6 Best Hip Waders in 2021 | Ultimate Review & Rating

Planning to go on a fishing or hunting trip where the water can be knee-deep? Sounds peachy!

You’ll definitely want to grab a pair of hip waders. Unless you are really, really looking forward to spending a day in cold, wet clothes. It doesn’t make sense to wet wade without appropriate clothing, right?

Getting the best hip waders you can afford will let you stay dry and warm while fishing in cold water. In addition to that, decent hip wader boots will make sure you can even stay all day long in the water.

A piece of friendly advice, a great pair of wading boots should be both durable and flexible. They must be just as comfortable as your normal pair of shoes.

It’s surely tempting to get the wading boots everyone else is buying. But, keep in mind that everyone has their own preferences. Do your research thoroughly. Focus on the material, type, style, and brand before getting your own wading boots.

Picking a good pair of wading boots may be easy. What about hip waders, though?

There are so many affordable hip waders available in the market that frankly speaking, it’s easy to feel lost. Obviously, not all products are of great quality. The question is, which ones would you not regret buying?

Fear not, I’ve done some intense research on that and rounded up the seven best fishing hip waders that will help make your fishing experience great.

Let’s get right to it.

Our Top Picks – Comparison Table

FROGG TOGGS Brush Hogg Heavy-Duty Hip Wader


  • The waterproof and breathable outer shell
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Integrated adaptable and adjustable belt straps
  • Detachable shoe bed that adds comfortability 
  • EVA midsole for comfort, durability, and flexibility
  • 4mm neoprene Outlander cleated soles in hip boots

Frogg Toggs is one of the renowned brands that has been producing some of the best hip waders.

I’d be lying if I don’t say FROGG TOGGS Brush Hogg is one of the best wading pants they have ever made.

What makes it awesome is, it’s a very heavy-duty hip wader that is built to withstand all the abuse. The outer shell is designed and manufactured with waterproof and breathable material. So, you can stay in cold water for as long as you want without feeling any discomfort. It keeps your feet warm too. 

These wading pants come with a removable shoe bed for additional comfort. If you don’t like the shoe bed or if it gets dirty, you can easily remove it and wash the rubber wading boots.

As FROGG TOGGS Brush Hog was designed for the harshest conditions, it can handle no matter what you throw its way. These wading pants are the best choice for heavy-duty usage!


  • Ideal for Hunting and Fishing
  • Can be used for the toughest conditions and warm weather.
  • Designed with PVC material which is very durable
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Includes one year of warranty 
  • Very lightweight
  • Cleated hip boots offer higher traction


  • Slightly on the heavier side
  • Straps have the poor build quality

Chota Outdoor Gear Tundra Hippies Hip Waders


  • Fully breathable and waterproof polyester
  • 3mm neoprene stocking foot
  • Can be converted from knee to hip height
  • Comes with an elastic drawcord
  • Offers a nylon cinch strap at the knee
  • Integrated gravel guards.

Chota Outdoor Gear has redesigned and improved its breathable hip waders quality and named it Tundra Hippies.

The outer shell is made of a tougher material that makes these hip waders more durable. They have used the new 300 deniers outer fabric – this material is twice as tough as our regular Hippies with no noticeable weight increase. Along with that, these stockingfoot hip waders allow you to use your own wading boots.

There’s an adjustable elastic drawcord which is located at the top. Using that, you may adjust Tundra Hippies hip waders as you like. It also has a 3mm neoprene stocking footbed which should fit into your wading boots easily.

These breathable waders come in plenty of sizes – Small (5-8), Med (8-11), Large (9-12), X-Large (10-13) to XX-Large (11-14).


  • Different sizes and colors are available 
  • High comfortability
  • Minimizes sweat
  • Two zipped waist pocket
  • Elastic wading belt included


  • A bit expensive 

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Bootfoot Hip Wader


  • All seams are fastened and hardened
  • Build material is very tough and long-lasting
  • Belt leashes are adaptable and have quick-release fasteners
  • Flexible hip drawcord
  • Felt or cleated sole
  • Hip boots have a heel kicker, foam cushioning, steel shank, hard toe cap, and wool felt mid.

Professional fishers often need to stay in water for a long time.

In such cases, the newly released product from Frogg Toggs can be a lifesaver, which is none other than the Bull Frogg Bootfoot hip wader.

It is made of canvas, Bull Frogg 3-ply PVC Canvas to be specific. So, there is no doubt that the durability and stability will be top-notch.

Before launching every product, Frogg Toggs always test its limits to make sure it’s totally flawless. And I’m not talking about casual tests, they abuse the hell out of the product to see if any problem arises.

Doesn’t matter whether you are in the blackwater swamps, quiet backwaters, coastal marsh, or in the snow-capped mountaintops; these hip waders won’t disappoint you. It’s built with high-quality material in order to give you the proper durability and comfort. All of the seams are taped and vulcanized so that you can get the proper strength that you need. These breathable hip waders come with adjustable belt leashes, which is another plus.

As you can see, you can have complete faith in this pair of hip waders, which happens to be one of the best hip waders currently available in the market.


