9 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Reviewed – Best of 2021

How well your ultralight fishing trip will go largely depends on whether you have picked the right ultralight spinning reel or not. 

For a greater outcome, you need the right gear and most importantly the right skill. 

However, skill is something that you will have to develop all by yourself. But what I can do here is to guide you through a list of the best ultralight spinning reels.

Reels that are worth the investment and a lot of people already having a good time with them. 

Excited? Then have a quick look!

Our Top Picks

NamePflueger Supreme Ultralight Spinning ReelPflueger President Spinning Reel.Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Fishing Reel
Weight0.7 pound.10.7 lb. 6.2 oz.
Gear ratio6.2:1.5.2:1.5.0:1
Max drag12 lb.12 lb.6 lb.
Bearings8+19 + 1.8 + 1
Monoline capacity230/6, 185/8, 155/10230/6, 185/8, 155/10.220/2, 140/4, 110/6.
Braided line capacity250/8. 220/10, 160/14.250/8, 220/10, 160/14.N/A

9 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Review

1.Pflueger Supreme Ultralight Spinning Reel

In the first place, we have the Pflueger Supreme Ultralight Spinning reel. It isn’t the lightest spinning reel on the list but still way too lightweight, weighs 0.7 pounds only. The reason why I kept it on the top is that it is an extremely balanced spinning reel. Plus, this is one of the best ultra light reels under $100.

It is lightweight and at the same time, it offers the needed power to land heavy fishes with ease. And this reel is pretty durable as well, if cared well, it will last a lifetime.

Comes with 9 corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings that make the reel perform smoothly like water. There is an instant anti-reverse bearing included.  

The rotor, side plate, and body is made of Magnesium, it is what makes the reel so lightweight. It features a carbon inlay drag design that uses an oil-felt system to delivers consistent and constant stopping power. 

Also features a braid-ready spool made of aluminum. The spool is ported, double anodized, and machined so that it can deliver optimum durability. 

Comes with a solid aluminum bail wire. And a machined aluminum handle along with a soft knob which adds convenience. Talking about convenience, there is an anti-twist titanium line roller as well which keeps the line mess-free. 

  • Weight: 0.7 pounds.
  • Gear ratio: 6.2:1
  • Max drag: 12lb.
  • Bearing: 8 ball + 1 instant reverse bearing.
  • Monoline capacity (Yd/lb): 230/6, 185/8, 155/10
  • Braided line capacity (Yd/lb): 250/8. 220/10, 160/14.

2.Pflueger President Spinning Reel.

Another one from the mighty Pflueger, presenting the president series spinning reel that promises to be extremely beneficial in ultralight fishing. And according to users, this reel does live up to that promise. 

It weighs around 10.7 oz. that is considered pretty lightweight, still not the lightest. But there is an advantage of the reels that are not feather-light, you can land heavy hard fighting fishes with them as well. Just how this Pflueger President spinning reel does. 

It is an extremely smooth spinning reel. Comes with 10 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings. This reel also comes with sealed drag washers which are always lubricated and smooth. Features slow oscillation gearing that enhances the line lay preventing line twisting. 

The body and rotor of the reel are constructed with Graphite material, this is what makes the reel extremely lightweight and yet highly durable. The bail is made of aluminum. 

For comfortable use, this reel also features an Aluminum handle along with a soft-touch knob. According to the users, casting with this spinning reel is super fun and if you can care for this reel well, it will last for a very long time. 

  • Weight: 10.7 lb.
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Bearings: 10 ball bearings.
  • Max drag: 12 lb.
  • Monoline capacity: 230/6, 185/8, 155/10.
  • Braided line capacity: 250/8, 220/10, 160/14.

3.Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Fishing Reel

Have a look at this Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning fishing reel if you need impressive strength in both freshwater and inshore saltwater. There is a bunch of impressive other features that this very reel has to offer. 

The side plate, body, or rotor of this reel is constructed with Okuma’s long strand carbon fiber. This construction makes this reel highly durable a powerful. And lightweight at the same time.

Another thing that is highly appreciated by the users is the Torsion Control Armor. It is an innovative design, it anchors the reel body on a wide yoke so that when in the stressful condition the reel wouldn’t twist or flex. 

The rotor system of this reel is something that no fisherman can turn down. Guarding the rotor against water intrusion is common. But what this very reel has come up with is just amazing. This reel comes with a Cyclonic Flow Rotor which evacuates the water out from the system and keeps the reel dry. 

