4 Best Spinning Rods Under 100 – Best of 2021

4 Best Spinning Rods Under 100 – Best of 2021

Anyone can get intimidated by the wide array of spinning rods in the market, especially newbies! Everyone wants the best but only a few with the knowledge end up picking the right spinning rods. Choosing the right spinning rod is not a daunting task, all you have to know is the right trick!

So what differentiates a good spinning rod from the rests? There are obviously some factors that keep the worthy spinning rods separated from the crowd. Want to know? Then scroll down!

But before that, let me take you through the 7 best spinning rod under 100 of the market!

At a Glance: Which Are the Best Spinning Rods Under 100?

  1. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
  2. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods
  3. Entsport E Series – Sirius Spinning Rod – Best Budget Spinning Rod
  4. SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod – Best Spinning Rod Under 50

Best Spinning Rods Under 100 Comparison

UglyStik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo9.9
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods9.9
Entsport E Series - Sirius Spinning Rod9.8
SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod9.7

Abu Garcia IKE Dude Spinning/Spincast Fishing Reel & Rod Combo9.6

Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod9.6

Cadence Spinning Rod,CR5-30 Ton Carbon Casting and Ultralight Fishing Rod9.5

I have put together a list of 7 best spinning rod that you can pick within 100 dollars. These models are affordable and also delivers the needed service. And for more secure purchase, I have demonstrated an in-depth buying guide as well at the end of the article.

So pull a chair and sit tight! Your very own spinning rod is just a few clicks away!

1. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The UglyStik GX2 is one of the best fishing rod and reel combos. The way it is constructed it is highly stiff, sturdy, and long lasting. Besides that, it is very flexible, lightweight and responsive as well. This was made to offers great action and withstand heavy abuse without being damaged.

As the name implies, it is a combo means a reel also comes with it pre-attached. What is left to be done is adding the fishing which is the only thing you have to do. The manufacturer has used composite of top-notch graphite and fiberglass which makes the rod highly durable, and sturdy as well as flexible, responsive and lightweight.

The EVA foam handgrip makes it comfortable for you to hold the rod even for long periods of time. The length of the rod is 4.8 inches and can be broken into two pieces for easy carrying. The reel comes attached with the rod is also high in quality. It comes with an anodized aluminum spool, 3 ball bearings, oversized bail wire, and one way clutch immediate anti-reverse bearing.

It comes with 5:2:1 gear ratio. This combo will definitely offer you flawless casting experiences. With enhanced responsiveness and sensitivity, casting lightweight lures and sensing when fish touches the bait is very easy. This UglyStrik GX2 rod comes in different heights so you can choose the length you prefer most.

Overall, this very spinning rod reel combo is a great option for beginners and for experts as well. The price is very reasonable and since it belongs to a reputed brand so you should not worry that much about the quality. If even anything unpleasant happens, their warranty and customer service will take care of it.


  • Highly flexible and lightweight.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty materials.
  • Comes affordable.
  • Good quality reel attached.
  • Comfortable handgrip.
  • Portable.

The Con
  • Few users found the reel quality poor.

2. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

The KastKing is another brand coming from the bunch of well-known. And this very Kasking Perigee II fishing rod is also a good one that you can count on. However, before you proceed further let me tell you, do not pick this model if you will be catching medium-sized fishes. Go for this one only when you are about to catch small fishes.

With this very model you will be getting two interchangeable tips with two rods, two different rods mean two different actions. And the manufacturer has kept the price low as well. Comes with EVA foam slip-resistant grip which will allow you hold on the rod for longer periods with full comfort.

There are two variations of this model in terms of action, medium-light action, and medium-heavy action. This rod is heavily constructed with Carbon matrix KastFlex technology Blanks which adds stability, power, durability, and accuracy to it.

It is equipped with Fuji-O-Ring line guides, High-density EVA grip, SAf-T-Keeper hook holder, graphite sturdy reel seat, and sensitive carbon fiber for rod blacks.  The EVA foam delivers high comfort but tends to wear off faster than cork.


