6 Best Casting Rod Under 100 | In-depth Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you love baitcasting? And looking for a casting rod that won’t require you to break a bank?

We got you!

We have made a list of 6 best casting rod under 100. These 6 baitcasting rods are suitable for those people who are on a tight budget and looking for a fair deal within that budget.

Even after being affordable, these 6 models perform pretty well according to the users. However, we have reviewed each of them thoroughly, from their advantages to drawbacks, didn’t leave anything behind.

Have a look, you will end up picking one for sure!

Best Casting Rod Under 100 Comparison

VPN Service Main Features Our Score PRICE
Top pick
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Heavy
  • Rod Length: 7.4 Inch
  • Line Weight: 14-25 lb
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Rod Length: 6.6 Inch
  • Line Weight: 10-20 lb
  • Action: Medium
  • Power: Medium to Medium-Light
  • Rod Length: 5.6-7.6 Inch
  • Line Weight: 08-17 lb
  • Action: Medium
  • Power: Medium to Medium-Heavy
  • Rod Length: 7 Inch
  • Line Weight: 10-26 lb
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Rod Length: 7 Inch
  • Line Weight: 17 lb
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Rod Length: 6 Inch
  • Line Weight: 6-12 lb

6 Best Baitcasting Rod Under 100 Reviewed

1. KastKing Perigee II Casting Fishing Rods


  • Top-Notch Eva handles grip.
  • Fuji-O-ring line guides.
  •  The well-tuned graphite reel seat.
  • Toray 24-ton carbon matrix constructed.
  • Delivers good accuracy, power, and strength. 
  • Highly durable casting rod.

Under 100 dollars, the KastKing Perigee fishing rod would be an excellent deal. This kastKing rod is constructed by Toray 24-ton carbon matrix Kast Flex technology black. The heavy-duty construction makes the rod extremely durable. With this KastKing Perigee rod, you can expect to have all, accuracy, strength, and power. And that is why this is one of the most top-rated casting rods of the market. 

The manufacturer has ensured that everything in this rod performs properly and that is why they have attached all the high-quality components such as line guides, handle, reel seat, hook holder, etc. Diving in details, the line guides on this casting rod comes from the mighty Fuji-O-ring, it is known as the best manufacturer of line guides. You get a nicely tuned graphite reel seat that is extremely strong. 

For optimum comfort, the handle is molded with a high-density EVA-grip. You get Safe-T keeper hook holder, which is very convenient, and sensitive carbon fibre rod blacks which looks extremely beautiful. Each of these casting rods come with two-rod tips. This casting rod also features Power Transition System, that gives smooth power through the blank. 

Whether it is bass, trout, catfish, or anything else, this casting rod will give you a great experience of fishing. And if maintained well, this rod will serve you for years. 

2. KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing Rods


  • Constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix.
  • Features fuji-O-ring line guide.
  • The highly strong reel seat.
  • Best for bass and trout fishing.
  • Features power transition system.
  • Delivers good accuracy and power.

Looking for a casting rod that will give you the right sensitivity, power, and accuracy? Then you would want to take a deep look at the KastKing Royale Select casting rod. It is a pretty sensitive fishing rod and highly durable as well. This rod is constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix, not only that, all the rods of the Royale series is constructed with this. 

For accurate long-distance casting the rod features Fuji-O-ring line guides, they are known as the best line guides. You also get high-strength nylon made reel seat that gives a solid base. This fishing rod is designed to keep bass fishing in the mind, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other fish. This rod is suitable for other fish species but it is best for bass fishing. Doesn’t matter which techniques you use, you will have a good bass fishing experience with this rod.

It is a two-piece fishing rod and performs like a single piece rod, thanks to the Power Transition System. The PTS gives amazing transition power through the blank. Moreover, there are specialized computer-controlled wraps that keep smooth power flow transition from the tip to the rod handle. Within a hundred-dollar budget, this is a great casting rod. 

3. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod


  • Constructed with graphite and fibreglass material.
  • Up to 50 pounds of weight handling capacity.
  • There are a bunch of variations of this GX2 rod.
  • Extremely comfortable handle.
  • Comfortable casting.
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

The Ugly Stik GX2 casting rod is one of the highest-rated baitcasting rods on the market. What is best about this very casting rod is its quality. It comes with an excellent build quality that makes the casting rod incredibly durable and powerful. The manufacturer has used fibreglass and graphite material in the construction of this casting rod, which is what makes it durable. 

The rod comes with good power, it offers a 50-pound weight handling capacity. To be more precise, it can handle 55lb of tuna fish, 40 lbs yellow Diego, and a yellowtail of 30 pounds. Though you can different kinds of reels in this rod it is more suitable for a baitcasting reel. The ugly stick GX2 has several versions and the size ranges from 5.6 to 7.2-inches. And there are single and dual piece versions as well, choose that meet your need. 

All the versions of this casting rod come with a highly comfortable handle and are extremely comfortable to cast with the Ugly Stik GX2 casting rod. You can use a lure that weighs 5 to 80 oz. The way the rod is designed it is suitable for fishing in both saltwater and freshwater. This rod can be used in catching different fishes but it works best for catching catfishes. 

