Best Ice Fishing Shelter & Tent to Fish In Peace: 2021 Update

Freezing cold, windy snow, and stormy rain- it’s not easy to fish in ice. And that’s why anglers like you look for a convenient, state-of-the-art fishing tents before they go fishing. But like any other fishing gear, finding the best ice fishing shelter is a hard nut to crack. 

If you’re in the same quest, pat your back for landing on the right place! 

This listicle contains 6-of the most promising ice fishing shelters followed by hands-free reviews of them all. For any ice fishing needs, you’d surely find the right fit. 

Let’s buckle up and dive right in- 

Comparison Table

Image Name Material Occupancy Price
Eskimo QuickFish 2 Eskimo QuickFish 2 300 DENIER Fabric 2 Persons Check Price
CLAM C-560 CLAM C-560 300 DENIER Fabric 3-4 Persons Check Price
Frabill Bro Series Hub Frabill Bro Series Hub 600D-900D Polyester 3 Persons Check Price
THUNDERBAY Ice Cube THUNDERBAY Ice Cube 300 DENIER Fabric 3 Persons Check Price
Kapler Ice Fishing Shelter Kapler Ice Fishing Shelter 300D Oxford fabric 3-4 Persons Check Price
Happybuy 2-3 Person Ice Fishing Shelter Happybuy 2-3 Person Ice Fishing Shelter 300D Oxford fabric 2-3 Persons Check Price

Eskimo QuickFish 2 Non-insulated Ice Fishing Shelter

Product Overview

Eskimo is a household brand to anglers, and it’s impossible not to name them while talking about ice fishing shelter. But what really stands Eskimo QuickFish 2 above the crowd?- you might wonder. 

To answer that question, firstly it’s the wide range of choices the QuickFish series provides. For instance, we’ve selected QuickFish 2- the smallest one that suits 2 and has a 25 square feet of fishing area on the floor. But it has 5 more options that can host up to 6 anglers in it. 

On top of them all, all of these 2,3,5, and 6-person tents have both insulated and non-insulated versions. You can go with the most compatible one to your needs, and spend only after that- no less, no more!

Hence, we can give it to you in writing that no other brands offer this much diversity of choices when it comes to ice fishing shelters. 

Moving on the features and convenience, it has several perks that makes the life of an ice fisherman better. It’s easy to set up(takes 1 minute), has snag-free zippers on it and the windows are easily removable. 

Structurally, it’s ahead of most of its rivals. The 300 Denier fabric has a tight enough weave to protect from wind and water. And such highly threaded fabric doesn’t make it a heavy tent at all! You can carry around this 18-lbs tent in the carrying bag that comes with the package. 

As a cherry on top, the price is kept decent considering the perks. Thanks, Eskimo! 


  • 6 size options to choose from. 
  • 59% higher thread count than average tents. 
  • About 16” inches of additional elbow rooms on each side. 
  • Comes with a cinch backpack or duffle(for 6i).
  • Setting it up and wrapping up both are easy chores. 
  • Solid structural strength backed up by metal poles. 
  • Pretty much a competitive price point. 


  • 25 sq. ft. is not adequate for 2 persons. 

CLAM C-560 3 to 4 Person Ice Fishing Tent

Product Overview

If the lack of floor space in the first product has been scratching up your mind, then the next one is made for anglers like you. It’s called the CLAM C-560, and it’s the well-deserving runner-up of the list. 

First thing first, this 7.5’x7.5’x6.6’size is designed especially to have more floor space than expected. With 56 sq. ft. of space, up to 4 people can adjust themselves and fish all they want. And that’s totally unique in the market. 

Thanks to the concave-ish design of the tent. 

Just like the Eskimo series, the C-560 is also made of 300-Denier fabric. Inside the pole, you’ll find corner pockets on the fabric that act as gear storage. Talking about storage, the tent itself is also pretty easy to wrap up and store. It weighs only 30 lbs, which is impressive for a tent that large. 

This CLAM C-560 is not insulated. So you won’t get state-of-the-art protection from freezing cold out there. But the flex-tested 11mm thick poles will not give up any soon. Especially, when it comes to snow banking, you can put your bet on it. 

Like Eskimo, Clam has got a few size variations of this tent. You can check them out if you want. But we honestly think the entire series is a bit overpriced. 


  • 56 square feet of spacious fishing space, suit for up to 4. 
  • Made of 300-Denier fabric and backed up by 11mm poles. 
  • Allows snow banking and comes with a skirt for it. 
  • Weighs only 30 lbs, easy to transport. 
  • Specially designed for ample elbow space.


  • Too pricey for a non-insulated ice fishing tent. 

Frabill Bro Series Hub

Product Overview

The third tent of the list with an arctic camo appearance is designed by fishing pro-Brian Brosdahl. And we can see the difference in design from quite a few angles. Here they go one by one- 

Structurally, it’s a combination of 600D polyester on the top and bottom, and 900D polyester on the skirt. About the skirt material, we got to say that even the worst kind of winter roughness won’t be able to go through such tough material. 

While it’s for 3 anglers, the 44.5 square feet of fishing floor space is more than what 3 anglers would expect, at least compared to a typical hub design. With the ice anchors that come with the tent, fishing can be way easier and comfortable. 

This is not an insulated tent by designation. But anglers have claimed it to be warmer than typical non-insulated ones.

Although visual appearance hardly affects the functionality. But we have to admit that the arctic camo appearance looks better and cooler than any of the tents we’ve reviewed in the list. 


