Baitcaster Vs Spinning Reel | Which One Should You Choose?

Once line and hook were used to do all the fishing, now many tools have availed, making fishing more enjoyable and easy. And today, I have come here with one of the most argued topics: baitcaster Vs Spinning reel Pros and Cons? Which is the better one for fishing?

With the increasing amount of tools, the debate is also growing. Many arguments are going on regarding different fishing items that do not seem to come to an end.

Many people have their strong opinion on this. Some like baitcaster and some spinning.

However, in this article, I will show you baitcaster vs spinning reel pros and cons. Not only pros and cons, but also everything about these reels that an angler must know.

So with that said, let’s get started.

Baitcaster Vs Spinning Reel In-depth Comparison


Both of these reels are widely used and comes with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you are a new angler who is figuring out which reel to pick or a professional one who wants to switch to a different kind of reel, this very comparison is going to wipe out all your confusion for sure.

What Is Baitcaster Reel ?

Starting with the baitcasting reel, also called Baitcaster, and they are around for a long. Baitcaster sits on the top of the rod, and other reels sit down the rods; with this, you can mark which one is a baitcaster and which is not.

These reels are advanced fishing reels and are also designed for professional anglers. It offers high control and a sheer degree of precision, so this reel is not for a newbie or intermediate angler.

baitcaster reel

The spool moves when you cast, so you should have enough capability and power to move the spool. However, even professional anglers need to do a lot of practice before using baitcaster.

Baitcaster reels are hard to control, but why are most people after these reels? The durability and strength baitcaster offers, no other reel does. In addition, this reel’s spool can hold the heavy line that you might use to catch big fish.

If you are planning on catching big fish, you are going to need a baitcaster. It would give you incredible accuracy and control. But to enjoy baitcasting, you need skills.

Plus, there is no better alternative for long-distance casting than a baitcaster reel; it has a great line holding capacity.

However, if you are a newbie angler who just stepped into the fishing world, I suggest you don’t even think about baitcasting. Instead, spend some more time fishing, gather some basic skills, and then you might shift into that.

Anatomy of a Baitcaster Reel


Baitcaster Reel Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • The higher fishing line holding capacity
  • Power & Strength
  • Accuracy
  • Durable
  • Can handle heavier fishes


  • Hard to Control
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

Benefits of Using a Baitcaster Reel


Angler’s always looking for lightweight items so that they can travel to distances easily and fish for a more extended period without getting tired. One best advantage of using a baitcasting reel is, it is very lightweight. Some models are as light as a newborn bird.

If you combine this reel with a lightweight rod, you will get rid of arm fatigue. As a result, you will be able to cast for a longer period.

Baitcaster’s are 30 to 50% more lightweight than the spinning reels. Some high-end baitcaster reels weigh only 5 to 7 ounces.

The higher fishing line holding capacity

These reels can hold a high amount of fishing lines. So if you are planning to go for deep water or long-distance fishing, there is no way without a baitcaster reel. Baitcaster’s can hold a high amount of heavy reels that no other reels have.

Spinning reels does offer a good line holding capacity, but that is far less than baitcasting reels. You will be able to cast twice the distance of a spinning reel with a baitcaster.

So need something for distance casting? Baitcaster is the thing.

Power & Strength 

A spinning reel is nowhere near baitcasting reels in terms of power and strength. However, even a small baitcaster reel can deliver more drag power than a giant-sized spinning reel, and that is why baitcaster reels are for big fishes.

Moreover, they are highly durable too. Therefore, you should not face any issue with your baitcaster reel if you maintain that regularly.


These reels are also top-rated for the accuracy they offer. Accurate casting largely depends on the skill, but if the reel doesn’t support it, that skill won’t work. The combination of both is what is behind every accurate casting.

Baitcaster reels come with a spool release button which loosens the spool when the button is pressed. And once you have cast, you can also control the line manually. For example, by putting your finger on the spool, the spool will stop immediately.

This control and accuracy are much needed when fishing for bass. If you don’t have control over the line and cast, there is a high chance that the hook will get stuck with the trees or bushes.


Baitcaster is one of the most durable and reliable products in the market. Used worldwide by some of the top professionals, it is made to be used over and over again – ensuring that your performance footage will look flawless even if the machine you use to apply the skins wearing down. The latest addition to the family features improvements to the weatherproof finish, improved hidden cables underneath the skins, and a redesigned stabilizing arm to ensure consistent, effortless video output whether mounted on a pole or handheld.

Can handle heavier fishes

Baitcaster fishing reels are one of the heavier fishing equipment. They are used when you are going to capture big fish. A baitcaster reel is very different from a traditional rod and reel. In a baitcaster reel, the line is stretched out before the fish is put into the water. As the reel is pulled back, the line is being stretched out as well as making it easier for the fish to swim towards the bait located in the water. A properly placed lure can really attract a lot of fish making it easier for you to catch them all.

