Best Blue Crab Traps | Top 5 Best Crab Traps You Can Buy Now

Best Blue Crab Traps | Top 5 Best Crab Traps You Can Buy Now

Most people love crabbing because of two major reasons, the first one is it doesn’t require a lot of experience and the second one is they can turn into delicious meals.

Catching crabs are very easy, even a newbie who has never held a rod before can do it if the right direction and equipment are provided.

To catch a bunch of crabs the main equipment you would need is a crab trap. The wrong trap will cause you to lose crabs that you might have caught easily.

And that is what makes it mandatory that you choose the best crab trap.

In this very article I have come up with 5 best blue crab traps, actually, these traps can be used for most kind of crabs.

Go through all these traps, you will find different types of traps here, and then choose one that suits your need.

Here you go.

Name Editor's RatingPrice
Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap9.8
ICE SEA Foldable Crab Trap9.7
RUNACC Portable Folded Crab Net9.7
Danielson Four Door Octagon Crab Trap9.2
Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap9.7

Top 5 Best Blue Crab Traps Reviewed

I have mentioned above but mentioning again, with these traps you can catch most kind of crabs, it’s not that they are only designed for blue crabs. However, you would definitely find one for you, all these models do great job and users are also pretty satisfied with these. Have a look.

1.    Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

The Danielson Pacific FTC is one of the largest crab traps you will find in the market right now and it is perfect for catching big crabs and lobsters. If you are looking forward to catching small crabs, this trap might not work well for you.

That is because it comes with four entrance and two escape ring which is for small crabs. It is constructed with vinyl coated steel wire and it can last for really long if cared properly.

Except all these, a thing that I loved the most about this trap is, it is collapsible and stackable which makes it easy to carry and store. Overall, the Danielson Pacific FTC is a large trap which can easily hold a large pool of crabs and also lasts for a long period of time.

2.    ICE SEA Foldable Crab Trap

This one is not similar to the cage, it is different and not only for crabs, but fishermen’s can also get use out of it even in catching shrimp and some kind of fishes such as crawfish. As the name suggests, it is also a foldable trap. You can fold it back to the case when not in use.

It is a 360 fishing trap and there are some variations of this ICE SEA Foldable Crab Trap. The hole ranges from 6 to 20 and also has different hole sizes.

The more hole a trap has, the more crabs or shrimps it will be able to trap. And the larger the holes, the larger crabs it will be able to catch.

This is an extremely affordable crab trap and also very effective. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the ICE SEA Foldable Crab Trap is your thing.

And not to forget, when using this trap, you should keep in mind that, you should not place it in a fast running river.

3.    RUNACC Portable Folded Crab Net

This trap is designed little differently, it comes with a unique folding design and has a great holding capacity. It has a spring design which pops up and folds easily when you are ready. The shape of this trap is like laundry hampers.

The manufacturer has used top-notch spring wire which is durable and also amazing netting which won’t wear off easily. It features two entrance and no escape holes, that ensures nothing goes out from inside.

This net also features a pouch zipper in the middle from where you are supposed to put the bait or take out the crab, shrimp, or anything else that is trapped inside. Fisherman can use this trap to store fishes that they would catch.

And lastly, this RUNACC Portable Folded Crab Net is reasonably priced and still offers great service.

4.    Danielson Four Door Octagon Crab Trap

Are you looking forward to catching only big crabs? Then you might want to have a look at the Danielson Four Door Octagon Crab Trap. The manufacturer has used top-notch vinyl-coated steel wire construction in this model which makes it highly durable.

This trap comes is four entrance and no escape way for large crabs. Small crabs can easily escape from the net holes and that is why this one is not for small crabs.

It also features a large top opening hatch along with a stretch tube and hooks closer. Removing caught crabs or anything else is very simple and easy. This trap also features a bait cage which means, even the trapped crabs also won’t be able to eat the bait.

The Danielson Four Door Octagon Crab Trap is little heavy which make carrying little hard. Without that, this is an effective cage trap which will bring you a good amount of big crabs.

5.    Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap

If you want a trap that you can easily carry to anywhere and catch a good amount of big crabs, then the promar TR-555 crab trap is what you are looking for. The best feature of this model is, it is collapsible.

You can fold it flat when not in use, this makes it suitable for many crabbers. Can be used to catch different types of crabs. Like few others in the list, this one also got vinyl coated steel wire construction which makes is extremely durable.

