How to Replace Fishing Rod Guide Insert? Simples Way to Changing Line Guides

Want to learn how to replace the fishing rod guide insert? Hang on then! It often happens, sometimes the line guides through which the line flows get rusty, especially when saltwater fishing. Or sometimes, the guide gets damaged or unshaped.

When you notice anything like that, you should change the guide immediately. Rusty or damaged line guide with damage the line and you can miss out on the most straightforward catch, doesn’t matter the top-notch quality line you use. 

And you cannot change the entire rod when a guide needs replacement unless you are a millionaire. Learning how to change line guides will save you money and time. Here is how you should replace a fishing rod guide. 

Removing the Damaged Guide

The very first step when replacing the line guide is to remove the old line guide. Now let me tell you when it is time to remove the line guide. If the guide is rusty, cracked, chipped, and there are burrs in the guide, you should change the line guide before your next cast if any of these happens. 

And after removing the guide, you don’t have to throw it away; you can use it as a hook keeper. However, below I am going to show how you can remove the line guide easily. And for this process, you will need the following items.

  • Razorblade.
  • Small flame (lighter will work).
  • Pliers.
  • Marker pen.
  • Guide file.
  • Line Guide.
  • Masking tape

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is to loosen the epoxy bond around the guide foot. Apply little heat to the epoxy using a lighter, candle, or anything else. Flame the area back and forth for a while on the epoxy bond; 10 or so seconds of heating should do the work. 

Step 2

Pick the razor blade and try to cut through the epoxy bond. It should melt like butter when you put the razor in.

However, make sure you be gentle when putting the razor; otherwise, you might end up scratching the rod blank. To be safe, I suggest cutting the epoxy bond over the foot of the line guide. In that way, the razor blade wouldn’t touch the rod blank.

Step 3

Once you have successfully loosened the epoxy bond, time to give little effort, pick the plier and pull off the guide from the blank. Do not pull the guide in a direction that will drag the blank. Pull the guide towards the handle side in a way that the guide will come off easily. 

Step 4

After pulling the guide off, you have to clean the excesses of the thread and epoxy. Peel them off with pliers or with your finger. Ensure a clean blank; otherwise, it will be a trouble when installing a new guide. 

Step 5

Now pick the marker and mark the exact area where the guide was. Mark the guide foot so that you can place the new guide accurately in its place. 

Installing New Line Guide

Time to add the new guide. Make sure you pick a suitable guide. The size of the guide should be accurate, so purchase carefully.

Prepare the New Guide

You cannot just the guide you purchased, and it needs preparation as well. Here you will need the guide file. You have to grind the guide foot with the file to ensure a smooth and suitable surface for the rod blank. When the guide foot is smooth and well fitted to the blank, threading will be easier.

After grinding it, run the guide foot on your nail to make sure the foot is ready. The shape of the nail is almost the same as the rod blank. When you run the foot on your nail, if that scratches, then it is not prepared. You have to grind more. And if you feel the smoothness and it doesn’t scratch your nail, it is ready to be attached.

Check the Alignment

The guide is prepared, but you have to make sure the alignment is good before you attach it. Put the guide foot exactly where you marked, and then add a few masking tapes to hold the guide in the place. And now check the alignment, eyeball the line guides together; that should be enough.

Attach the Guide

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