How to Spool a Spinning Reel? | Learn in Less Than 5 Minutes

Spooling a spinning reel is the very first thing you should learn before you start planning to catch big fishes. If you don’t know how to spool a spinning reel, you know nothing about fishing. And now you are here, I am assuming you an as beginner.

Spooling a spinning rod is not hard at all, it’s too easy and simple. You will be able to learn the entire within five minutes. Don’t trust me? Try it.

Loading the Reel

The first thing you have to do is determining in the reel rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. And one simple way is to hold the reel the same way you would do when fishing. Now rotate the wheel two to three times to make sure how exactly the reel turns.

Spinning reels are attached hanging down the road, these reels are designed that way. If the reel is not mounted with the rod, hold the reel with the hand you will be casting and then reel with the other hand.

Open the bail

You are a beginner you might not know about the bail thing, let me help you. The bail is small wire handle which you have to flip up or down to open or close it. If you see any kind of line pre-spooled in the reel, remove that completely. Your reel should be completely cleaned before you spool.

Feed the line through guides

From here the main part begins. Pick the line end and start feeding it from the top guide of the rod. The guide is kind of a ring attached to the rod, you will see several rings through which the line comes in or goes out.

Open the bail and keep feeding the line through guides until you reach to the reel. Once you reach there, make an arbor knot in the arbor with the line. And cut off the extra line that might pop because of the knot.

Close the bail

Once you have made an arbor knot, close the bail. And place the line spool in the ground in order to avoid any kind of line twist or other issues. Placing the line spool in the ground will make the spooling process smoother.

Pinch the line

Now slightly pinch the line about 12” above from the reel and make sure the line has a moderate tension from the reel to where you are keeping it pinched. Now crank the reel slowly and let the line spool through your fingers.

After a while stop reeling and see if it is twisting or not. If you have created a good line tension, then the line would not twist. It is very important to load the reel when the line is in moderate tension, it ensures that the line wouldn’t load lose which eliminates further hassle.

If you see the line twisting, then you have to repeat the entire process again, means you have to spool it again from the beginning.

Secure the losing end

Once you have completely loaded the line in the reel, immediately attached a lure, hook or anything on the losing end of the line so that it doesn’t slip from the guides. Make sure you do not overload the line.

Overloading line would increase the chance of line twisting, tangling, etc. And these issues are so frustrating. At least enough to ruin your entire fishing trip.


If you have gone through the entire article, then now you know how to spool a spinning reel (Check out some top-rated baitcasting reels). In case you need, pay a visit to top-notch tackle bag list. This article was for newbies who are just entering into the fishing arena. Hope this helps and if you have any kind of suggestion, I will be pleased if you share that in the comment section. See you in another fishing article.

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