  • Durable materials used.
  • Variations.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Portable.
  • Comfortable grips

The Con
  • Only recommended for small fishes.
  • EVA foam grip wears off faster.

3. Entsport E Series – Sirius Spinning Rod – Best Budget Spinning Rod

Here come the best budget spinning rods for those who don’t have a big budget but still want to end up with a decent spinning rod. Take a look at this Entsport E Series Sirius spinning rod which comes with incredible power.

It comes with a sleek look which is what grabs the most attention and then there is EVA foam grip enabling you to handle the rod smoothly. Actually, the handle grip helps a lot when you fish for longer periods. It is heavily constructed with stainless steel and that makes this very rod highly durable.

The material surely increases the resistance as well. If you are a choosy person in terms of color, you will love this. The color comes in looks very appealing. Not only that rod, but the reel seat is also constructed with the stainless steel for increased durability.

The line guides used in this very rod are also made of stainless steel and they are placed perfectly so that line can move smoothly without any kind of friction. Overall, this is an extremely lightweight rod that will give you good power and flexibility. And if maintained well, this can serve you for years.


  • It offers excellent power.
  • The reel seat is corrosion-resistant.
  • Highly lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • Highly affordable.

4. SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod – Best Spinning Rod Under 50

Shimano is a top-notch brand for fishing equipment and is popular among anglers because of their excellent product quality. However, now this Shimano Solora spinning rod is a low-cost production for people who are looking for a decent rod within a tight budget.

The reason why this model is here, even after being a low-cost model it delivers incredible functionality and reliability. Many professional fishers suggest this rod for beginners. It comes in a highly appealing translucent and transient appearance since it is made of aerogel.

This material offers incredible durability and strength. Moreover, the rod is extremely lightweight as well making it easier for you to handle. Moving on, with this rod you get a cork handle that delivers decent comfort to the hand and makes holding easy.

It is a fast action medium-power spinning rod that makes it suitable for medium-sized fish species. The rod tip doesn’t bend much that makes this rod highly sensitive. The manufacturer has given graphite constructed reel seat for increased strength.


  • It offers good sensitivity.
  • Durable construction.
  • Comfortable handgrip.
  • The good reel seat.
  • Affordable price.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Spinning Rod Under 100?

To have the best gear you have to know the gear first, you got to know how they function. In order to get your hand on the right spinning rod, there is a bunch of factors that you must know. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will get started with the wrong spinning rod.

Below you will get everything that will take you closer to the right fishing spinning rod. So spend some time and go through each section.

Rod Length

The length plays a big role in casting and you have to understand that. If you are new to fishing you might not understand that at the beginning but making few tries can give you the idea.

How far you will be able to cast depends on your skill and your rod tip flexibility. Not to forget, the weights of terminal tackle such as lure, bait, hook, bobber, etc. also has a lot to do with the casting.

So if you have to cast longer make sure you choose a good rod length, the lengthy rod you have, the more powerful you will be able to make.

There are a lot of advantages of having a longer rod but sadly there are disadvantages too. The disadvantages are,

  • Lengthy rods require a clean and big space, otherwise, you won’t be able to cast accurately.
  • Using a longer pole could be a little hard at the beginning since you might not know exactly when to release the line.

Terminal Tackle Weight

Well, do you know what is terminal tackle? If you are new to fishing, not knowing that is nothing unusual. Terminal tackle is everything that you attach to the end of the line, such as, lure, hook, bait, bobber, float, and other items.

The weight of these plays a huge role in accurate casting. Very tiny weight at the end of the line won’t allow you to cast accurately, everyone knows that. So having a good weight is necessary.

Rod Power

What power means in spinning rods is, how much durable and flexible the rod is. In other words, how much weight the rod can hold. However, there are different types, have a look.

  • Heavy.
  • Medium.
  • Light.

So these are the power ranking of a rod which is suitable for different needs. Heavy rods have high power and light rods has less. In order to get the best out of a rod, you have to pick the right power for the right thing.

But how are you going to find out which exactly which power do you need? Well, you have to choose the power depending on the weight of the lure and fishes you will target. The rod power also plays a major role in trolling, it should be able to withstand the drag.