  • 600D poly on top/bottom and 900D on the skirt. 
  • Unique and spacious design by Brian Brosdahlo. 
  • 44.5 square feet of floor space, adequate for 2-3 anglers. 
  • Impressive and good-looking arctic camo outlook. 
  • Can withstand harsh winter storms. 
  • Stays warmer than typical non-insulated tents. 


  • Weighs 35.27 lbs, which is a bit heavier than typical 3-person tents. 

THUNDERBAY Ice Cube Portable Ice Shelter

Product Overview

The next pick is called ‘ice cube’ and it is actually pretty close to one. Fun aside, this red-colored tent has some interesting features that an ice fisher might found in favor of. 

It’s made of 300D denier fabric- one of the most familiar fabrics known for ice tents. What this fabric can do best is- blocking the wind. On four of the walls, you’ll also find four replaceable and adjustable windows as well. 

Now, the special thing about these windows is- they have a blackout coating on them apart from being adjustable and replaceable. Because of that coating, the tent inside will have almost no light, and you can fish in peace. As you know, the darker it is, the easier it’ll be for ice fishing. 

From elbow hub to hub, the 90” of space is wide enough for 3 people in it. Also, it’s 80” high, which adds up to the convenience. 

There are 6 ice anchors provided, which would be ample protection against windy days. And the wide skirting place would keep the ice drafts out. 

The backpack that it comes with is another of its selling points. Once you take down the tent, the backpack straps would help you to take it from place to place. 

Last but not the least, it’s one of the few budget-friendly 3-person ice fishing tents that we’ve come across. If you’re not a user, you might want to shortlist this tent right away. 


  • Made of durable 300D polymer fabric. 
  • Comes with adjustable and replaceable windows. 
  • The windows have a blackout coating for a dark interior. 
  • Quite spacious, 90” from hub to hub. 
  • Comes with 6 ice anchors. 
  • Easy to set up and pack up. 


  • The zippers are reported to be not so durable. 

Kapler Ice Fishing Shelter

Product Overview

Now you’re looking at one of the most expensive 3-person ice fishing tents in the market. Is the high price justified? That’s what we’ll be talking about for the next few minutes. 

What stands this out in first place is the 300D oxford fabric plus thick cotton insulation around it. If it’s sub-zero outdoors you’re fishing in, you’d love to have the comfort of this sort around you. 

The tough-built exterior is not only warm but also protective against wind/snow and rain. With ice nail(included), you can turn it into a real comfort zone even in the toughest weather. 

The attention to detail Kapler has provided in this tent is jaw-dropping. There is a volcano hole for air circulation around the top. The D-shaped door will let you access it easily and prevent the cold air. The windows can be blacked out in need. There is also a nice reflective strip for convenient night fishing as well. 

With that level of comfort and perks, the price is 100% justified, we’d say. 


  • Highly resisting cold, rain, water, and snow. 
  • A handful of tiny but effective features around. 
  • 90”x90” floor space. 
  • Comes with both regular and cotton-thickened versions. 
  • Has a carrying bag with it. 


  • Not for anglers tight within a budget. 

Happybuy 2-3 Person Ice Fishing Shelter

Product Overview

If you’re really held back by budget, and still in need of a ‘good’ shelter for fishing in the ice, we’ve got your back. The last pick of the list is a highly affordable 2-3 person shelter with all the basic perks in it. 

Here’s more- 

This tent from HappyBuy is actually a multi-purpose tent that can be used for ice fishing as well. It’s made of 300D Oxford fabric and has quite much space in it. The floor space to be specific is slightly more than 23 square feet, which is good for single-person fishing. 

However, as it’s claimed by the manufacturer, it won’t be spacious enough for 3 persons in it. 1 or at best 2 anglers can dwell there while fishing. 

Moving on, setting this tent up and wrapping up both are quite easy chores and any beginner can do both. The carrying bag that it comes with, is a decent one if not the best. 

Overall, for the price, I’d say it’s not a bad deal. At least for occasional usage, you can give it a try. 


  • Budget-friendly and multi-purpose. 
  • 300D oxford fabric, blacked out all the way. 
  • Has air vents and windows. 
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag. 
  • Easy to set up and disassemble. 


  • No insulation and minimum protection from snow/rain. 
  • Not spacious enough for 3 persons in it. 

Buyer’s Guide for Best Ice Fishing Shelter


Before you go and pay for your next ice fishing shelter, take a minute to go through these important buying tips- 

Look for the Right The Space-Person Match

Based on how many anglers you are, the floor space will follow. But that’s not the end of the story. If you have additional tools like heathers, you would love some additional space. 

The rule of thumb is to go for 20-25 square feet of floor space for each person. 

It Should be Easy to Deal with

Now this means a lot of things when it comes to ice fishing tents. First, it has to be easy to pop out and easy to shrink down. Next, it should be convenient to carry around. This is usually done with built-in backpack storage. 

The Insulation Matters

For those who don’t want to mumble in freezing sub-zero temperatures, heat insulation is a priority. If you use something like a portable heater, then the priority turns into a Must.

The Structural and Fabric Strength

Often, many of the aforementioned features are related to what your tent is made of and what kind of poles it stands on. The popular choices are polyesters, oxford fabric, etc. And metal poles with rigid joints and thickness are preferred in the case of poles.  

Bottom Line

Alright, that’s about today’s list of best ice fishing shelters and their whereabouts. Hopefully, you’ve put your hands on the most suitable one for your needs. 

A last piece of advice would be to keep an eye on the price-quality ratio instead of just the ‘price. 

Happy ice fishing! 

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