What is a Baitcasting Reel? Learn Baitcaster & Its Use

Things you can do with baitcaster, cannot be done with a spinning reel. There is a big difference between these two most famous fishing reels. Baitcaster reel is something that beginner anglers are always curious to know about.

If you are one of them, that hangs on for a while here, you will get to know everything about baitcasting reel right in this very article. 

Baitcaster Reel

Spinning reels are for the largemouth, lightweight fish species and this reel is very easy to handle and cast as well. On the other hand, baitcaster reel is for the big boys game. Heavy fighting fishes like pike, muskie, bass fish, etc. baitcaster reel is a must. You can use heavier lines on the baitcaster reel which will enable you to last longer and accurately. 

That being said, casting with baitcaster reel is a bit tough, you will need to be experienced in order to cast baitcasting reel. Not only experience, but baitcaster reel also requires good power as well to cast nicely. And once you have cast then it is hard to control the line flow. Spooling the baitcaster is also extremely mandatory, otherwise, they can easily occur bird nest. 

Baitcaster reel isn’t for beginners at all, and nor it is for the intermediate anglers. Using this reel requires a good amount of practice, otherwise, it is impossible to use this reel right. 

Having that said, all the struggles and practices pays off once you learn it. With good skills, you can cast to long-distance and accurately which will get you more opportunities. Plus, you can easily catch heavy fighting fishes as well. 

How does Baitcaster Reel look?

Baitcaster reels look completely different from spinning reels. Conventional reel and spinning reels can be used right out of the box but baitcaster reels aren’t. You will need to do little tweaking before you use it.

If you purchase a new baitcaster reel, the manual should say it all. One humble request to all of you, don’t matter whatever you buy, if that comes with a manual, give a read once. There is a lot of doing and don’t that manufacturer suggests which increases the lifespan of that item. So do not overlook it. 

Read the baitcaster reel manual guide, all the parts, and what you need to do and don’t should be written there. 

Anatomy of Baitcaster Reel

In low profile baitcaster reel there are two sides, one is the handle side and another is the palm side. This is the opposite of the spinning reel. The handle side is in the right in right-handed baitcasting reel, and on the left side in the left-handed reel.

The way the palm side of the reel is designed perfectly fits the hand contour and that delivers good comfort which is extremely necessary when you fishing. In the baitcasting reel, the braking system is placed on the palm side.

The casting control knob is placed on the handle side and right beside the handle the star drag is placed. The clutch bar is attached to the center of the reel. 

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