you should change the guide.

Because rust will damage the line. Or if you have good knowledge you can remove the rust as well. For weed buildup, you can use a soft brush or Q-tip on the guides. Cleaning thoroughly, otherwise, you might end up losing caught fishes. 

People do not focus much on the rod cleaning, some people don’t even think of cleaning rod. If you have invested good money on a rod, then you should take care of it, unless you are a millionaire. Even if you are a millionaire, you should take good care because you have money that doesn’t mean you have to waste it for no reason. 

How to Clean a Saltwater Fishing Rod? 

You have to take care of a saltwater fishing rod more than a freshwater rod because salt does more harm. That being said, saltwater fishing items are developed in a way that they can withstand the saltwater abuse. But still, you need to care for them. The best practice for keeping the saltwater fishing rod in good condition is to clean it after every fishing trip. 

Remove the peel and remove the line from the line guides. And with light cleaning solution and warm freshwater clean the rod thoroughly. Make sure you clean all the salt buildup. With an old used toothbrush, you can scrub the rod for better results. 

Handle Cleaning

When the rod handle is extremely dirty, it doesn’t provide the needed grip, as a result, you find controlling the rod and hooked fish tough. So make sure you keep the handle clean as well. For cleaning, you can use alcohol. With alcohol scrub the handle and wipe it properly. It should get cleaned enough. 


This is the easiest way of cleaning a fishing rod. Whether it is baitcasting rod, Spinning rod, Jigging rod, Trolling rod, fly fishing rod, or any other rod, you can follow this method. 

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