  • Strong and durable
  • Keeps you dry and warm
  • Guarantees comfort even in colder weather
  • Very lightweight


  • Not good enough for extreme use.

TIDEWE 2-Ply PVC Nylon Hip Wader


  • High-quality 2-ply nylon reinforced PVC uppers offer extra durability 
  • Waterproof welded reliable boot attachments ensure protection from moisture
  • Cleated sole provides ground-gripping traction
  • Adjustable belt straps

TIDEWE 2-Ply PVC Nylon Hip Waders is very lightweight and durable comparing to the other hip waders available on market.

The high-quality 2-ply nylon and PVC uppers are about 30% lighter than rubber hip waders. This particular material allows it to hold its strength while weighing significantly less. It’s pretty solid, I’d say.

The TIDEWE 2-Ply PVC Nylon Hip Waders is a hundred percent waterproof that is able to keep you dry and warm even in cold, shallow water. Tidewe has used nylon-reinforced PVC for the upper portion. And for the below portion, they used waterproof welded boot attachments and waterproof taped seams. Together, they make sure you’re safe from moisture regardless of how moist the environment is.

When these hip waders were designed, keeping the user dry, warm and comfortable for a long time was the top priority. If you’re a forest hunter, farmworker or have to face just as messy situations on a daily, you can definitely get these Hip Waders. It will protect you from all that.  


  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Pretty solid and durable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Can be used for everything. E.g. fishing, farming, hunting, etc.


  • The seam can wear out over time which may cause leakage.



  • Offers sophisticated water intrusion resistance technology
  • Consists of two advanced designs
  • Flexible belt loop straps and take-up leash for relaxed wear
  • Wide thigh circumference for a better fit

If you are looking for some best bang for your buck hip waders, then the Fishigingsir will be the ideal choice for you. Fishigingsir provides the highest quality at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

What I really like about Fishigingsir company is, they invest heavily in researching how the hip waders they produce can be improved. And they manage to implement it perfectly every time.

Fishingsir hip waders come with an advanced water invasion resistant processing and nylon with two-ply waterproof material that blocks water and eliminates any chance of leakage.

So, getting into the water is no issue as long as you have a pair of these hip waders.

They look very cool, for which I must give credit to the amazing design. But that’s not the best part.

The comfortability is out of this world. The grip on mud is second to none. Altogether, this is a great product that will let you stay warm and dry during fishing expeditions.

You may trust these hip waders to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 


  • 100% waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Pretty solid and durable 
  • High comfortability
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Walking over rough surfaces may not be very comfortable.

Frogg Toggs Hellbender Stockingfoot Guide Pant


  • 4-ply nylon upper
  • 4mm double-taped neoprene booties
  • Attached gravel guards with no-slip grips and an integral lace hook
  • Adjustable wading belt with locking buckle
  • Wader Style: Stockingfoot
  • Brand: Frogg Toggs

Thanks to the outer shell being made of an ultralight microfiber, these hip waders offer high comfortability even when you’re fishing in colder weather. Because of the shell fabric, the wading pant is waterproof and breathable as well.

Frogg Toggs has used a superior articulated structure that provides better persistence and a more solid fit overall. On top of that, there is also a fastened gravel guard with anti-slipping grips that prevent Stockingfoot waders from slipping. 

Last not but least, the double-taped 4mm neoprene booties make Frogg Toggs Hellbender waders stand out from the rest.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this particular set of wading pants is the boot tread, which isn’t secured. Moreover, the lining of the Wading boots may get loose while fishing in the river. That would be very troublesome, indeed.

Apart from this, the Frogg Toggs Hellbender Stockingfoot guide pant will be the perfect option for you. Especially if you’re looking for some wading pants that can keep you comfy even when it’s cold outside.


  • Less likely to slip
  • Integral lace hook provides higher protection
  • Adjustable belt leashes ensure a better fit
  • Very lightweight
  • Pulls away moisture in warm weather
  • One year of warranty 


  • Boot tread is not appreciable 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the best hip waders in terms of value for money?

According to my research, Frogg Toggs Brush Hogg is the best hip waders currently available in the market.

Because of its heavy-duty outer shell material as well as an outstanding abrasion resistance with an integrated, adaptable belt leash, it is a showstopper for sure. On top of that, it can be used in the toughest adventures that which makes these hip waders way better than most of the traditional rubber waders.

What is the best material for hip waders?

Since the 1970s, Neoprene has been the best material for making most hip waders. Because Neoprene waders are lightweight and flexible. Furthermore, Neoprene waders are also known to have an edge when it comes to durability.

Are hip waders useful?

Yes, hip waders are very useful for fishing or hunting or wading for any other reasons, as they make sure you stay dry and warm.


Hip waders are very useful and a must if you’re into fishing or hunting. Definitely, you’ll want to get the best pair of hip waders your budget allows.

I hope this article will help you decide which one you should get. All of the hip waders I’ve covered are great in their own ways. So, feel free to go with the one that both suits your needs and fits your budget the best.

Have a fun trip!

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