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Fishing rods, reels, and other items are very close to a fishing enthusiast. It is not the price, and it is the love, the feeling they got for their gears. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know the proper way of storing fishing rods, I have designed this guide for you

No angler wants their fishing items to store in the wrong place. That’s why every professional angler keeps different things properly because improper storage can impact performance.

I have shown the easiest way of keeping a fishing rod. You don’t have to put much effort, have a look, and store your fishing rod in that way.

Why is Proper Storage Important?

Before we go into the storing process, you must know why you should store your fishing rod properly. Know the benefits of the proper storage first, and then keep.

Prevents Unwanted Damage

The obvious thing, the better you store the fishing rod, the safer they are. Though fishing rods are indestructible but still some slight damage to the sensitive parts can lower the performance. When a fishing rod is damaged even a bit, it can cause line snapping. Line snapping will cause you to lose the fish you just caught.

Moreover, if not stored and cared oil, nicks come on the rod tips and line guides, and when the line goes through the line, they can get damaged very easily. The line will get weaker and might cause you to lose your catch again.

Do not let anything ever scratch the rod. In this case, be extremely careful with the hooks. They have a higher chance of coming into contact with the rod and scratch it. Use a hook keeper.

Long Life Span

When you store your fishing rods, not only rods, other items as well in the proper way, they don’t get damaged. And that increases the lifespan.

Things to do Before Storing Fishing Rods


Clean the Rod First

Before you store your fishing rod, you must clean it properly. Especially if you have done saltwater fishing, saltwater will corrode the rod, so make sure to clean every part of the rod thoroughly. After cleaning it, let it sit for a while so that it dried properly. Once it is dried completely, store it.

Remove the reel and line.

If you store the line for an extended period, it will be best to remove the Fishing reel and line. It is mandatory to remove the line and reel from the rod when used in saltwater fishing. Salt residue damages the items badly. You can clean the line with dish soap.

Talking about fishing reels, in case you are interested, look at some of the best budget spinning reels.

Storing the Fishing Rods

There are different types of storage options for fishing rods. Which one you should go for depends on exactly where you want to keep it or how much space you have available for rod storage.

If you plan to keep the rod in the garage, then wall mounted rod holding rack could be a good option. It will contain the rods horizontally in the wall, and if you have good rod collections, it will look good. Not only that, but it will also be easier for you to pick one or two from the dozen when you are going fishing.

The best part of rod holders is, they don’t take any floor space. And they are inexpensive as well.

On the other hand, vertical rod storage options can take a good amount of floor space. So if you have a small amount of space, vertical storage isn’t an option for you. Plus, they are a little expensive as well.

If you want to learn more about rod storage inside the boat, please watch this short video.

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