Penn Spinfisher Vi Spinning Reel | 2021 Review (Updated)

Penn is no stranger in the fishing industry, they have given some of the top-notch spinning reels of the market. Now, they have come up with this sixth-generation Penn Spinfisher Vi Spinning Reel.

Talking about that, Spinfisher has been a very successful series, there were already 5 versions and now Penn has added one more, the Spinfisher Vi. 

You can say this Spinfisher Vi is the best of the Spinfisher series. In this one there is a lot of improvements that will definitely satisfy the angler. 

So if you are looking for a top-notch spinning, consider looking at this Penn Spinfisher Vi spinning reel. I have made an in-depth review of this, stay tuned! 


Penn Spinfisher Vi Spinning Reel

IPX 5 Seal body
HT-100 Drag System
CNC Brass Gear
Stainless Steel bearing system 
Durable Body
Superline Spool
Line Capacity mark


It comes with IPX5 sealed body and features an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system. It has improved CNC brass gear with smooth 6 stainless-steel sealed bearings. Full metal constructed body including super line spool with line capacity ring. Large size ranges from 2500 to 10500.  



  • Top-notch sealing, nothing gets inside the gear and spool.
  • Extremely durable reel.
  • Powerful drag system. 
  • Smooth-rolling stainless steel bearings.
  • Yardage marks on the spool.
  • Very long-lasting reel. 


  • Traditional reel design. 
  • Little heavy. 

Key Features of Penn Spinfisher Vi Spinning Reel

IPX 5 Seal body

A lot of spinning reels cannot withstand saltwater for a long time and it is due to their weak sealing. On those reels, doesn’t matter how well the angler tries to keep the reel away from saltwater, by hook or crook somehow saltwater reaches to it. 

It actually doesn’t make sense to protect the reel from saltwater when the reel is made for saltwater. But Penn isn’t like every manufacturer, they never compromise with the quality. 

In this Penn spin fisher Vi, they used IPX 5 seal body and spool. With this kind of sealing, you can try spraying saltwater on the reel hours after hours, still, nothing will get inside the gear and spool. Doesn’t matter if you drop the reel into saltwater or sand, nothing will happen with this Spinfisher vi.

This is one of the reasons why this very version is so popular. 

HT-100 Drag System 

With a poor drag system anglers can miss on even the easiest catch, and it is the last thing that any angler wants, right? 

This very reel features a high-quality HT-100 carbon fiber drag system and that is well protected inside a sealed spool. The drag system gives you the needed stopping power to tackle down hard-fighting fishes. 

CNC Brass Gear

Penn has done improvement in the main gear as well. The gear material plays a major role in the overall smoothness of the reel. For now Aluminum and brass is the top-notch material for gear construction and this Spinfisher Vi comes with brass gearing. Not only that, the gear in this reel is very well lubricated as well. 

The gear system on the spin fisher VI can withstand heavy pressure and this is very needed for effective saltwater fishing. 

Stainless Steel bearing system 

For smoothness and longevity, Penn has used stainless steel bearings and they are sealed as well so that saltwater can’t damage them. This reel comes with a total of 6 bearings including one reverse bearing. An angler can access the bearings very easily in case any maintenance is needed. 

Durable Body

Some time while catching bigger hard fighting fishes like bull red or big striper, gears come under too much pressure and if the construction isn’t up to the notch then the gear might flex a bit. 

But don’t worry, that is something that won’t happen with this Spinfisher Vi spinning reel. It comes with a full metal body and that means doesn’t matter how heavy the load is the reel wouldn’t flex at all. 

Superline Spool

It comes with a super line spool, do you know what a super line spool is? Well, it means that you will be able to cast up to 100 miles before the reel starts troubling. And it is not necessary that the reel will wear out after 100 miles, it can go beyond that. 

It basically shows how durable the spool is and there are very few reels that offer this. 

Line Capacity mark

Another impressive feature of this very reel is it comes with a line capacity mark which tells you how much line is left on the reel. The marks are 1/3, 2/3, and full line. This comes in very handy when you are fighting with large fish. 

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This reel comes in a lot of sizes, 2500 being the small and 10500 being the large one. This big range makes sure that every angler finds the right fit. And one more thing you need to know that the 2500 to 5500 size reel comes with an automatic bail trip and the rest comes with a manual bail trip. 


If you are looking for an ultralight spinning reel then you should not get along with this Penn Spinfisher Vi Spinning Reel since it is a little heavy. Apart from this, there isn’t anything else that should stop any angle from getting this very reel. It has everything that a professional angler needs.

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