How to Put a Hook on a Fishing Rod?

Though it is not a tough job to do, if you don’t know how to put a hook in a fishing rod, this guide is for you. The crucial part of adding a hook is to understand how to tie knots properly.

If you learn the right knot, then adding a hook is a matter of seconds. There are different ways to add a hook to the fishing rod, and I have explained one of the most common ways.

I tried my best to keep the guide as straightforward as possible, but there will be a video as well, so you will understand very easily. Here you go!

Why Should You Add a Hook Properly?

What do you need for a relaxing fishing experience? Good preparation and putting a hook properly on the rod is one of them. If the hook you attach to the fishing line isn’t accurate, you can miss out on the very easiest catch.

And not only that, putting the hook wrong would give the strength. However, missing out on the easiest fish catch is the last thing you want in your fishing trip and so properly putting the hook is a must.

How to Make Palomar Knot?

Palomar is a strong knot that almost every professional angler uses. In the beginning, you might feel a bit complex but trust me; it is the easiest.

It is seconds for who knows to tie an overhand knot, and this is a knot we tie for shoelaces. I keep it very simple so that everyone understands, but if you don’t, I have attached a video that will surely help.

Palomar Knot Tying

Step 1 : Make Loop

Pick the end of the leader and make a loop with it by doubling it. For beginners, if you haven’t tied many knots, then make the loop bigger. It would be easier for you, and you will be comfortable as well. Six inches line loop should work just fine for beginners.

Step 2 : Attach the Hook to the Line

After making the loop, pick the hook, and there is an eye on the hook. The eye is the hole in which hooks are supposed to be attached to the line. 

Put the loop head through the eye and keep the hook at the middle side of the loop. It would balance the middle position, and the hook can swing freely from there.

Step 3 : Tie the Knot

Pick the loop and now tie an overhand loop, how you would do with the shoelaces. So the hook is now inside the overhand knot. And now, for tightening the knot, pull the hook through. When pulling, be aware that the hook can get inside your finger, and that can hurt. Don’t pull it when your hand is slippery.

After pulling the hook, pull both ends of the line; it will tighten the knot better. Now cut off the tagline, and you are all set to go for your next cast.

Check out the following video if you need a clear understanding. The video tutorial will make anyone tying a Palomar knot quickly.

Additional Tips

If you don’t know to tie a Palomar knot, there are other knots as well; you can try. But since I find this knot to be more straightforward and practical, that’s why I suggested it.

One downside of the Palomar knot is, if the line is thick and you are using a small hook, then trying this knot becomes tough since the thick line doesn’t go through the hook eyelet smoothly.

At first, the line is thick, and then for the Palomar knot, you have to double that to form a loop, so it gets tricky.

Not only that, attaching high or low rigs by Palomar knot is hard as well. But still, with a thin line, it works pretty fine. Many anglers have been using this knot; in fact, it is one of the most popular hooks attaching knots out there.

However, I hope this guide helps you to learn to add a hook to the fishing rod. If there is anything else I can help you with, don’t forget to comment below.

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