Ice Fishing Slammer – The Best of 2021 Reviewed

Penn Ice Fishing Slammer

Penn Slammer III has been surfing all over the reel industry with some impeccable features, and surely it got something worth considering for ice fishing

So here, I have reviewed this Penn Slammer III fishing reel thoroughly. From its disadvantages to advantages, I didn’t leave anything in the bush.

Go through the review. You will have a better understanding of this very model.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel
Penn Slammer III for Ice Fishing
  • It Comes with IPX6 rating sealing. 
  • Top-notch rotor, frame, and side plate. 
  • Sealed drag with dura drag system. 
  • Seven stainless steel bearings. 
  • Available in different sizes and weights. 
  • It comes with CNC gear technology. 


This Penn slammer comes with a metal body, not just any metal but a top-notch one. The rotor and side plate are also made of metal for optimum durability.

Due to the heavy-duty metal construction, the rotor and side plate will keep the pinions and gears lined up properly, resulting in smooth retrieves. Surely, this slammer will add adavtages in ice fishing.

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CNC Gear

Gears made of other composite or aluminum materials aren’t that tough, not as good as brass. This reel comes with CNC gear technology.

It uses a brass gearing system and delivers great strength and precision. Having CNC gear technology means long-lasting cranking power. You get great smoothness as well.

IPX6 sealed body

And here comes the main attraction of this reel, the sealed body. You can spray water on this reel all day long from every angle; nothing will get inside.

The sealing is so well that it doesn’t matter whether you drop the reel into saltwater or sand or anywhere; nothing will get inside.

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Dura-Drag System 


HT-100 drag system is very common but not Dura drag. You might see a couple of reels coming with a drag system, but Penn Slammer III was the first to introduce it. And this drag is way stronger than HT-100.

The washers in this Dura drag are coated with Phenolic; it is a special material and adds extreme durability. Plus, it also makes the drag super smooth as well.

Ball bearings

Well, in terms of bearings, there isn’t something impressive. It comes with seven bearings, including one reverse bearing. The bearings are made of stainless steel, so they are durable and smooth as well.

Line capacity

With this reel, you get a braid-ready spool, and the spool has a line capacity mark on it so that you can see how many lines are left. It comes extremely handy when tackling down big fishes. 

Handle knobs

This reel comes with two handle knobs. It has an EVA knob for those who like it soft. And it has a machined aluminum knob that is designed for cranking hard-fighting fishes. This versatility is great. When you are fishing for small fishes, you can use the EVA one and use the machined one to fight big fishes. 

Bail Trips 

This reel comes in various sizes, from 3500 to 10500. 3500 to 5500 size reel has automatic bail trip, which others don’t have. Rest comes with a manual bail trip. 


If you are looking for an ultralight spinning reel, then go for the 3500 sizes. It is the smallest and lightest compared to other sizes. And as the size increases, the weight also increases with it. 

Final Words

You can do both with this spinning reel inshore fishing or deep fishing, thanks to its large size range. You would want to go on a bit more lightweight side for inshore fishing, but it is still good to go. 

Some might find this reel a little expensive, but I think it will be a good trade for the performance since it is pretty durable and long-lasting. 

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