How to Cast Light Lures with a Spinning Reel Far?

Some people are used to using heavy fishing gear, so they find it hard to use light items sometime. In this very guide, we are going to tell you how to cast light lures with a spinning reel since a lot of people have this question especially beginners.

Casting light lures far is indeed a little tough since you don’t get the control you get from heavy lures. That being said with the right attachment and little technique you can achieve good casting distance even with a light lure.

Here is how…

Pick the Suitable Equipment

You shouldn’t use heavy-duty fishing gear when you using a light lure. Light lures are for catching lightweight fishes such as walleye, so using lightweight gears wouldn’t be any problem. Make sure to pair up the ultralight spinning rod and spinning reel. According to some professional anglers, using large-diameter spool helps to achieve good casting distance but it is still argued.

However, make sure you choose a worthy spinning rod and reel, if both are not up to the mark, you wouldn’t get good casting doesn’t matter how much you put.

And then comes choosing the line. Monofilament lines will help you to cast nicely since they have very little resistance. However, choosing a small diameter line would help you greatly, 2lb should be good enough. But still, if you need a slightly big diameter you can go for that.

One more thing you wouldn’t want to ensure is the spool, the reel spool needs to full so it will deliver very less resistance when casting.

The Technique that Beginners Needs to Follow

Often what we do is, we keep the bait or the lure hanging from the rod tip about one foot so that you get good control during casting. This is done when using heavyweight bait or lures. But when you are about to cast light lures, you would want to keep the lure hanging about 2 to 3 foot from the rod tip, in that way you will get better control for casting.

When before you cast, feel the weight and then stroke. Stroke means pulling the rod forward to cast the lure. Do not stroke aggressively, and nor put much energy. You will have to utilize the motion and the action of the rod. You won’t get it on the first go, you might have to practice a couple of times, but I ensure you with few rounds of practice you will get a good hang.

Attach little weight

When the lure is too light to feel, you can add some weight to it for good casting. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to cast properly. However, adding weight will cause the lure to go a little deep inside the water.

You can feed the float on the line, add the sinker as well. However, do not add much weight, add enough so that you can cast nicely. More weight will take the lure deep inside the water.


This is how you can achieve good casting with the light lure. However, if you are using old reel then make sure that is smooth enough and well lubricated. Saying again, choosing the right gear is extremely important. Anyways, hope this guide helps you to learn light lure casting with a spinning reel. Apart from that, have a look at some of the finest walleye lures that enables you to achieve long and accurate casting.

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