Apart from all those, this is an extremely smooth spinning reel, comes with 9 corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings including 1 roller bearing. Talking about smoothness, the machine cut brass pinion gear also increases the smoothness of the reel. 

The main gear of the reel is made from Aluminum so that it can deliver optimum strength while making the reel lightweight. To sum up, this Helios HSX series is one of the best Okuma spinning reel series. 

  • Weight: 6.2 oz.
  • Gear ratio: 5.0:1.
  • Bearings: 8 ball + 1 roller bearing.
  • Max drag: 6 lbs.
  • Monoline capacity: 220/2, 140/4, 110/6.

4.SHIMANO Sahara Fi Spinning Fishing Reel

Presenting Shimano Sahara Fi spinning reel series. Here we are looking at the 1000 Fi which is a pretty good spinning reel for both newbie and professional anglers. It is one of the good Shimano ultralight spinning reels.

This Shimano Ultralight reel delivers impressive power and durability, and the overall performance is pretty satisfying. The X-ship and Hegane (HGN) Gearing has been used in the making of this reel which improves durability and smoothness.

The X-ship technology prevents the friction between the gear and the spool shaft, and that results in greater casting performance. Anglers can do longer and accurate casts very easily.

This reel is constructed with a G-free body that moves the center of the reel of gravity towards the rod. And the increases the convenience when holding and also prevents fatigue. 

  • Weight: 7.6 oz.
  • Bearings: 4 ball + 1 RB.
  • Max drag: 7 lb.
  • Gear Ratio: 5.0:1.
  • Monoline capacity: 270/2, 140/4, 110/6.
  • Braided line capacity: 95/10, 85/15, 65/20.

5.Okuma RTX Light Weight Spinning Fishing Reel

Another top-notch spinning reel from the Okuma. Like the previous one, this Okuma RTX spinning reel is also constructed with C-40X carbon material. The rotor, side plate, and body are made of C-40X carbon. This makes the reel extremely durable and very lightweight, the reel weighs 8.6 oz.

This Okuma Ultralight reel is a best choice for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing. Offers a very smooth performance, thanks to the 7 ball and 1 reverse stainless-steel bearing. Plus, it also features a Japanese oiled felt drag system. The spool of this reel is aluminum 2 tone machined anodized and has an elliptical gearing system. 

With this reel, you can do long accurate castings, all thanks to that gearing system since it creates very little friction.

The rotor equalizing system of this reel is computer balanced, this makes cranking very smooth and also ensures the spool doesn’t wobble. One more satisfying thing, the reel features an Even Flow Roller system as well, this technology prevents line twisting. 

And lastly, it features a Hydro Block technology that prevents water from entering inside and damage the reel. 

  • Weight: 8.6 oz. 
  • Bearing: 7 ball + 1 RB.
  • Gear ratio: 6.0:1.
  • Max drag: 13 lb.
  • Monoline capacity: 0.25/230, 0.30/165, 0.35/120.

6.SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Fishing Reel

This Shimano Sedona Fi Spinning Ultra Light fishing reel satisfies the angler on both wallet and water. The price isn’t high and the performance is enough to put a smile on the face. What’s more, what do you need? 

It features G free body that moves the center of gravity towards the rod which makes holding the rod with reel attached comfortable. This allows the angler to fish for longer periods with ease. 

Also comes with a cold-forged Hegane gearing system which gives more flexibility to the angler. The gearing system keeps this very reel one step ahead in the competition. 

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Shimano always tries to impress the anglers with smoother and long-lasting line retrieval and this one is no different. This reel comes with a new spool lip design, according to their research this design is way too better than others when it comes to longer and accurate casting.

Plus, the design prevents wind knots and backlashes as well. Features double anodized machine cut spool that has better line capacity and compatible with the oval oscillation gearing system as well. 

  • Weight: 10.4 oz.
  • Bearing: 3 Ball + 1 RB.
  • Gear ratio:6.2:1.
  • Max drag: 24 lb.
  • Monoline capacity: 8/240, 10/200, 12/160.
  • Braided Line capacity: 30/170, 50/150.

7.KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel

After huge success with Sharky I & II series, now Kastking has come up with the Sharky III series. So far this Kastking Sharky III spinning reel is one of the most balanced spinning reels. 

It is smooth, durable, lightweight, and powerful. It packs everything you need. This reel was designed to land tough trophy fishes under any fishing condition. 

Kastking has used a high percentage fiber-reinforced graphite in constructing the rotor and the body of this very reel. The materials are what make this reel both lightweight and durable. 