4. Entsport E Series – Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod


  • Extremely affordable casting rod.
  • Highly comfortable EVA grip.
  • It comes with Two-rod tips.
  • Properly spaced line guides.
  • 24 solid carbon fiber construction.
  • Highly strong and durable casting rod.

If you are looking for a good casting rod within a tight budget, here it is, the Entsport E Series Camo legend casting rod. It comes at a very affordable price and users have been using this item, so far everyone seems to be pretty satisfied. This is a very versatile casting rod, with this model you will get two-rod tips and you can choose the power of the tip according to your need. This is very beneficial, in case you break one tip, you will have another one. Plus, you can change the tip according to the action you need. 

Like other top-notch casting rods, this one is also made of 24-ton carbon fibre, this construction makes this rod lightweight and pretty strong. Not only that, but the solid carbon fibre construction also balances the sensitivity of the rod as well. It comes with a well-designed reel seat, the reel seat comes with an aluminium hood that is corrosion resistant. 

For smooth and friction-free line flow the rod features a properly placed 7 corrosion-resistant line guide. It features a comfortable high-density EVA Handle that enables you to cast and fish very comfortably. Not only that, but the EVA will also give you better sensitivity. This Entsport E Series Camo legend casting rod is a big bang for the money, you will barely find another one like this. 

5. Berkley Cherrywood HD Bait Casting Rod


  • Constructed with fibreglass material.
  • It is a reliable casting rod.
  • Cherrywood handle. 
  • Highly lightweight and strong rod. 
  • Affordable price.
  • Aluminium oxide line guides for smooth line flow. 

Here comes a casting rod that is suitable for both beginners and professionals, the Berkley Cherrywood HD Bait Casting Rod. This is another top-notch casting rod for the money. It is highly reliable, we are not saying that the users are! If you go to the user feedback section, you will find that out. 

Though the name says it is a Cherrywood casting rod but it is not, the handle is made of cherry wood. The rod is made of fibreglass which is known as one of the best materials for rods. This rod is pretty lightweight but extremely strong and durable. You will find this rod in different lengths, choose the length you need.

It features aluminium oxide guides, that offer smooth line flow. Overall, you will be very comfortable using this casting rod though the handle is a little short compared to other models. The affordable price and good quality make it a good choice for everyone. 

6. KastKing Resolute Ultra Sensitive Casting Fishing Rods


  • Fast action medium power casting rod.
  • Compatible with all fishing lines.
  • High-quality line guides.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • High sensitivity fishing rod.
  • Suitable for all freshwater fishing. 

This is a medium power fast action casting rod, that lives up to the angler’s expectation. Anyone looking for a high sensitivity casting a fishing rod, this KastKing Resolute Ultra Sensitive Casting Fishing Rod is the way to go. There are several versions of this very rod model, and there are different lengths, actions, power, line weight, etc. But here we are talking about a 6-inch fast action casting rod, that has a line weight of 6-12 lb.

This is a two-piece fishing rod but still performs like a single piece, even better than some single piece casting rods. The IM7 KastFlex carbon rod blanks make them extremely sensitive and powerful. Plus, the power transition system adds more to the sensitivity. It is a suitable casting rod for all freshwater fish species, that being said, it can be used on inshore saltwater fishing as well. 

It comes with American Tackle fishing line guides, they are top-notch line guides indeed and you will get better accuracy and casting distance. All Kastking Rods use these line guides because of their smooth, friction-free line flow. It doesn’t matter which line it is, whether it is monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided, the line guides are suitable for all lines. 

In order to make sure that the reel you use with the rod stays in place, this rod comes with an American Tackle reel seat, it is a two-piece reel seat that is lightweight, and extremely durable. Moreover, it also features Golf style super polymer handle grip which looks very fancy. And the handle is extremely comfortable as well. It doesn’t matter how wet or slippery your hand is, with this grip there wouldn’t be any slippage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All of these mentioned baitcasting rods are the best budget picks. For the price, the performance they offer is really amazing. However, if you want me to name a few then I would say

  • KastKing Perigee II Casting Fishing Rods
  • KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing Rods
  • Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

These are outstanding performers, if you don’t want to invest a big buck on the rod, try one of these.

When you are about pick a baitcasting rod, there are a bunch of factors that you need to consider. Those factors include size, material, durability, weight, action, flexibility, price, brand, and many more. Take your time before purchasing a rod or anything else that costs good money, don’t buy unless you are 100% sure about the quality.

To give you a clear answer I would say, baitcasting rods are for heavy fishing. If the fish is big and powerful, you cannot use a spinning rod in that case. You will need something powerful and that is a baitcasting rod.


These are the best casting rod under 100 you will find in the market right now! Though these are under 100 dollar baitcasting rods, they still perform pretty well. A lot of users have been using these models and so far everyone is pretty satisfied! Hopefully, you will be satisfied as well. 

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