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Crab bait is something that crab loves, it could be anything their favorite. The bait is what draws the crab to the trap. If you use crab’s favorite food as bait, that would work great. If you are new to crabbing there is a high chance that you would not be aware of different baits.

There are different types of baits for different types of crabs, so it could be a little hard for you to choose the right one.

And that is exactly why I have come up with this article. In this very article, you will get to know everything about crab bait and I have also picked the 3 best baits for crabs.

Let’s have a quick look at the top picks,

3 Best Bait for Crabs Reviewed

  • Very attractive to crabs
  • Amino acids
  • Works immediately
  • Can use for both crab and shrimp.
  • The bait in gel form
  • It doesn’t last very long

You will see three bait oil and four traps below, these oils are supposed to be marinated with the main bait. These oils got a scent that has proven to be very attractive to crabs. And the traps also work excellent when the baits are inside them. And besides that, I have seen people talking about these that, they are super satisfied.

1.Pro-Cure Crab Attractant Bait Oil

The Pro-Cure Crab bait oil is not only for crabs but also works great for shrimps. It is made of genuine baits which makes it very attractive to crabs. Besides that, the manufacturer has used Amino acids in this oil and that makes it more attractive to shrimp and crabs.

This oil is made of pure fish oil, anise oil, salmon egg juice, and amino acid. Before applying this oil on the bait shake properly and marinate your bait with this oil for at least 3 to 4 hours.

2.Crab Trap Bait Aquatic Nutrition

Well, this not oil. This is an actual bait that doesn’t require refrigerating before use. Unlike most bait, this bait works immediately, it doesn’t need to be decomposed in order to attract animals. You can use this bait for both crab and shrimp.

One best thing about this bait is, it can last up to 7 days, not every bait offers this. The Aquatic Nutrition bait can be used in most traps.

This bait is not in paste form and neither in solid, it is in semi-solid form. And you can use this bait to multiple traps but splitting it up.

For example, if you want to use this bait in two traps, cut it into half and leave the plastic on, so that the bait will disperse from only one side.

3.Smelly Jelly Crab Attractant.

This is another completely different crab bait that has got appreciation from a lot of users. The Smelly Jelly Crab Attractant is bait in gel form. It doesn’t last very long, only for 1 hour but it works too quickly. Shrimp and crabs get highly attracted to this bait.

How to Use a Crab Bait or Trap?

Take a look at the below video! That is enough to give you the needed idea of using a crap trap properly,

Different Types of Crab Baits

Crabs roam at the bottom of the ocean and eat anything that is edible, so there is a lot of things they eat. And since what they eat we call it bait hence there is a lot of baits. You can use anything as bait, as long as your targeted animal loves it.

However, below I have listed some baits which have proven to be very effective. Have a look.

Dead Fish

Me and my friend, I have always used fish carcasses as bait to catch red rock and Dungeness crabs. Fish carcasses work really effectively. We used to go fishing cleaning stations often and looking into all bins just to get our hands on some fish carcasses.

And I still remember most of the time we have found rock or salmon carcasses in the bin. Moreover, we had the heads will little meat on them and the best one is, we used to have guts. Those days were really amazing.

Okay, it’s time that I stop being nostalgic and get to the main point. As I was saying, using fish as bait is a good idea and yes, fish baits could be smelly but that worth it.

Along with the goods, there are some flaws too of using dead fish as bait. There is a lot of creature in the water and crabs are not the only one to love dead fishes.

There are some fish species that also get attracted by the dead fish smell, and seals are one of them. Seals will not only eat away the bait but will also destroy your trap. They will do whatever it takes to take the bait out of the trap.

Raw Chicken

Chicken is my favorite, especially fries. Crabs do love chicken too, and next time you head over to do some crabbing get some chicken pieces with you. Any chicken part be it drumstick or leg or breast meat. This portion of chicken will nicely fit into the crab bait box.

And with chicken, you don’t have to worry about seals coming in and taking the bait or destroying the trap. Another perk of using chicken as bait is, they are not smelly. For red rock, blue, and Dungeness crabs chicken is the best bait.

Mink Carcass

I know most people don’t like Mink carcass but trust me they also work great as crab bait. In some places like Oregon, mink carcass is very commonly used as bait. One huge benefit of using mink carcasses as bait is, they are very oily and stinky.

Wait, did I just say stinky is an advantage? Well, we humans might not like the smell but crabs love it. And since our goal is to get our hands on a good amount of crabs, we have to adjust a little.

As I said, mink carcass is oily, the oil residue travels through the water and attracts large crabs from different places. But when you plan on touching this carcass, make sure you have gloves worn otherwise, your entire hand will get smelly.

How to Set Bait in a Crab Trap?


I am sure you know there are different types of crab traps and different traps have different bait holding ways. There are two traps that are most widely used and I am going to show how you can set the bait in both traps. Go below

In Bait Box Trap

Do you know why is box trap is very famous? They can hold crabs securely, they are effective and you can set your bait exactly where you want it to be. Some box traps also come with a bait cage in the middle which ensures that your bait will be safe.

Crabs will be still getting some bait slowly and that is exactly what will keep them around your trap. And when one crab eats a bit, other crabs will also come for sharing bites, so you can catch more crabs at once.

Since box crab traps are made of either wire or plastic mesh, the smell of the bait can easily pass freely which draws the crab into your trap. While setting the bait don’t be stingy. Put a couple of baits, that will benefit you.

Always remember, set the bait at the center bottom ground. If you set the bait on top or side, crabs will try to get it from the outside of the box, so you will not get a single crab.

In Crab hawk

Crab hawks are different than box traps. Hawks comes with a metal stake that is placed in the middle and gets opened and closed exactly the way a safety pin works.

In order to set the bait into the hawk what you have to do is, open the pin and set your bait securely on the stake. Check again, make sure you have placed the bait properly, otherwise, it will easily fall on the ground and the crab will get away with it leaving your hand empty.

Check this if you want to learn to catch blue crabs from the beach. And for carrying, all the tackle check out these top-rated tackle bags.

Big Crab Bait


These are the best crab baits which have proven to be very useful over time. A lot of people still use these. I hope you liked the information provided here and don’t hesitate to knock me if you need to know anything more. See you!!!

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