This reel can deliver 39.5 lbs reliable and smooth triple-disc carbon fiber dragging power. Not only that, it features an oversized stainless steel main shaft as well and a strong mesh manganese brass pinion gear. It has everything that an angler needs to land hard fighting heavy fishes with ease. 

Kastking uses a technology called K.I.S.S, it is a shield system that protects the rotor, body, and spool from water. This reel is pretty quiet and the retrieve is super smooth. Requires no backing line since it the spool comes braid ready. 

The reel comes with 11 ball bearings that make the reel super smooth. The handle is made of aluminum for greater durability. And lastly, the price of this reel is also pretty easy on the wallet. One of the affordable spinning reels on the market.


  • Weight: 10.6 oz.
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Max drag: 39.5 lb.
  • Bearing: 10 ball + 1 Rb.
  • Monoline capacity: 12/220, 14/190.
  • Braided line capacity: 50/220, 60/190.

8.Cadence CS8 Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel

Looking for an ultralight spinning reel that comes within a low budget? I got you! Presenting the Cadence CS8 spinning reel, one of the most lightweight spinning reels of the market right now. All thanks to the Carbon Magnesium Carbon (CMC) construction of this reel. The main body is constructed with Magnesium

Compared to Aluminum Magnesium is 34% more lightweight and 1.5 times stronger. With this reel, you don’t need to sacrifice durability for the weight or vice versa. 

It comes with a machined aluminum spool where the line is less likely to slip. And also comes with a carbon fiber drag system that delivers constant and consistent pressure. 

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Let me tell you how smooth this reel is. This reel features 10 stainless steel corrosion-resistant bearings, these bearings make the reel perform extremely smooth under any condition. It includes an instant stop anti-reverse bearing as well. 

Features an ergonomic EVA handle knob that adds more convenience. With this reel, you will get good drag power, enough to take down medium-size hard fighting fishes. You can even adjust the drag power according to your need. 

Plus, the price is also pretty reasonable. And a suitable unit for both newcomer and professional angler. 

  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
  • Bearings: 9 ball + 1 RB.
  • Gear ratio: 6.2:1.
  • Max drag: 36 lbs.
  • Monoline capacity: 10/220.
  • Braided line capacity: 20/260.

9.KastKing Centron Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel

Last but not least, have a look at the Kastking Centron Ultralight spinning reel. One of the Top-notch ultralight spinning reels under $50 you will find now in the market. This is the most affordable spinning reel on the list but still manages to impress the angler. 

Compared to other spinning reels of this list, this is a little heavy, it weighs 13.5 oz. Comes with a narrow graphite frame design and also a computer balancing system, which makes the reel perform well. 

It offers decent power on the water, can deliver 17.5 lbs stopping power. For the price, I think it is a win. Also features a hardened metal main shaft, mesh drive gear, and machined pinion gear so that the angler can go after medium-sized fighting fishes. 

Comes with a total of 10 ball bearings including one instant anti-reverse bearing. The reel performs pretty smoothly under any fishing condition. With the right skill, the angler can do longer and accurate casts with this reel as well. 

  • Weight: 13.5 oz.
  • Gear ratio: 4.5:1
  • Max drag: 17.5 lbs.
  • Bearing: 9 ball + 1 Reverse bearing.
  • Monoline capacity: 12/330, 16/245.
  • Braided line capacity: 50/200, 65/130.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the smallest shimano spinning reel?

Shimano Vanford Spinning Reel 1000 size is the smallest ultralight spinning reel and the lightest reel of Shimano.

Which is the Best UL Spinning Reel?

Those who are getting confused, UL stands for Ultralight. I cannot give you just one name but our top 3 picks are best according to us.

Which are the Best abu garcia ultra light spinning reels?

Abu Garcial Zenon is one of the best abu garcia ultra light spinning reels

Final words

If you are planning to get yourself the best ultralight spinning reel, then plan to invest a good amount as well. Good reels will cost you good money which is very obvious. Do not see it as cost, see it as an investment. 

A top-notch spinning reel will serve you for years and if cared well some even lasts a lifetime. So do not look for a cheap price if you are serious about ultralight fishing. 

I have kept few spinning reels that come under $50, those are actually for beginners and occasional anglers who go fishing once or twice in six months. 

However, I hope this list of 9 ultralight reel reviews help you to get one for yourself. In case you are interested in other fishing items, make sure to roll your eyes below.

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