How to Rig a Fishing Line for Trout Fishing?

People get frustrated when fishing for trout since it requires patience. You need to be skilled, have good knowledge about trout fishes, and determination as well.

Rigging a fishing line for trout takes time and that is another reason why people get frustrated. But once you have all the things right then it could be extremely rewarding.

Not only the skill, but you also have to pick the suitable line and hook as well, otherwise you will miss the easy catch. However, if you are a beginner and want to learn how to rig a fishing line for trout fishing, then welcome to the guide.

I have designed this guide for beginners so that they can learn rigging lines for trout fishing. Everything is explained simply so understanding shouldn’t be an issue.

Things You Will Be Needing

You will need fishing equipment for fishing, such as rod, reel, lure, bait, etc. But since this guide is about rigging the line, I am going to stick to that. For that, you will need a suitable fishing line and hook.

Rigging a Fishing Line for Trout

It is actually very simple, a matter of a few seconds. But if you are a beginner, it might seem slightly complex to you at the beginning. Trust me, give it a try, you will get it done on the first go.

Pass the Line End Through the hook

Pick the end of the line and feed that through the hook eye (the hole of the hook through which line should be tied). After feeding the line, wrap the end of the line 9 times around the main fishing line. It is to make sure that the line doesn’t unravel.

Feed the line again

Once you have wrapped the line end nine times around the mainline, feed the line end again through the hook eye. And this time feed it from the opposite side of the first feeding. If you feed the line end from the same side as you did first, then the line will unravel.

Tug and Pull

Do some tugging and pulling so that the line twists you have made around the mainline get tighten so that the hook will be secured. And once that is tight enough, cut off the excess line end with a scissor.


This is the most simple way of rigging a fishing line for trout fishing, it is easy to remember as well. And when choosing the bait you have to be careful as well. First, determine what size of trout you want to catch. If that is bigger than a foot, then insects, flies won’t work as bait. Large trout wouldn’t be attracted by these. In that case, try using shrimp, worm, or small fishes, these attract big trout fishes. And also do not forget to pick the right fishing reel for the job.

Till confused! Please watch this video.

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