Jiffy Ice Auger – What’s Make It So Different From Others

When it comes to ice augers, Jiffy needs no introduction. That being said, here goes it anyway.

The journey of Jiffy started in 1950, and throughout the seventy years, the American-made brand hasn’t failed to wow ice fishing enthusiasts with their top-of-the-line ice augers even once. That does make sense though. Jiffy was founded by Marvin H. Feldmann, the inventor of power ice drills.

Who could make it better than the guy who came up with the idea first, right?

But relax, we’re not going to jump into a history class. Let’s talk about what you’re really here for, the mighty electric ice auger which is none other than Jiffy E6 Lightning. That brings us to the question –

How’s it different from the rest and what’s new about it?


  • A powerful brushless electric motor lets you drill through the ice with little effort.
  • Effortless starting with zero fumes.
  • Wide stance grip handles provide more control and comfortability.
  • Built-in USB charging ports keep your devices charged.
  • Comes with LED lights for drilling in low light conditions.
  • Highly efficient HD planetary transmission.
  • Has reverse drill function.

While Jiffy E6 Lightning is an ice auger at its core, this isn’t something you’d want to compare with any other augers. What puts this in a league of its own is the fact that this is fully powered by electricity, unlike the fuel and gas powered augers. Because of that, I’m going to take a bit different approach with the review.

Instead of simply listing down how Jiffy E6 Lightning is better or worse than other ice drills, I’ll be delving deep into the intricacies so you can learn everything about it and think for yourself – whether you should get it or not. In the FAQ section, I’ll also be answering some commonly asked questions to clear up any confusion.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

At first glance, I felt like something was missing in the power drill. After staring for a few more seconds, I realized it was the lack of a bulky engine on the top.

Then it struck me, “Oh, dumb me, this is an electric auger!” The electric motor is significantly smaller than gas or fuel powered engines, which gives it a somewhat compact vibe. The rest of the construction looked nothing special, but I was sure that they’d perform better due to the clean source of energy. As illogical as that might’ve been, it did live up to my expectations luckily.

To start the ice drill, all you need to do is squeeze the throttle lever and there you go, it’ll start drilling holes right away! What’s even more wonderful is, this is considerably quieter than the fuel or gas powered ones which was a pleasant surprise to me. The battery it comes with is powerful enough to last you quite a while and you can recharge it with the charger, which is also included in the package.

I absolutely hate the idea of skimming ice. Obviously, I went crazy when I found out it has reverse drill operation along with integrated USB charging ports and additional LED lights as well! Kudos to Jiffy for being so thoughtful.

On the note of build quality, the entire thing is very well made. Drill assembly is powder-coated for durability and combined with the overall robust design, this ice auger will last you years. Not months.

To wrap things up, Jiffy E6 Lightning is a very good ice auger that excels in almost everything. I may be an advocate for clean power but I’m not suggesting it only because it’s environmentally friendly. The ice auger comes with some amazing features that will impress even the pickiest ice fishing enthusiasts, and this being powered by a battery is merely the cherry on the top of the cake.

Things I like

  • Reliability.
  • Durability.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Ease of use and convenience.

Things I don’t like

  • Weighs 27 lbs., not lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it comes with a 40 volt, 6 amp rechargeable battery. A charger is included as well.

According to users, you can drill up to 80 holes in 2 feet of ice with the 8 inch wide auger on a single charge, which should be sufficient for most anglers.

Jiffy E6 Lightning Electric Auger comes with a warranty of 2 years on  Powerhead and Drill Assembly, along with a 1 year warranty on the battery.

Final words: Is it worth trying?

There you have it, the supreme review of one of the best Jiffy ice drills, Jiffy E6 Lightning. Together, we’ve learnt about the ins and outs and all the nitty-gritty of this beast, along with getting most, if not all, of your questions answered in the FAQ section.

Now comes the final question. Will it be a good purchase given the somewhat expensive price tag?

My answer is, yes, this will be one of the best investments one can ever make in fishing gears. It has a boatload of advantages and the only downside is its weight – which isn’t really a deal-breaker frankly. If you’re in search of a durable, well-made, and high performing ice drill, this one’s a clear winner for sure.

But wait, as I said in the very beginning, I really, really want you to decide for yourself. That is why I’ve made sure to include everything I could find to help you with that. While I do think Jiffy E6 Lightning is a great option for everyone, you definitely should do your own research before making the final decision. Like I always say, it’s you who would be using the product at the end of the day.

Happy Fishing!

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