Does Fishing Line Color Matter? The Ultimate Guide

Does Fishing Line Color Matter

Whether you’re a professional angler or just starting out with fishing, you must have wondered about your fishing line’s color at one point or another. If red fishing line really means catching more fish. If bright color really screams, “Don’t bite me!”. But let me tell you this. It’s the wrong question to ask, because … Read more

6 Best Hip Waders in 2021 | Ultimate Review & Rating


Planning to go on a fishing or hunting trip where the water can be knee-deep? Sounds peachy! You’ll definitely want to grab a pair of hip waders. Unless you are really, really looking forward to spending a day in cold, wet clothes. It doesn’t make sense to wet wade without appropriate clothing, right? Getting the … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Shelter & Tent to Fish In Peace: 2021 Update


Freezing cold, windy snow, and stormy rain- it’s not easy to fish in ice. And that’s why anglers like you look for a convenient, state-of-the-art fishing tents before they go fishing. But like any other fishing gear, finding the best ice fishing shelter is a hard nut to crack.  If you’re in the same quest, pat … Read more

Ice Fishing Slammer – The Best of 2021 Reviewed


Penn Slammer III has been surfing all over the reel industry with some impeccable features, and surely it got something worth considering for ice fishing So here, I have reviewed this Penn Slammer III fishing reel thoroughly. From its disadvantages to advantages, I didn’t leave anything in the bush. Go through the review. You will … Read more