To give you more clarity I have demonstrated all power details, have a look

Ultralight Rod Power: Ultralight spinning rods are amazingly responsive and highly flexible. And they are the best choice for freshwater fishes such as panfish. You will feel the fun once the fishes start nibbling on the bait you just threw. ( Don’t forget to check out the top-rated lightweight spinning reels)

When fighting with a fish or pulling the fish up, ultralight spinning rods can bend to a high extent. These rods are best for beginner anglers.

If your targeted fish species are small, means not heavy, then a best ultralight spinning rod will do outstanding. But if you have the plan to go for saltwater fishing, then this is not the thing. Saltwater fishing requires more heavy rods since they are about to hold heavy line and fishes.

Medium Power: Medium power rods are all-around spinning rods, they have the blend of both flexibility and stiffness. These rods will allow you to catch a variety of fish species from lightweight to heavy ones. Surely, they are not as responsive as ultralight power but not so stiff either.

People who don’t have any specific fish species in mind, medium power spinning rods would be a good choice for them. That being said, medium power rods are not for playing with very heavy fishes. These rods are good for gamefish, trout, medium sized catfish, pike, etc.

There is another power which is medium heavy. It is not that responsive but is slightly more on the stiffer side. They are durable than the medium power rods. Medium power rods are good for catching big catfishes, salmon, etc.

Well, to be more accurate, these rods can hold up to 50 pounds of weight, so use them for fishes that has fewer weights than 50 pounds.

Heavy Power Rods: These rods are highly durable, they are better than medium and lightweight rods. And they have extremely high lifting ability. If the hook gets stuck in underwater weed, you will be able to pull the entire weed up.

As you have probably guessed, these rods are for playing with big saltwater fishes. They are made of top-quality materials which can hold extremely high weight.

When fishing with heavy power spinning rods use a bobber, because of the high stiffness of the rod the tip won’t move noticeably when a fish nibbles on the bait.

Rod Action

Rod action and power is not the same thing though some people think that. Though it is not something usual if you want you can have a slow action heavy rod.

Action means the amount of bend the rod tip makes when you cast or put pressure. The slower the rod action, the more the tip will bend.


Do you have a clear knowledge about the tip? Not having that is normal for newbies. Let me tell you, the tip is the ¼ of the rod, last narrow part of the rod.

Rods come with different materials on the tip in order to increase or decrease the bend. Which rod action should you choose depends on your targeted fish species.

You cannot play with heavy fish with a slower action rod, you will need the fast action. Plus, slow action rods are a good option for drop shots and for jerk fishing medium or fast action rods are okay.

Slower action rods will set slower that’s obvious because the rod engages later. However, not all action rods are suitable for all kind of fishing. Different action is suitable for different need.

In order to find the perfect action for you, first determine the fish species you are going to target and right after that, determine what kind of bait you will be using. And then you can decide the action of the rod.

Rod Materials

The frame and material of the rod play a huge role in the overall performance. It doesn’t have to do only with the durability, they also affect the lifting power and sensitivity. So if you want your rod to perform at its best, then be very wise when choosing the material.

Once there were two or three materials which are used in rods construction but now there are a lot of materials. However, below I have demonstrated some top-rated materials for fishing rods. Have a look.

Fiber Glass: Once this material was the most expensive and used for the rods, about 50 years ago. And since a lot of innovations took place they are no more on the top. Fiberglass material has become the cheapest material but not make a bad impression because of that, anglers still make use of it different situations.

Fiberglass materials are stiff and that is why most people do not prefer them. But still, they are a good option for trolling. One best thing about fiberglass is they are very tough. They would do absolutely fine if you accidentally drop them in rock.

Graphite: Hey, you have to pay good attention to this section because it is confusing. People think graphite and carbon fiber both are the same thing but it’s not. Graphite is carbon fiber but carbon fiber is not graphite.

The main difference between these two materials is the technical details. Graphite material is older than the carbon fiber and it is brittle and rigid. Plus, graphite is also cheaper, not as cheap as fiberglass but cheaper compared to the carbon fiber material.

