How to Oil a Baitcasting Reel? Easiest Way Described

If you want your baitcasting reel to function as smooth as new for the rest of its life, then oiling the reel is mandatory. Not only oil, but cleaning also is necessary. Oiling and cleaning both increase the lifespan of the reel, so make sure you do both. However, since I am teaching how to oil a baitcasting reel, let’s keep the cleaning aside; we will get back to it in some article. 

Oiling a baitcasting reel isn’t tough at all. And not it is time-consuming. If you know the right way, you can effectively oil your baitcasting reel within 10 minutes. Come on! 10 minutes isn’t long, or is it? 

However, let’s get started with a baitcasting reel oiling process! 

Step-1: Tape the Line

If you are a regular angler, then there is a high chance your reel spool is filled with line. Okay, if the spool is loaded with the line, you don’t have to remove it; it will be a hassle.

Just take a small part of the tape and seal the loose end of the line so that the line doesn’t come out. 

Step-2: Remove the side plate

Do you know what a side plate is? It’s okay if you don’t! The side plate is the part opposite of the reel handle. Interestingly, different reels have different ways of opening the side plate.

There should be a screw; undo the screw, and the side plate will come loose.

Step-3: Remove the Handle and other removable items

Once you have removed the side plate, remove the handle now. For removing it, you have to undo a screw that is at the center of the handle. When you undo the screw, the cap will come off. And then, you will need a wrench to unscrew the nut.

Like this, keep removing all the parts. One most important thing you need to keep in mind when removing the part, make sure you record the entire process from the beginning.

Most beginners forget what to add after what, and they get confused. So a video recording will save you from messing up.

Step-4: Add oil to the bearings and other rotating parts

You will see two bearings, one small and another medium size, oil in both! Please make sure you use good oil, don’t go for cheap oil. They do more harm than good.

Step-5: Open the gear oil door

Under the reel, you will see a small gate secured with a screw designed to oil the gear. If you want, you can open the entire gear area, but I won’t suggest that for beginners since that is a very crucial and sensitive area.

However, unscrew the gate, and you should see the gear. Put four drops of oil inside, and then keep rotating the handle of the reel. You will see the inside part spinning.

Step-6: Attach all the parts

Now add all the parts you have removed. Attach the side plate, attach the handle, and everything you have removed!

Are you Confused! About what to add after what! Don’t worry, watch the recording! That is a lifesaver.


Well, this is how you oil a baitcasting reel. It is a very short and simple guide, suitable for beginners who have never done the oiling before. However, when removing the parts, make sure you be gentle, don’t force anything; you might end up damaging the reel. 

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