Boat Trash Can Storage – The Best 5 You Can Buy in 2021

Keeping your boat clean protects your investment, and gives you a great sense of satisfaction. And the first step to keeping your boat clean is to have a proper garbage disposal unit, or simply, a trash can.

A garbage disposal unit can help keep your cans, finished-up sandwiches or granola bars, wrappers, and all sorts of other unwanted stuff hidden away in one place – so that you can be amongst nature free from all the pollution.

There is a wide range of trash bags, trash cans, and trash bag toppers available in the market. Their functionalities can vary widely and it might be a daunting task to pick one that really suits all your needs. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with today’s detailed review and buying guide.

We picked the best products in the market to help you make tossing your garbage and hence keeping your boat clean a cinch. Stick around until the end for answers to some commonly answered questions as well. 

Let’s dive right into it!

BESt boat trash can- top 5 picks

  • Lusso Gear Hanging Garbage can for boat – Top Pick
  • Port City Creations Boat Trash Bag – Premium Choice
  • BOAT TRIX Medium Hoop Mesh Trash Bag – Best Hoop Mesh Design
  • Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Can Topper
  •  JD Preferred Boat Trash Can

5 BESt boat trash can- comparison

Top Pick
Lusso Gear Hanging Garbage Can
  • Material: Oxford PVC
  • Weight (lbs): 1.6
  • Dimensions (inches): 9.5 x 6 x 13.5
  • Volume (Gallons): 2.5
  • Foldable: No
Premium Choice
Port City Creations Boat Trash Bag
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight (lbs): 0.9
  • Dimensions (inches): 15.98 x 10.2 x 1.97 (Folded)
  • Volume (Gallons): 4
  • Foldable: Yes
Best Hoop Mesh Design
BOAT TRIX Medium Hoop Mesh Trash Bag
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight (lbs): 0.26
  • Dimensions (inches): 27.5 x 9.75 x 9.75
  • Volume (Gallons): 5
  • Foldable: Yes
Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Can Topper
  • Material: Durable Mesh
  • Weight (lbs): 0.24
  • Dimensions (inches): 11.65 x 9.02 x 1.18 (Topper only)
  • Volume (Gallons): 5
  • Foldable: No
JD Preferred Boat Trash Can
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight (lbs): 2.1
  • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 8 x 8
  • Volume (Gallons): 3
  • Foldable: No

1. Lusso Gear Hanging Garbage Can – Top Pick

The Lusso Gear Hanging Garbage Can is our most favorite pick for today. Whether you have a large fishing yacht, a flat boat, or just a kayak, this quality trash can is a perfect suit for any of them.

It comes with a capacity of 2.5 gallons, making it very portable while being large enough for most people. The shape of the trash can is very ergonomic and the strap at the top can be used to hang it anywhere on board.

The walls on this can may have soft-sides, but it has a very sturdy construction, meaning it will take quite a beating through rough usage. The 1.6 pound weight is not the lightest in the market, but the ergonomic carrying strap makes it easy to carry. It’s also great for use in a car, so you can really take it with you anywhere on the go.

Combined with waterproof Oxford material, hooks for attaching disposable bags and a flip top lid, this trash can is sure to provide you with convenience and durability at a budget price.


  • Leakproof, removable trash liner.
  • Easy to mount/hang.
  • Side pockets for additional storage.
  • Sturdy construction promises durability.


  • The opening lid can’t be fastened.

2. Port City Creations Boat Trash Bag – Premium Choice

Garbage bags help keep your boat clean, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice on looks. The Port City Creations Trash Bag will help contain all your litters and look good at the same time.

It comes in black, grey, beige and turquoise color, so you can pick the one you suffice. Hang it from the side of your T-top, back of your seat, or just tie it to the side rails of your fishing yacht, it’ll fit in anywhere.

And durability? Don’t worry, the rugged polyester construction will last long. The seller offers a 30 day refund guarantee, which is quite rare for a boat trash bag.

If you don’t mind shelling out some extra bucks for a premium model, you should really check out this piece of kit, it’s worth your money.


  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • Easily collapsible.
  • Leak-resistant design.
  • Adjustable top strap.
  • Mesh design.


  • Not suitable for food waste – might smell.

3. BOAT TRIX Medium Hoop Mesh Trash Bag – Best Hoop Mesh Design

The BOAT TRIX trash bag has a portable mesh bag design coming with a weight of only 4.16 ounces. 

It has a 4″ funnel shaped opening, with 9.75″ wide and 27.5″ tall nylon mesh bag. The mesh keeps air flowing through the trash bag, while the fabric bottom is leak proof, to prevent any leftover soda from your cans from dripping all over your boat’s wooden floor.

