Spinning Vs Spincast Reel Comparison | Learn & Choose the Suitable One

Spinning Vs Spincast reel, I have seen some people who don’t know the difference properly, and most of the time it is beginners who don’t know which one to pick for what. Though both of these reel names are quite similar but they are actually different from each other. Spinning reel and spincast reel, they both come with their own set of advantages and flaws. 

However, I have created an in-depth Spinning Vs Spincast reel comparison. Going through the comparison should give you enough knowledge about both of these reels. 

Here we go!

Spincast Vs Spinning Reel Comparison

Before we go to an in-depth comparison, let me give you an idea about both of these reels. These reels are not for fighting with heavy fish species, not at all. Anglers who do fly fishing and goes after small or medium weight fish species, spincast and spinning reels are for them.

Spincast Reel

  • For beginners
  • Ease of use
  • It comes with a button
  • Better line control
  • Extremely affordable price

Spinning Reel

  • For professionals
  • Little hard to get used to
  • Greater adaptability
  • It comes with casting distance and high accuracy
  • A bit expensive

Spincast Reel


This is the reel that most beginners get started with and they are extremely famous. There are a couple of reasons why they are very popular, the ease of use is one of them. Using this reel is very easy, that’s why it is best for beginners. You won’t have to break a sweat to get a good hang on this reel.

It is hooded and comes with a button. You are supposed to press the button when you cast. Pressing the button will start releasing the line and you should release the button when you think the line has touched the desired distance, the line releasing will be off. 

Compared to a spinning reel, you will get better line control easily with spincast reel. Not only that, but line twisting also occurs very rarely in spincast reels. 

Drawbacks of Spincast Reel

There are a couple of drawbacks of spicast reel, we will get into all of it one by one. The major drawback of spincast reel is its durability, it is not long-lasting. They become unusable very fast and that’s why professional anglers don’t use spincast reel.

Another drawback of spincast reels is versatility, this reel isn’t versatile at all. There is high limitation of what tackle you can use along with spincast reel. 

Not only that, but casting distance also isn’t satisfying as well. This is another reason why this reel is preferred by the beginners, at the beginning newcomers don’t cast far. And lastly, compared to spinning reel, the line holding capacity of spincast reels is low. 


One best perks of spincast reel is the price. It is extremely affordable, you should get a good spincast reel within 12 dollars to 25 dollars. The price is another reason why the reel is best suited to beginners.

At the initial stage, you obviously don’t want to invest big, you fast go with easy and affordable ones, and as you get better you switch to better reels. 

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Spinning Reel


Spinning reels are the choice of professional anglers. Compared to spincast reel, they are a little hard to get used to but still, with some practice, one should get a good hang.

It is a very versatile reel and also a famous one. This reel has greater adaptability and it is extremely versatile as well, it can be used with many tackle. 

This reel will allow you to change the bait types without stressing about casting implications. Moreover, when it comes down to casting distance, spincast reels are nowhere close to the spinning reel. You can achieve greater casting distance and accuracy with the spinning reel. 

In terms of durability, spinning reels gets the cake here as well. Compared to spincast reels, spinning reels are way too durable and they are very reliable as well. You will smooth fishing experience with a spinning reel, far better than spincast reels. 

Drawbacks of Spinning Reel

Compared to spincast, spinning reels are a little hard to learn. You might not get used to the reel the next day, you have to practice a bit. At the very beginning, you might find the spinning reel very irritating but as you keep practicing, you will get better. Spinning reels are light, so they cannot lure down even medium-weight fish. 

The spinning reel has a high tendency of line twisting, that being said, professional anglers can use it in a way that they don’t face any line twisting. 


Spinning reels are expensive, compared to the spincast. The price of spinning reels starts from 18 dollars and can go over 100 dollars. Surely they aren’t as affordable as spincast reels but they deliver proper value. 

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Conclusion- Spinning Vs Spincast Reel

Wrapping the comparison for now! I hope you get the difference by this spinning vs spincast reel comparison. To summarize, spinning reels are for intermediate to professional level anglers, to whom casting distance, accuracy, durability matters a lot. If you are a beginner, then going for the spincast reel will be the best decision. 

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