However, graphite is still good, they are highly responsive and tough. The tip of the rod won’t snap even if the fish you hooked is very heavy.  Graphite is better than fiberglass. They can last for really long if cared properly. If you are looking for a rod to go with you in lake fishing, graphite material will do fine. Plus, this material is the best for walleye jigging rods.

Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber material is better than graphite or fiberglass material. Everything that graphite material does, carbon fiber does them better. Carbon fiber rod is lighter, responsive and flexible, same as graphite.

But carbon fiber comes with some drawbacks, this material is brittle and when cold it is more. It absolutely has a high strength to weight ratio but that’s not enough. Carbon fiber rods will not break when you use, but if anyhow you drop them in hard surface, there is a very low chance that they will survive.

Just make sure that you don’t drop them or they don’t get hit hard by something. Otherwise, you will last incredibly long. 

Multi-material: Graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, each of them are suitable for different need and yes, carbon fiber is obviously top of all. But still that too comes with some drawbacks, right?

Do you know manufacturer pays big bucks to engineer to come up of innovating solutions to problems? And some did a really good job and have found out a solution.

I don’t know exactly who came up with this solution, in order to make rods with no drawback they have put different materials in the construction so that it can give the taste of all materials. They make the rod responsive, flexible, durable, everything and yes they also come with a bit high price tag but that really worth it.

Rod Guides

Rod guides are the little rings attached on the rod through which the line runs, though we don’t pay much attention to them they are important. Especially when you have to play with some heavyweight fishes in the ocean. They need to have enough capacity to hold on to that weight.

Materials of the ring frame: I have told this before, and saying again. Whenever you are out there to buy a fishing gear or any other gear always pay you max attention to the material used in the construction, that matters a lot.

When it comes down to the ring frame, make sure they are made of top-notch material. Ring frame will often come in touch with water and not having the quality will cause you to see rust on the frame which is the last thing any angler wants. Plus, when the reel frame is rusty that can damage the line going in or out through the guides.

If you already have a rusty or broken guide, remove that and replace with a new one. Always look for marine-rated rings, they have great quality and also completely rust-resistant. Stainless steel is also a great material for ring frame, that too is rust-resistant and highly durable.

Ring feet: There are two types of ring feet. Single and double feet. When choosing the ring feet, choose a thicker one. Thicker single feet ring is way too better than thin double feet ring. That being said, the material also matters, high-quality thin single feet will perform better than a low quality thick double feet. So you got to be very smart when choosing these.

Ring liner: Liners are what makes continuous contact with the line and you should invest well in the liner at least for the sake of the line. However, below I have listed some materials which are popular for liners.

  • Silicon Nitride.
  • Silicon Dioxide.
  • Aliminum Oxide.
  • Titanium Oxide.
  • Nanolite.

If you are going saltwater fishing, then you would want to pick gears that are marine-rated, ring liner too. And obviously, choose the right liner depending on the fish weight. There are some liners out there which are advertised to be tangle-resistant, you can give a try to them since line tangling is the worst thing that can happen during fishing.

Roller Guides

And the last factor that you should keep in mind that is roller guides which are mostly used when anglers reel heavy fish. Roller guides include few bearings and roller which guides the line smoothly. Roller guides come into play when angler hooks big heavy fishes.

Since they are used for heavy big fishes so don’t be stingy, invest a good amount of money to get your hands on the best one.

These Things Requires Attention Too

Only getting your hand on the right gears won’t make your fishing trip amazing, there are some other things that have a lot to do with your overall fishing experience.

I have listed some other things which you might not think about before going fishing if you are a newbie. Give it a look, it will save your fishing trip from turning into an awful experience.

Arriving into your fishing spot

Getting into your spot might seem very simple but trust me it is not. You would not know it if you are a newbie. There are a lot of things that you should think about. Let me give you a piece of advice came from my friend David (He is a professional fisherman),

Before going into the fishing spot think about the weight of the gear, size of the gear and problems you might encounter.

If you have to go through a jungle to reach your fishing spot, then the rod tip might hit the trees or get stuck or get hung up. Sometimes this also happens, if you have a long rod and has trees or bushes in the background when casting the hook might get hooked in the trees or anywhere else.

