How to Put a Fishing Line on Closed Face Reels? |Spincast Reel Spooling

Closed face reels are also spinning reels with a cone at the front. They are also called as Spincast reels. These reels are very easy to control, casting is also pretty easy, overall a great starting reel for the beginners.

Though they are easy to use, because of the front cone, spooling line into spincast reel gets a little trickier. But still, if you get the direction right it is extremely simple.

However, if you are one of them who want to learn how to put a fishing line on a closed face reel, this is your guide. Spend 5-minutes, you should have enough knowledge to spool your own spincast reel.

Read the Reel Specifications

The reason why you should go through the reel specification is, not every line suits every reel. And which you reel you should use with your reel that should be written in the specifications of the reel.

Normally, in most reels, you will find the specifications labeled between the reel seat that attached to the fishing rod and the button.

If you don’t go through the specifications and don’t use a suitable line, then it could be damaging. Spooling the wrong line will reduce the efficiency of the fishing reel. And not only that, it will hamper the lifespan of the reel as well.

Go through the manual that comes with the reel as well. The manufacturer mentions a lot of doing and don’ts which can save the reel from damage, so it is worth taking a look at the user manual.

Add the line

In a normal spinning reel, you just have to attach the line with the spool. But in spin cast reel, removing the cone at the front is the first thing you have to do, otherwise adding the line into the spool is impossible. With a small screwdriver, you should be able to open the cone easily.

If you are a regular angler then there is a high chance that there would be an old line in the reel, remove all the old lines. After removing the old lines, do not throw them anywhere, they can be harmful to animals. Keep the line somewhere safe, or the best would under the ground.

Once you have removed the old line, then put the new line through the cone, the small hole in the middle. And then securely tie a knot with the spool, you can try uni-knot since it is an effective knot, check-in YouTube you should get plenty of videos of uni-knot tying.

However, you can check out the below video for easy knot tying.

Remember to make sure, the knot is secured and tight enough, the loose knot won’t lead to efficient and proper spooling.

Start reeling the line

After tying the knot with the spool, now attach the cone and secure that with screws. And now listen very carefully. Don’t start reeling with good speed, go slow at the very beginning to make sure that the line around the reel spool winds.

And when you feel the line is getting spooled, then have someone to hold the line so that it adds little tension. Or you can press them lightly with your fingertip against the rod body but in that case, be aware that you don’t end up burning your finger.

What happens when you maintain tension when spooling the line is, the line spools tightly which prevent any kind of birds nesting when fishing. However, keep reeling the line until you haven’t spooled enough line on the reel.

Cut the Line

Once you have spooled enough line, cut it but make sure that line end hangs 5-6 feet down from the rod tip. Attach the hook, lure, snap, or whatever you like because you are ready to cast.


There are line spoolers found in the market which makes spooling the line a little more convenient. But as a beginner, I don’t think you need to spend money on that since you can do it manually very easily.

It might cost you little time and effort, but it worth it. Instead of spending money on such items, I suggest you invest in a good fishing rod, fishing bag, reel, line, fishing lures, etc. These are the items that need to be top-notch if you don’t want to miss on your catch.

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