Drawbacks of Baitcasting Reels

Hard to Control 

Controlling baitcasting reels are very tough. It takes a lot of experience and skill to use these reels smoothly. That is why these reels are not a choice for newbie anglers.


These reels are outstanding, and you are going to enjoy your entire fishing trip if you are skilled in baitcasting. However, another problem with these reels is, they are costly.

Not suitable for beginners

If you’re a beginner angler, the best baitcasting reel can be frustratingly difficult to find. The best anglers know exactly how they use a reel when fishing. They keep their distance from the worms and use the surfaces around them for cover as they pierce the fish with their hooks. When fishing with a slow-motion camera, it is easy to lose track of how many fish are biting at any given time.

What is Spinning Reels ?


And on the other hand, spinning reels are for newbie and experienced anglers who plan to catch small to medium-sized fish. These reels are not as durable as baitcasting reels, but it still has some features that made this reels also very popular.

As I said above, these reels are for catching small or medium-sized fish, and for that, you don’t need a highly durable reel. I mean, it’s good to have a durable one but not necessary to have the durability of a baitcasting reel.

Lightweight lines and smaller lures are suitable for these reels since you are not supposed to go after big fish species. With a spinning reel, you can catch a wide variety of fish species, except big ones.

Backlashing is a great issue and the worst situation for new anglers. With a spinning reel, you can say bye to backlashing forever. In addition, you can change the handle of these reels, so you can adjust the handle to the right if you are left-handed.

Lastly, these reels are mounted under the rod allowing gravity to set it in the perfect resting position. They are usually heavier than the baitcasting reels, but there are some lightweight spinning reels too. Please have a look at our top ultralight spinning reels.

Anatomy of a spinning reel

Anatomy of a spinning reel

Spinning Reel Pros & Cons


  • Easier to Use 
  • Inexpensive
  • Handle swapping
  • No backlash


  • Low line capacity
  • Low accuracy

Benefits of Using a Spinning Reel

Easier to Use 

Spinning reels are not hard to control like baitcasting reels. Therefore, these reels are perfect for all anglers who want to catch small or medium size fishes. Operating these reels is also very easy; they have a very most straightforward mechanism.

All you have to do is open the bail, cast and close the bail, that’s all. But for an accurate cast, you do need at least essential casting skills.


Spinning reels comes at a lower price, enabling young and beginner anglers to quickly get their hand on an excellent fishing reel.

Handle swapping

Spinning reels will allow you to swap the handle. Doesn’t matter which handed you are; you can set the handle according to your comfort. And the process is also straightforward, unscrew the knob, remove the handle, and plug the handle on the other side.

No backlash

One of the significant reasons why spinning reels are so popular is that you won’t face any backlashing issues in spinning reels.

Drawbacks of Using Spinning Reels

Low line capacity

If you are using a thick line like monofilament, you will be able to capture low yards. So these reels are not for deep or long-distance fishing.

Low accuracy

Spinning reels offer very low accuracy. And even if handled by a professional angler, it will take a couple of casts to throw the hook at the proper position.


We have come to an end, and let me clarify which reel you should pick. If you are new to fishing, planning to catch small or medium-sized fish, and looking for something that comes at a low price, then spinning reels are the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are a professional and experienced angler and looking for a reel that will offer you more accuracy and control, you should go for baitcasting reels. Baitcaster reels are for catching big fish.

So that is all. Before you decide to buy any tool, do some research and know if you are investing the money on the right thing. It is the biggest mistake most newbies make. They are so excited that they don’t even think of doing some research and wasting money.

However, if you are looking for lightweight spinning reels or baitcasting reels, I have something that you might need.

With that said, going to wrap up the article; I hope this article did help you and will be back soon with another new article. Till then, goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do pro fishermen use Baitcasters?

Baitcasting is a term that comes up a lot when it comes to fishing. A Baitcaster is typically used by professional fishermen who are casting artificial versions of fish that they have caught. Not only are these cast nets used for catching fish, but they are also used to help attract other prey such as sharks or treasured eggs. The advantage of using a Baitcaster is it allows you to cast fast and easy, without having to worry about any unnecessary adjustments being made to your hook or casting device.

What is the best Baitcaster for the money?

Please visit one of our posts to know the best baitcaster under $100.

How much should I spend on a baitcaster?

The amount you pay for a baitcaster will depend on how much information you want to capture. It will also depend on your ability to learn, and the difficulty of the fishing — in other words, how much fishing talent you have. The amount you spend will also be affected by the type of baitcaster you choose. If it were easy to set up and use, then you would probably only need one. However, if it took hours to set up and was inaccurate, then perhaps you should consider two or three different types of baitcasters.

Can Baitcasters be used in saltwater?

Baitcasting fishing reel can be used in saltwater angling for many reasons other than attracting the fish to your casting pole. Most fish will not have enough energy to make a turn toward or away from a casting device, so you may have to wait until they have become energized before attempting to reel them in.

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