Moreover, this cage trap is completely rust and corrosion resistant. Unlike a few similar models, this promar TR-555 comes with four entrance and that gives you more crabs at once. This trap cage is for large crabs, it has two small holes for small crabs escape.

How to Choose the Best Crab Pot?

Hundreds of options out there can make anyone confused and if you are a newbie then there is very less chance that you will end up picking the right crab trap. This guide is for newbies who don’t have any idea about crabbing or traps.

I have demonstrated some factors which you have to take under consideration right before you purchase a crab pot. So here you go.

Types of Crab Traps

Crab traps come in different types suitable for different needs. There are mainly four types of crab traps and among them, two are widely used.

Handline trap: This one is a very simple trap, a weighted hook is attached to the end of the rope and the weighted hook prevents the bait from floating up. And tie the other end of the rope with something strong so that crab doesn’t pull all the line into the water.

( Have you checked the list of top crab baits yet?)

The bait is hooked properly which eliminates the risk of crab removing the bait easily and when everything set properly, the hook is thrown into the water at least 28 to 10 ft.

The hook can be thrown from the bank or from the side of the boat. When the hook is down in water wait until you see any line movement.

If you see the line moving, that is because the crab is trying to get the bait and exactly that is when you would want to pull the line up slowly. Once the bait comes closer and you can see it, there should be a crab.

If there is no crab, then bad luck. Throw out the bait and add new and then again repeat the process. But if you see a crab holding the bait, then you have to be little careful.

Do not pull the crab up immediately, keep that inside the water and scoop the crab out with the help of a net. Make sure you pick a net that is bigger than the crab you just have caught, otherwise you will lose the crab.

Box Trap: This type is widely used by avid crabbers because this is a very effective way to get hands on a good amount of crabs. Box crab traps come with a lot of entrances, ranging from four to twenty. The more entrance a trap has, the more crab it can trap.

Box crab traps are made of metal wires and they also come in two types. Some box traps are collapsible, means you will be able to fold them flat after use which will make it easier for you to carry and store the case.

And some are not collapsible, carrying and storing these type box traps are a little hard. Lastly, box traps are highly durable.

Ring Net Trap: These crab traps are priced cheaply and not as durable as box traps. Well if you don’t know what ring net traps are, they include two metal rings, one small and one big. And they are wrapped around a net.

This trap looks like a basketball net, the only difference is, basketball doesn’t have a closed and small ring attached to the bottom. Ring net traps are very easy to carry and store, they are very lightweight.

Pyramid Crab Traps: These traps are little similar to the box traps, composed of metal wires and pyramid-shaped, that is why they are called pyramid crab traps. Bait is placed in the middle of the trap and when crab comes in there is no way that they can go out, this is how pyramid crab traps work.

Commercial crab: Commercial crab traps are not commonly used since they require a license. These traps are large and they are placed in water for a couple of days, hence they also bring a large pool of crabs.


How many crabs do you want to catch at once? You have to the amount and then you have to pick a trap according to that. Knowing the capacity will allow you to find the best fit for you. Whether you are a regular crabber or an occasional one, it would be wise to pick a medium to high capacity trap.

Another thing is, all traps are not ideal for all size of crabs. There are crab pots which only traps big crabs. So if you are looking forward to catching small crabs, make sure you choose the right.

Let me give you an idea if a crab pots net whole is big smaller crabs will be able to escape easily, so that is not for small crabs. Small crab traps will have very small net holes through which there is no way that a single crab will escape.


Some box traps are pretty irritating since they are heavy and hard to carry. And that is why few manufacturers have invented collapsible crab traps. These traps will go flat when not in use which makes it easier for you to store and carry it anywhere.

Even though collapsible crab traps are a bit expensive, but they worth every penny. I would suggest everyone go with foldable box crab traps.


You won’t be changing the crab traps after every couple of use, right? And that is what makes it mandatory that you choose a trap that can last for a long period of time. So what you have to do is, you have to check which materials the manufacturer has used in the construction.

Is the material used durable? You can make a quick search on the internet to know about that material. Even if you have to spend more bucks, pick a durable one. In order to save some money, people choose cheap quality products and they end up spending more money in the long run.

How to use Crab Pots to Catch Crabs Easily?

