How to Catch Blue Crabs On the Beach | Easiest Ways of Catching Crabs

Catching crabs is both a commercial business and a fun activity. But you got to be very careful when catching crabs with your hand from the beachside. Crabs taste awesome, you won’t be able to even guess if you didn’t eat yet.

There are different types of crabs that are found in different locations, today I am going to show you how to catch blue crabs on the beach.

Just reading this article won’t help you much, until you try to catch crabs practically and when you do, make sure you follow all the instructions properly.

Okay, let’s catch some crab now.

Steps of Catching Blue Crabs from Beach Sand

Crab on sandy beach

For fishing, you are going to need a lot of tools such as reels, rods, lures, hooks, etc. Catching blue crabs from the beach is the simplest because it doesn’t require anything except a pair of normal gloves for newbies (For deepwater crabbing, you will require traps).

Though professional people use bare hands to catch crabs I would suggest you wear any thick gloves. Don’t pick a glove that won’t allow your hand to function well, choose one with which you can comfortably hold things.

Finding Crabs in the Beach

Crabs would not come to you automatically, you have to go to them in order to catch them. They can easily hide in the sand so you got to be very careful.

However, go to a point from where seawater waves come in and go back, that’s the place crabs love to stay because they can easily escape with the flow of water.

Pay attention and look for a V mark when a wave rolls out if you see any V-shaped mark then you are a step closer to catching your first crab. Sand crab antennas are V-shaped and when they walk it leaves a mark.

Time to Do Some Digging

If you have seen any V marks or anything that proves the presence of crabs start digging a hole when the wave comes in. You don’t have to dig a big hole, just half of your foot deep.

When you will dig a hole in the sand, crabs will start swimming and you will see unusual small movements in the water and also will see some bubbles coming up.

Use Your Both Hand

When you see a crab swimming use your both hand and try best to catch it. Make sure you wear thick gloves, otherwise you will end up with crab bites in your hand. Crabs are very quick in the sand, so be careful.

If you can see a crab grab sand with your both hand and lift your hand up if there is any crab they will show up. If you are doing this for the very first time, you might not get one on the first go but trust me catching beach crabs are the easiest thing. You will need a couple of rounds of practice, that’s it.

Holding the Crab

If you are using any gloves, then holding a crab would be easier for you but if you are not using any glove then first hold the middle hard portion of the crab with your thumb and index finger. And then hold the last legs of the crab, they won’t be able to bite you.

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So this is how you can catch blue crabs from beach sand. I have shown every step understandably, no complex thing. Catching crabs from sand is a very easy job, with a couple of rounds of practice you will be able to easily catch crabs.

For effective crab fishing, some professionals pick crab traps and pots. Visit here if you need a top-rated trap. I also have found out top crab pots for storing crabs, click here to see the top list.

With that said, I am wrapping up this article, will be back soon with another topic. Comment down below if you have any specific problem regarding fishing, will be happy to help. 

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