One thing we love about the BOAT TRIX Trash Bag is that it comes in 3 different sizes. We prefer the medium size for its versatility. Plus, it can hold up to 5 gallons of litter, that’s 20 non-crushed soda cans! But if you want a slightly smaller or bigger one for your boat, the choice is there for you as well.

Overall, it’s just the best hoop mesh design trash bag you can get for your money.


  • Comes in 3 sizes.
  • The opening hoop does not need to be manually closed.
  • Durable design.
  • The bag is removable – easy to take out trash.


  • Not enough mounting options.

4. Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Can Topper

If you are a fishing boat owner, you probably have a bait bucket lying around somewhere. The USA-made Thrasher Lures Topper can turn your bait bucket into a trash can.

This mesh topper simply slides onto your buckets and turns them into a trash container right away. The mesh design prevents any cans or paper in the bucket from blowing out, while also making it easy to throw in all sorts of trash through the retractable elastic opening.

Since it uses a bucket as the container, you  don’t have to worry about water resistance. Tossing out garbage is a piece of cake, thanks to the easily removable mesh design. We highly recommend having one of these in your boat.


  • Fits most 5-gallon buckets.
  • Garbage doesn’t fly out of the opening.
  • Convenient to take out trash.
  • Can be easily cleaned.


  • You need to have your own bucket that it fits.
  • The topper is not spill-proof.

5. JD Preferred Boat Trash Can

Who doesn’t love leather products? The JD Preferred Boat Trash Can has reinforced sided leather walls with a very premium durable design.

It features a rigid square shaped design with mesh side storage and a front storage pouch. It can store up to 3 gallons of liters, and the opening prevents any garbage from flying out with its flaps.

The inner walls of the trash can are completely waterproof, meaning you can even use it as a cold box for your drinks without having to worry about water leaking. It’s a great versatile trash can to be used in any location.


  • Premium leather design.
  • Storage pockets on the sides.
  • Leakproof, can be used as a cold storage.
  • Universal fit – multiple ways to mount.
  • Great for kayaking.


  • No cover for the top opening- rain can get inside.

Buyer’s Guide: Picking the Right Trash Can/Bag for Your Boat


As always, this is the part of the article where we talk about what to look out for when buying your product, so that your investment doesn’t go to waste on a bad product. Whether you are a new customer to boat trash cans, or you already have some experience with it, this guide is going to help you make the best buy for your money.

Let’s get right into it.


When buying a trash bag for your boat, you’d want one that will last longer and won’t be getting torn open when you are cruising through the waves.

It’s a good idea to get a leak-proof or waterproof one to keep your leftover sodas from dripping out. Also, make sure you are buying one with strong straps. Some models have the straps poorly connected to the container, which might cause them to blow away in the breeze.

If you are planning to use your trash can outside, you’ll be good to go as long as you pick a material that won’t degrade over time in the sun or from the saltwater.


The opening of the trash can is an important factor to check when buying one for a boat. You don’t want your cans of soda flying off when your boat hits a large wave. So check if the opening can automatically close, or is at least small enough to prevent large litters from flying out through it. 

Some of the models have retractable elastic openings, while others might have openings that can be fastened with a chain. Feel free to choose your flavor.

mounting mechanism

Having to drill a hole on the nicely painted metal extrusions on your boat is not the most satisfying thing to do. That’s why picking the right mounting mechanism for your trash can is important.

The most common trash can mounting mechanisms in the market include velcro straps, plastic clips, bungee straps, screw mount, or something as simple as a heavy weight at the bottom. If you want to move your trash can around a lot, you would want to get one with detachable straps. Screw mount designs, on the other hand, is a good choice if you are going to the ocean where a lot of turbulence may be expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most fishing boats use a hanging trash bag or trash can. Some yachts, however, may have integrated garbage disposal units/drawers.

It really depends on how much litter you usually generate while on your boat and how often you can empty out the trash can. Generally, 3-5 gallons is perfect for most people.

Most trash cans designed for boats will work just fine for using both under a shade and outside. But it’s good to make sure the material can last in sun rays or saltwater if it’s being purchased for outdoor usage.

The answer depends on what kind of mounting mechanism your trash can has. Fortunately, most trash cans designed for boats have non-permanent strap mounts. Meaning you do not need to drill a whole or install mounting brackets on your boat. Just check the specification before making a purchase of a new trash can.

Final Words

Keeping the waterways clean is our responsibility as boaters. While you enjoy travelling and fishing around with friends and families on your boat, it’s important to manage any on-board trash that gets generated. We hope we helped you pick the right trash can for your boat and cleared up any confusion you may have had about it.

Happy boating!

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