Since there are different types of crab traps available, there are different ways too. You can use different traps, you can use a fishing rod and even you can catch crabs by your hand. But do not try to catch crabs with your hand if you have never done before.

They might hurt you bad. Moving on, there is no point of buying a top-notch a crab trap if you don’t know how to use it and that is why now I am going to show you how to use each type of crab traps to catch crabs easily.

Let’s go…

Ring Trap

Ring traps stay flat one ocean ground which enables crabs to enter the trap easily and once they walk in you have to pull it up. Remember, if crabs can walk in easily, they can walk easily too, so you have to wait for the right time.

You can’t remove your attention from the ring when that is under water and you have to check on it often since there is nothing that will prevent the crab from escaping, you have to do all the work.

It is easy to catch crabs with a ring trap when you can see the crab walking in that means when the water surface is not too far. And if you have thrown the ring into deep water you can still feel when the crab is coming in by the movement of the rope that you are holding.

When pulling up the ring net make sure you do it fast, the water pressure will prevent the crab from escaping out of the ring, otherwise, crabs will escape easily.

Box Traps

Box traps are more versatile effective than other crap traps. These boxes have a place for baits at the center and even some box has bait case too, which makes sure that crabs inside also don’t get the bait.

When crab sees the bait, they look for ways to get to that and that is when they find out the trap entrances which only allows the crab to go inside. Once they go inside, there is no way that they would get out of it.

You don’t have to pay much attention to the box trap when crabbing. Just put a couple of box traps in the water and do something else.

In my case, when I go fishing in the morning I put four or five traps in the water and then I don’t even think about. When I am done with my fishing, then I pull all of them and I have never been disappointed. ( Have you check top-trending ultralight reels in the market yet?)

Some major advantage of using box traps are, some are collapsible which are very easy to carry and store. Box traps are highly durable and they are effective for trapping a good amount of crabs securely.

Crab Hawk Trap

Crab Hawk traps are like a book, it has two sides which closes smoothly. These traps consist of two wire panel which is wrapped with durable net and in the middle, there is a place for bait. Hawk traps are attached with the fishing line and are cast by rods. Talking about rods, have checked the top list of spinning rods yet?

Yeah, it will give you a different feel of fishing for sure. Here is how crab falls into the trap. When you cast the hawk and it reaches to the base of the water, both sides lie flat in the ground. And only the bait remains exposed.

When crab walks over the hawk to get bait, that is exactly when you have to pull the rod. Pulling the rod will close the hawk and anything in the middle will be trapped. But how would you know when a crab is stepping in?

You will need a little bit of experience to be able to detect that properly. You have to pay close attention to the line movement when anything touches the hawk, the line will move and you have to guess what’s hopping down there.

There are a few reasons why most people like this trap. First one is, Crab hawk traps are very cheap, they come at an extremely cheap price. Second, these traps are very small and lightweight that makes it easier to carry and store.

And the last reason is, crabs get trapped properly in it. Obviously not as secured as box traps but still if once a crab gets trapped it wouldn’t be able to escape. Plus, when they walk on the net their legs get tangled.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait after laying a box crab trap into the water?

You have to keep patient. You won’t get a crab in the very next minute of laying the trap. How long you have to wait for crabs that actually depends on some factors.

One is, where you are searching for crabs? If you are hoping to catch a couple of crabs where there is barely a couple of them, then there is a very low chance that you will even catch a crab waiting for a couple of hours.

And the last one is, are you using a proper bait? The bait is what does the real thing in catching crabs, it is what calls the crab inside the trap. So make sure you use suitable bait for the crab.

In order to get a good amount of crabs, you might need to wait for a while. My advice would be to set a couple of box traps in the morning and then come in the evening to take them off from the water. This is what exactly most fishermen do, including me.

When is the right time to go crabbing?

Summer is the best time to go crabbing. Because in warmer temperature crabs are more active. In cold water temperature, they don’t roam around, most of them just stay on the same place which reduces the chance of catching a good amount crab in winter.

The rainy season is also great for crabbing, yes it could be a little irritating but in rain, crabs become super active.


So this is it. These are the best blue crab traps you can find in the market right now. Saying again, you can trap almost all kind of crabs by these crab pots. However, hope you have found the right fit for you and with that said, I am wrapping this article up. Happy Crabbing!!!

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