If you have to drive to your spot, are you sure that the long rod will fit in your car seat? I didn’t think about any of these when I started fishing, I have fallen into all the possible problems and the reason is I didn’t have anyone that will guide me or help me out.

But now, there are tons of resources which will definitely help you in every stage.

Weight of the tackle

This is the most overlooked, especially by newbies. If you want a smooth fishing trip, then you would need to take into account the tackle weight. Let’s assume you are the new one and don’t have any idea about the tackle.

Tackle means everything that you will add at the end of the line such as, sinker, lure, bait, hook, bobber, flies, etc. There are some other things too that come into tackle such as pliers, hook remover, etc. (Speaking about tackle, have you checked top tackle bag list yet?)

If you have chosen a lightweight or ultralight rod, then that must have a weight limit, right? As I mentioned above, lightweight rods are responsive but they are not for heavy fishes. So many newbies get it, that they cannot catch heavy fishes with ultralight or lightweight rods.

But the mistake they make is, they put heavy bait, lure, hook, bobber, line, sinker and when a fish gets hooked and the angler tries to pull it up, the weight exceeds and the tip snaps.

Sinkers are heavy and that is why angler use them, they take the bait down. But in pond fishing, there is no need for sinkers, they are required in river fishing. However, try to keep weightless and if you can’t minimize the weight, then pick a little heavy rod, that will do the job.

Top 6 Best Spinning Rod Brands

There are a bunch of brands in the market that are best is delivering different needs of the anglers. Some produce amazingly lightweight rod and some are best in cutting the price.

However, if you are new and don’t know much about brands, let me tell you some necessary things about top brands of the market right now.


Shakespeare is the first choice of most inland fisherman’s because they produce some of the best ultralight spinning rods in the market and they also keep the price reasonable. Their rods are perfect for pond fishing.

And since they are best in producing ultralight rods, you cannot use them in saltwater. They don’t have the ability to hold heavy weight. But they do also have some heavy rods which are designed to hook big fishes.

If even a small fish gets hooked on an ultralight rod, the tip bends over and you fight with the fish which is super fun. Shakespeare rods are super flexible and you won’t find every manufacturer offering this.


If you have been on the fishing gear market for any length of time, then you must have heard the name Shimano. This brand is very popular for producing top-notch rods made with high-tech materials. Shimano wasn’t a fishing gear manufacturer, their start was by manufacturer golf equipment and bicycles and then also they have used edge cutting alloys and carbon fiber.

Shimano is a choice of most professional anglers and that is because they would never use any cheap material in their products. And the high-quality the material, the more better the product will be. Reliability and performance, their products have both and that is what brought them a stellar reputation today.

You might find their price tags a bit high but that completely worth it, the provides the best value for the money. Shimano manufacturers a wide variety of rods from freshwater to saltwater but they are best at producing high-strength, tough rods.

If you are a regular saltwater angler and need a heavy tough rod, then Shimano brand will be a great choice. The only problem with Shimano rod is their sensitivity. And saying again, they have a little high expensive price tag but that is fine.


Okuma is the brand for people who want satisfying bluewater fishing gear within a tight budget. This is a Taiwanese brand which manufactures different product lines and when it comes to fishing, they have gears suitable for everyone, from beginner to professional. And since I said at the beginning their price is affordable, don’t let that create a bad impression, their quality drips even at a cheaper price.

Surely they don’t have a very high-quality like Shimano or other, but according to the price the quality, they offer that’s great. Years ago there was a complaint about this brand which is, their reel seat wobbles but now they have fixed it and people seem to be happy with their change.

Okuma is popular for their medium and heavy bluewater rods with which you can go after salmon, tuna, other big fishes. So, people who are looking for good quality tough rods within a tight budget, Okuma is a great option for them.


Well. that’s all for this article. These are the 7 best spinning rods under 100, hope you have got your hands on one. And if there is anything you are struggling with when buying a spinning rod for you, do let me know, I’ll try my best to help you out! Goodbye!

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