How Much Does It Cost to Mount a Fish?

How Much Does It Cost to Mount a Fish?

I am assuming you have caught the best fish of your life and want to mount that fish so that you always remember this precious moment.

Well, indeed that is a great experience and great decision as well. However, since you are here that means you want to know how much does it cost to mount a fish, isn’t it?

If yes, then you are on the right spot.

The skin mounting price varies, it depends on a couple of things such as taxidermist, fish size, fish species, etc. And the price isn’t stable, sometimes it gets increased and sometimes it decreases.

However, here you will have an idea about how much you should budget for mounting a fish. Have a look at the following prices, the price should be around if you are thinking about mounting a fish now.

Fish Species Price ($)
Walleye 11 to 15
Trout 14 to 18
Bass 11 to 15
Pike 11 to 15
Stripped bass 15 to 20
Tarpon 15 to 20
Salmon 14 to 18
Billfish 15 to 20
Snook 15 to 20

These are the prices but if you get to any store now the price might fluctuate slightly but should be around. And if you do replica mounting the price doesn’t vary, it is around 10 to 16 dollars for all fish species.

You will get what you pay for, so do not hesitate to spend more on a good finish. You might get a cheaper option but think, they are cheap for a reason. Those mounting will deteriorate faster and will require restoring. And in the long run, you will end up paying more.

Another thing you would want to keep in mind, taxidermists have a minimum charge and you have to pay that doesn’t matter how small your fish mounting would be.

Let me give you an example, let’s assume for 1-inch of mounting the taxidermist charges 1 dollar and the minimum charge of is 10 dollars. Now if the fish you want to mount is 15-inch long, you will have to pay 15 dollars, that’s fair!

But when the size of the fish is 5-inch and according to the count that is 5-dollar but you have to pay 10 dollars since that is their minimum charge. Otherwise, the work doesn’t worth the taxidermist’s time and effort. 

How much does it cost to taxidermy a fish?

Apart from the fish species, some taxidermist charges depending on the fish water type, especially when it comes down to skin mounting.

Hotwater fish 11 to 15 dollars.
Coldwater Fish 14 to 18 dollars.
Saltwater Fish 15 to 20 dollars

The reason why cold water and saltwater fish skin mounting is expensive is that mounting their skin is tougher than warm water fishes.

Since saltwater and coldwater fishes skin are oily, the require more drying which requires time. On the other hand, warm water fish skins are less oily and they can be removed and dried pretty easily. 

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