How to Cast a Spinning Reel? | Learn How to Use a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are most widely used among all the reels and there are few good reasons for that. The first one is their usability, spinning reels are very easy to use. Within a few hours of practice, a beginner can learn the basics easily. Plus, spinning reels are highly versatile, professionals use a bunch of techniques with this fishing reel.

However, if you are a beginner and want to learn how to cast a spinning reel, this very guide is for you. We have designed step by step guide where everything is written understandably, go through it, you will end up learning using a spinning properly.

Casting a Spinning Reel

The spinning reel mechanism is different from other reels. It comes with a fixed spool, the lure is what pulls the line from the spool, and once the lure touches the water it doesn’t pull any line further.

This is something that doesn’t happen with other reels. How accurately and how greater casting distance you will achieve that largely depends on the skill set. That being said, the line power, weight of the lure, rod power and action, etc. these also matters.

But if anyone of those is missing, you can still make an accurate and good distance cast if you are skilled enough. However, let’s get into the casting process.

Hold the Rod

You would hold the spinning rod with your dominant hand. There are some rods that come with extended rod handle, in that case, you would want to use both hands for casting.

When you are holding the rod make sure the reel stem is between your middle and ring finger, in this way the index finger will be close to the bail and line roller which will play its turn later. If you hold this way your thumb should wrap the upper side of the handle.

However, you can adjust the reel stem place depending on your hand size. You have to play with grip for a while before you get the perfect holding grip.

Preparing the line

Once you have attached the lure or bait, make sure that is hanging 6 to 10-inches down from the rod tip. It is needed for good casting, especially when you are using a very light lure. The line roller of the reel needs to be right under your index finger, it is mandatory. Moving on to the next step.

Now you would want to pinch the line with the index finger on the rod. Keep gentle pressure on the line when you are opening the bail manually. With the other hand slowly pull up the bail bar and let line release slowly.


As mentioned above, make sure the lure or bait is hanging 6 to 10-inches down from the rod tip. Keep the line pinched the rod and take the rod up and pull it back to your dominant shoulder, you can take it slightly behind the shoulder as well if needed.

Remember, when casting it is not about how much energy you put, it is about using the motion, utilizing the rod power. Don’t forget to keep the bail open. Now like a slingshot with a motion push the rod forward.

It would take the use of your wrist and elbow. And as you throw the lure, loosen the line you kept pinched. The lure will keep pulling the line until it hits the water.

Before you cast, make sure there is no one and nothing behind you, cause hook can get stuck easily. And if there is anyone it could be dangerous. You wouldn’t get the casting at the very beginning, it will require a few hours of practice, not more.

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